Jeffrey Epstein was likely just a protected asset and a primitive source

A federal judge in New York has unsealed the identities of about 170 associates of Jeffrey Epstein. The first batch of cocs was unsealed Wednesday evening. Additional documents naming more of Epstein’s associates will be published on Thursday.

For a quite a while various influencers have been hyping the release of the documents. It became sort of a meme:

“Where is Epstein’s client list?”

“Why is the government going after Trump when Epstein’s client list has not been revealed?”

“Epstein’s client list will bring the system down!”

As if there was a definitive list out there of people that can be assumed guilty of actual crimes. Over the years we got quite a lot of information about his associates, his contacts. That was always just a starting place for further investigations. It took a lot of effort to figure out what Prince Andrew did or didn’t do. These things happened a long time ago.

Epstein wanted to be involved with anybody. He even tried to get close to Elon Musk’s brother. According to the available information Epstein was never using advanced techniques. He hid his money in offshore financial vehicles, he used it as bait to get close to people, and he had access to adult and underage girls. Now all kinds of individuals and organizations can work like this. And targeted people are not necessarily so stupid as to walk into a primitive trap and be involved with a minor in one of Epsteins homes. Flying in Epstein’s plane, or being on his island or his other homes, is interesting but not evidence of criminal activity. It was legal for them to have orgies with adult women. Powerful guests didn’t need Epstein to get girls, obviously. There’s a whole legal ecosystem to serve rich people who are usually very busy and don’t have the time or patience for relationships or extended affairs.

You saw people posting all kinds of nonsense on the web, claiming an association with Epstein is equal to illegal activities with underage girls. Or people were named as associates who apparently never had anything to do with Epstein. If amateurs start a witch hunt they may find themselves in a position like Alex Jones, getting sued for crazy amounts of money.

Journalists have been able to figure out the identities of many Does even before they were officially unsealed. Many of them are victims and people marginally involved. So it’s not a bombshell “client list”.

Bill Clinton is named a lot in the docs. In a deposition, a victim of the pedophile said Epstein told her that Clinton liked girls “young.” Not conclusive. My trust level with Clinton is obviously zero.

A real journalist brought down Epstein: Julie K. Brown. Not the truthers who were sometimes paying amateurs 100.000 $ per year to create viral nonsense.  And it takes more professional work to investigate some of these important associates.

According to testimony from Epstein’s former household staff, Alan Dershowitz visited Epstein’s Florida home “very often,” allegedly going there by himself and spending time “in the presence of young girls.” He maintains complete innocence.

Jeffrey Epstein had information on Donald Trump and the Clintons so incendiary, it could have upended the 2016 presidential election if made public, according to the dead financier’s younger brother.

“Here’s a direct quote: ‘If I said what I know about both candidates, they’d have to cancel the election.’ That’s what Jeffrey told me in 2016,”

Mark Epstein told The Post Wednesday, recalling a conversation he had with his brother about the showdown between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Lot’s of interesting hearsay.

Property developer Mark, 69, demurred when pushed to elaborate, saying his brother never revealed to him exactly what he knew about the then-presidential hopefuls. Trump flew on Epstein’s private jet seven times in the ’90s, according to flight logs, jetting between Palm Beach, Florida, and New York.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a co-conspirator in the sex ring who is now jailed in Florida, allegedly claimed Epstein had video tapes showing Trump and Clinton in compromising positions with women.

“If you get the tapes on Trump, you have to do Clinton,” Maxwell said during a 2016 interview, former “60 Minutes” producer Ira Rosen alleged in his book, “Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes.”

But we don’t know if it’s true. Were these adult girls? Nobody would care much. MAGA influencers quickly lost interest in the documents after all this hype. The focus is now on materials seized at Epstein’s home. Video tapes. But it’s unclear what’s on them. It may be legal orgies, or just talk. Some real crazy stuff and backup files may have been hidden by Epstein and associates as insurance policy.

