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Candor is not news media.

Candor is not alternative media.

Candor is intelligence.

Empires have been built through intelligence work which does not care whether or not the infomation gathered and processed feels pleasing or conforms to ideologies. It is a winning aproach; yet various types of news media have adopted the opposite strategy of telling the audience what it wants to hear. Media has become an opportunistic algorithm in and of itself, a confirmation supply chain that sells wishful thinking.

Candor was built by Alexander Benesch who has an uncanny ability to reconstruct the secret sphere of the three superpowers through his own research and the best works of academic specialists who are scientific, yet critical minds.

Candor does not cater to any government, any political party, any ideology.

Alexander Benesch is as transparent and objective as possible: He has never been a member of any political group, any think tank or any other organization. He is entirely funded through his family business and no part of his life is a mystery.

We need Candor. Candor is good.

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