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In Russia there are many Jeffrey Epsteins and their operation is much bigger

It takes a lot of knowledge to have deeper informed opinions on the case

One could spend years on a case like Jeffrey Epstein and still not find the end. After Julie K. Brown’s article in the Miami Herald broke, she published a book that will take you hours to read. Other books on the subject will take you about ten hours each and most people, even most influencers, stay away from books in general. And then there is so much context you have to know about concerning organized crime, the intelligence world and the different countries and agencies that may have been involved.

If you lack all this background you are a target for manipulation.

Never think things are much better in Russia

Besides the obvious distortion by the MAGA crowd that this was simply a leftist conspiracy or the truther’s boring “It’s the jews”-interpretation, you can tell how Russian propaganda tries to amplify the case while being completely silent about the massive human trafficking inside Russia: All over the country slimy individuals are recruiting young girls from poor families for beauty pageants and model agencies, so they can be further screened and delivered to rich customers. The system is on a grand scale and it runs on Mafia and KGB rules.

By omitting this reality influencers can create the false impression that the West is a hopeless mess while Putin’s regime is the current moral leader and potential savior of the world.

The book American Kompromat delves into Russian attempts to infiltrate the network of Epstein and Brunel. Whitney Webb’s book on the other hand is not interested in that.

Epstein was using the most baseline techniques

No doubt “Jeff” was very successful. The money he accumulated, the people he was connected to, the legal system that gave him a slap on the wrist the first time. But as far as we can tell he was using old, very baseline techniques. He used his money as a door opener, and could parade girls around at will while his residences were throughly prepped with cameras and microphones. Yet anybody could use these methods. It’s as old as the spy game. If anybody thinks you can just compromise hordes of people just like that, you don’t know the game. Businesspeople and politicians arr savvy and know what a trap looks like. It’s nice to have flight logs and other bits of information, but this is not enough to understand what is really going on. His “guests” were rich enough to get 18 year old escort girls if they wanted to and surely didn’t need Jeff for that. If someone wanted underage girls, why would that person virtually hand over his life to a shadowy character like Jeff? Any moron would understand that he would wield the power from then on.

And how could Jeff follow through with his threats? By releasing a hidden camera recording to the press? Where you can see Jeff’s peculiar homes? When the accused would publicly state that according to Jeff the girl was of legal age? This would totally backfire and depending on how big the circles are that Jeff was attached to it would give up the whole game. Investigations could unravel the methods and seriously hamper further operations.

Had “Jeff” acted more professionally, he would be still around to this day. He needed literal boatloads of underage girls like some deranged Roman senator 2000 years ago and it’s still a mystery why he wasn’t taken out of circulation a long time ago.

Epstein was defeated by a real journalist, not truthers

The truthers act as if they themselves brought down Jeffrey Epstein, when it was the investigative reporter Julie K. Brown who unraveled enough to end his career. Her editor allowed her to make a “MeToo” story and she feared it would get drowned on publication day under viral nonsense at the Miami Herald.

The truthers simply drew from real journalists and basked in the undeserved glory.

There are no Elders of Zion

The conspiracy buffs always imagine they can solve any case in 5 seconds: It’s the jews! And Epstein was jewish. Case closed. He worked for the Elders of Zion. But they don’t exist at all.

Amschel Mayer Rothschild did not steal from the Landgraf of Hessen-Kassel. Nathan Rothschild did not scam the London Stock Exchange after the Battle of Waterloo. The family worked for British aristocratic intelligence. Conventional conspiracy mythology was run by the same intelligence circles to destabilize France, Germany and Austria.

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