Some of these materials were stolen by a defector cop, John Mark Dougan — the Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff who had access to 400+ Jeffrey Epstein ‘tapes.’ Author Craig Unger of “American Kompromat” traveled to Moscow to find Dougan. It’s about digitized videos of over 400 sex acts that that were supposedly taped on Epstein’s premises. It’s grainy old crap quality. Not necessarily bombshell material. The speculation is that Dougan sold footage to Russians.

Again: Epstein never used advanced techniques as far as we can tell. Baiting people with money investments, inviting them. He didn’t use male butlers apparently, but young girls were answering phones and doing this kind of work. So the guests would get served coffee or booze by young girls. But the guests are not stupid. They would not walk into the most primitive silly trap imaginable. Its ludicrous to believe Epstein was a highly successful mastermind, controlling all these different people. All kinds of groups use these techniques. Even better techniques.

If Epstein started this thing a long time ago the government would have noticed very quickly. And he was once drafted by the Barr family. The older Donald Barr, the OSS officer, whose son William became  United States Attorney General. So he was attached to government people. He was in circles that lead back to Roy Cohn, whose father was a leftist. But Cohn was handling cases of atomic espionage against the communist Rosenbergs. And it is alleged that he was involved in serious counter intel ops to compromise suspected communists in the cold war. Cohn was tied to Donald Trump, as sort of a mentor. So the government apparently tried to use bait to catch communists. But these ops are inherently dangerous because all kinds of people can end up sort of in a trap. Not necessarily with minors. But moles inside the government can hand this intel over to the Russians .

We know from Craig Ungers book “American Kompromat” that the Russians tried to infiltrate the network of Epstein and Brunel, the French guy who also died in a prison cell. To this day we don’t know ultimately what the hierarchy was exactly. How much was Epstein doing on his own, what intel agencies he was attached to. The FBI sort of named him as a source. Sigal Mandelker from the Trump admin viewed him as a source. He bragged about CIA connections.

The likelihood is significant that he was used in that way. He intentionally got himself a reputation so he could talk business with shady people from all over the world, gaining intel. That may ecplain why he got off so easily the first time he was a target of an investigation. Most charges were dropped and he got convicted of a smaller charge, he didn’t have to spend real prison time and then he continued his work. And the conviction even bolstered his profile as a shady guy who stays loyal to his associates and who denies practically anything.

So that may be the whole big secret. He was recruited by the Barrs, he handled money he didn’t really own to bolster his image and he just became a source. He was tied to people who dealt with oligarchs from the former Soviet Union. And that’s an entryway to gain intel.

Ghislaine’s father Robert was initially attached to British intelligence, then very likely Israeli. They celebrated him at his funeral. But there was suspicion he was KGB.

Whitney Webb’s books contained interesting tidbits about mafia guys attached to intel agencies. But someone else did the research for the book apparently. There is unconfirmed bogus stuff in there such as the allegations against FBI director Hoover that the mafia controlled him with gay crossdressing pictures. So in Webb’s book it seems like jewish mafia types linked to Israeli intel were taking over the US government. That’s nonsense. Some readers may think this is the Elders of Zion conspiracy. Which is also nonsense.  British intelligence fabricated the jewish conspiracy myth in the early 1800s to destabilize France and later Germany and Austria. British/aristocratic intel had recruited the Rothschilds to perform basic tasks. But the fake mythology tells us that these tiny jewish families took over Britain with the most simple techniques, like a courier system. It’s ridiculous. Conspiracy buffs think that only jews and freemasons in the past had real intelligence capabilities and everyone else was just stupid. And of course they think freemasonry is jewish. So only jews had intel capabilities.

In the same style you get the impression Epstein and mafia types and the Israeli mossad took over all kinds of institutions in the US by using these old basic techniques using girls. Even in past centuries all kinds of countries had vast intel networks. Not officially like in later times. But it was very sophistiocated. Historians just never properly reconstructed all that and neither did the conspiracy authors. There are super-large networks of the past completely unknown to conspiracy influencers.

In reality US intel sometimes subcontracted mafia types to handle certain tasks. It makes no sense to use full fledged trained agents to work in all kinds of places in the underworld, hoping to gain bits of intel. You outsource tasks to organized crime but it’s clear that the government is in control, not the mafia types.  

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