The intelligence battles of the US civil war

Legal proceedings may bar Donald Trump from running in several states. The radical supporters are throwing around the term civil war a lot. In the end, only Russia and China would benefit from another civil war in America, even if it’s just on a smaller scale. So you have to watch out for their covert assets radicalizing people further and spreading lies and distortions.

Russia’s intelligence services never found real evidence for a grand manipulation of the 2020 presidential elections. If they had found such evidence, they would have given it to various middlemen to publish. Because these races are so close, special attention has to be paid everywhere. Enough small-scale fraud can make a large difference, but you have to investigate properly and accept reality when it does not conform to your wishes.

Pro-Russian rightwingers in the US were the most hardcore when it came to wild claims about voting fraud. Evidence didn’t matter anymore. Just perception. If Americans are fighting each other, Russia benefits.

On my weekly show with Jeff Nyquist we talked about the scissor strategy of Russia. They use extreme left and rightwing plus conspiracy influencer assets to cause a spiral of radicalization.

Obviously the old civil war in America gets distorted a lot.

From the simplistic leftist perspective, the South was a fascist hellhole, while the good North was on the glorious path to left progress. Invading the South was a sort of antifascist rescue operation.

From the rightwingers and truthers perspective today, the North was controlled by Illuminati jews and other bad people. The invasion marked a turning point in America. Where everything started to go downhill up to today where the conspiracy has grown massively.  

This could have a devastating impact on the situation in the coming years. If there is a military confrontation with China (and North Korea, Iran, etc.) and a new conscription under a Democrat in the White House, right-wing US patriots could refuse military service because they fear being fed into a meat grinder. Would the federal government then prosecute these patriots? Would patriots from all over the country move to conservative states and form militias that would defend themselves against the federal government if necessary? In such events, different narratives would be used by the relevant media to influence citizens.

Conspiracy influencers will tell you that the Rothschilds controlled the British Empire and could start wars at will with their money. The heroic US President Andrew Jackson had defeated the Jewish bankers and their second US central bank and these satanic Jews were now seeking revenge in the well-known way by starting a war. In the north of America, the Rothschild agents stirred up sentiment against slavery, and in the south the agents had close ties to the rich cotton producers. The goal was to kill Americans and then regain control of the banking industry.

In reality the tiny Rothschild baking family was recruited b old aristocratic intelligence networks, firs on German soil, then handed over to the British crown to perform tasks. Smuggle money to wellingtons troops, buy bonds and sell bonds according to the orders to stabilize the fractional banking system which the aristocratic overlords had set up. The Rothschilds were just assets. There existed old aristocratic intelligence networks. Check my ebook on that. Some of these spy rings survived the American revolution and grew further. King George III. of Britain was just one man of a gargantian family cluster that goes back to the year 800.

Freemasonry of the American South was involved. But masonry is not ewish as the conspiracy influencers claim. It came out of Scotland and was then reconstituted in 1717 by King George I. The ritual elements concerning the old testament are simply a gateway into the ancient world and masonry is fascinated with the large empires of that era, such as Rome, Greece, Egypt and so on.  Masonry is a vehicle, it can be used for many things. One of which is covert operations. But any vehicle will do. The “Knights of the Golden Circle” got significant attention.  

The Secretary of War for the southern Confederacy was a Jew named Judah P. Benjamin, who allegedly  sabotaged the conduct of the war and who, after the defeat, fled with a pile of gold to the Rothschilds in England. The Rothschilds it is said, through their agent August Belmont, had control over the most important New York banks in order to finance the war in the North.

People tell a distorted history of events and are completely unaware of older aristocratic intel networks.

Judah Philip Benjamin had actually fled to England and worked there as a lawyer and even Queen’s Counsel. As a child he was already considered highly intelligent, was given appropriate support and was allowed to attend the elite Yale University in the USA in 1825 at the age of just 14 I Eli Evans, Benjamin’s “most astute biographer”, noted:

“Benjamin served [President] Davis and the Confederacy as a kind of court Jew, just as his Sephardic ancestors had served the kings of Europe for centuries.”

Judah abruptly abandoned his studies and studied law elsewhere and became a lawyer. Civil War historian William C. Davis acknowledged that there is strong evidence that Judah was homosexual. For an ordinary citizen, this circumstance presented a huge risk. Secret services repeatedly recruited homosexuals because they could be kept under control with a mixture of protection and the potential for blackmail.

In the South you had to be a Freemason in higher circles, but there is nothing confirmed about Judah Benjamin’s membership. There is the fairy tale of the Palladian Freemasonry rite, which goes back to the fraudster Léo Taxil. A secret alliance was supposedl formed between Scottish Masonry and jewish masonic overlords.

Judah became increasingly wealthy and successful, rising to the rank of senator and ultimately secretary of war for the southern states. The task was difficult because the South had no significant arms industry of its own and no powerful navy to keep the ports free for supplies from abroad. The plan was to wait for the invasion through the north, lure the enemy into the endlessly deep spaces and slow them down until the north was ready for a negotiated solution. Benjamin had no military experience and experienced heavy defeats. A quarter of a century after the war, it was revealed that Benjamin and Davis had agreed that Ben-jamin would act as a scapegoat rather than expose the lack of weapons.

