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Alex Jones is Russia’s salesman


Alex Jones is back on X/Twitter and the son of Donald Trump floated the idea of bringing him to the White House as a press secretary. Tucker Carlson listened to his ramblings in a long interview with a confused stare.

They all need him to get voters for the GOP (specifically Trump) and keep his followers in line. The Russians have offered him asylum and a studio. So he is likely to stick around, unless the Jan 6th investigation issues more subpoenas and he becomes a suspect.

Probably his new “friends” hope he will mostly retire after the 2024 election and stop causing problems for everyone around him. To this day, he has not become an expert in the topics he talks about to his many followers. In the 1990s he drew from a couple of books from the John Birch Society who claimed to be the leaders of anticommunism but simply relied on tired old conspiracy books including the Rothschild fairy tales and amateurish views on European groups like the Illuminati of Bavaria.

He used radio, VHS tapes of his own documentaries and the early internet to make a name for himself. For his radio show his crew members printed out stories from Drudge for him to rant about, he had many guests on and took phone calls. It was catchy but still unprofessional. His stance on 9/11 made him loose most radio stations but turned him viral on the internet. In he Bush era he railed against both parties, yet he never managed to help new political talents progress. Th overblown Ron Paul 2008 campaign was ust a publicit stunt and Paul himself is grotesquely pro-Russia.

It may be the case that Russians indirectly helped him during this phase by making his content go ever more viral. At the time the Putin regime did not want to draw attention to itself, but rather see as many people in the world as possible to turn against the US. We do not have his business data from the Bush years but it’s clear the Russians saw him as an opportunity. More guests on his show were pro-Russian such as Webster Tarpley and in 2008 Jones made excuses for Russia’s attack against Georgia.

It was a problem for the GOP that Ron Paul tried for president in 2008 as most of Jones’ audience wanted the radical libertarian to get the nomination. How many then voted for John McCain (who was staunchly anti-Russia) is not known. Paul used the opportunity to preach zero US foreign involvement which surely pleased Putin. The Paul Institute was full of “Vatniks”

In the Obama years Jones moved closer to the GOP and gained many followers (= potential voters) and ramped up the Putin propaganda. Recently a major German journalist was caught with a 600.000€ contract for a single book project. We can guess what the Russians would have liked to pay Jones for his year-round coverage. At the end of the day, Jones was making quite a lot of cash by himself, yet his personality does not lend itself to an entrepreneur. He once stated it costs 7 million $ to “run his place” per year.

The 2015/2016 Trump campaign was his biggest cash cow yet. A first he looked down on the Casino man who never had any credibilit as a conservative, but then glorified him (and Putin) as the ultimate saviors. He hinted at the phonyness of the hype by stating that Trump was just one wave of many to come.

The quality of the Infowars reporting went downhill fast, as he lacked the time to educate himself on the topics and he never seemed to hire actual professionals but rather folks who could appeal to a specific demoraphic. More and more sensations were fluff and the instruction was always to make viral content.

Alex Jones was always operating in a gray area. Many powerful individuals and organizations could have sued him over the years but never did so. For a long time his audience was too small and nobody wanted to let him enter the grand stage of imagined martyrdom.

When the truther scene began the witch hunt against the Sandy Hook parents he wanted in on it. Too many amateurs were cutting into his profits by making cheap videos and racking in millions of views. Almost everybody could do this job and be the next Jones. The Q-Shaman was younger and much better looking. Nobody needed to pretend anymore to do investigative reporting. It was enough to look up the latest cryptic Q-drop nonsense and “interpret” it.

In legal depositions Jones and his crew faltered. They could not explain why they had not adhered to any journalistic standards and tries the cop-out excuse of just having “commented” on other people’s material.

It was a real journalist named Julie K. Brown who caused the downfall of Jeffrey Epstein, not Jones and his employees. For all the money he made, audiences were not really getting original content in return. It was rather advertising for Trump and Putin. An ongoing infomercial. His audience was just as incompetent as he himself.

The MAGA movement may be Putin’s movement. They seem to hate very candidate who wants to defend Ukraine and they hold the power to convince the cultists of who is supoosedly a traitor and a hero.

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