Britain showed little support for the south. Emperor Napoleon III of France also hesitated. The bank “Erlanger et Cie” wanted to step in with loans. The banking boss Baron Frederic Emile d’Erlanger traveled to Richmond in 1863 and negotiated with Benjamin. The baron had visited the Stockholm royal court and was involved in successful Swedish and Portuguese state refinancings. The Portuguese royal family with King Ferdinand II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (the line from which the British throne came) appointed Frederic Emile and his father Raphael hereditary Portuguese barons out of gratitude. In 1860, Raphael was raised to the hereditary status of baron by the Duke of Saxe-Meiningen (a Guelph). He began his career with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt, which in turn had originally been built up by the Hesse-Kassel noble line. Frederic married the daughter of Judah Benjamin’s confidant John Slidell, the southern ambassador to the court of Emperor Napoleon III. was.

Officially Britain at the time of the civil war had no real foreign intel service. Nobody had. But these services existed. If you were recruited you had no idea how big it was, were the centers were.

Benjamin oversaw the Confederate Secret Service, which was responsible for covert operations in the North, and funded former Interior Secretary Jacob Thompson to fund behind-the-scenes operations that could politically undermine Lincoln. Why was a lawyer like Benjamin made a secret service supervisor? It suggests that he has had something to do with secret services before. Thompson is said to have met John Wilkes Booth, the Northern assassin of US President Abraham Lincoln. In April 1865, most of the Secret Service’s official papers were burned by Confederate Secretary of State Judah Benjamin just before the Confederate government evacuated Richmond, although a few pages of a financial ledger remain. Therefore, the full story of Confederate secret operations may never be known. Using various camouflages, Benja-min fled via Florida and the Bahamas to England, where he was allowed to become a high-ranking lawyer. In 1861, Salomon de Rothschild considered Benjamin “the greatest mind” in North America and Abraham Lincoln an “extremist.” Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president, also tried to escape, ended up in captivity, but was released a few years later. Many people at the time and historians since then emphasize his many bad decisions and his undiplomatic behavior. Unlike Benjamin, he had military training and a career before the Civil War. US President Abraham Lincoln was considered a fanatical workhorse who oversaw all aspects of the war and wanted to control everthing. The well-known theater actor John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln on the 14th. April 1865 in the head. Booth and his co-conspirators had actually planned to assassinate other important Northern officials. They were caught and killed. Conspiracy literature once again obscured the events and claimed that Lincoln fought against the Jew the Banker Conspiracy and was therefore killed by that same conspiracy.

A widely used Lincoln quote was never found in the Times of London archives, as claimed. According to the fake legend, the Rothschilds wanted to impose usurious interest rates on Lincoln. Lincoln was actually a proponent of a central bank, and his supposedly interest-free greenback dollars were anything but interest-free. Booth was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Furthermore, there are mentions of the influential Italians Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi in conspiracy literature. The two had actually conquered or united Italy on behalf of the Guelph nobility and were given American weapons in return. There is a bust of Lincoln in San Marino. In conspiracy literature, the two Italians are considered agents of the great Jewish conspiracy. Gari-Baldi was offered a major general’s commission in the U.S. Army, but did not take up the post. The Southern General Albert Pike was a leading figure in the “Scottish Rite” of Freemasonry, but not a leader of the “Palladian” Rite along with Mazzini, and fake quotes from him about the supposed Luciferian-Satanic doctrine of the Scottish Rite are still circulating today.

The Rothschilds supposedly wanted to force loans on Lincoln at 35% interest and then get permission to create America’s new central bank. Having rejected a series of loan offers from New York, Lincoln launched the greenback as an ordinary paper fiat currency, not backed by precious metal. He brought in Salmon P. Cha-se to finance the war with the usual mix of paper money, loans and taxes. The Rothschilds allegedly had control of British troops in Canada, as well as French and Spanish troops in Mexico, in order to intervene in the US Civil War. This is the old tale that the Rothschilds could provoke military action at will. But then the Russian Tsar Alexander II would have thwarted the Rothschilds’ plans by sending his fleet to America for protection. The tsar was the only ruler in Eurasia who was not in debt to the Rothschilds and also did not want to accept a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds. Of course, the conspiracy authors interpreted the communist revolution in Russia a few decades later as an act of revenge by the satanic Rothschilds. The tsar came from the same noble line as the British throne, who in turn had set up the Rothschild bank as a front organization. None of the popular conspiracy authors seriously examines the aristocratic secret services and asks why the tsars or anyone else never carried out successful assassination attempts on the Rothschild family. In September 1863, a Russian fleet of just six warships sailed to the east coast of North America and stayed there for seven months. Based in New York, they patrolled the surrounding area on behalf of Lincoln’s Union. Something similar happened on the West Coast, where a fleet of six warships was stationed in San Francisco. Not insignificant, but also not a major intervention in the conflict.

Once you understand old intel networks you realize the aristocrats tried everything under the sun to gain control over the US. The real full history of the us civil war is still secret so you should refrain from simplistic left and right interpretations. At the same time as the civil war, aristocratic intel was heavily involved in Europe to infiltrate the new leftwing movements. Important Elements of communist history are also still secret. Check out my book,.

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