Friends & Enemies (11/5/23) Part II of “Fake Experts”

I talk with Jeff Nyquist about the Cold War era and later conspiracy influencers. The hilarious, the scandalous, and the outright crazy.


Benesch: And then you had a Soviet communist campaign to bring that conspiracy nonsense into the Muslim world. And today we have roughly 1.8 billion Muslims.

In the United States, there isn’t that much Muslim migration. But here in Europe it’s different. So there’s quite a few Muslims here and they tend to believe that Europe is secretly run by the Jews. So that means every Christian in Europe is viewed as a collaborator of the Jews or stupid. You get the leftists who are mad. And if you don’t agree with the communists, basically they hate you as well. And so leftists believe some of this conspiracy stuff. And then, of course, you have the right wing who, of course, believes in the Jewish world conspiracy. And if you don’t agree with them, they hate you too, even when you are a conservative.

So you can be a legit conservative, not just in terms of your worldview. You can be married for a long time, you can have kids, you can have a dog, you can be pro-gun, you can like big, big, fat American cars. You can be the quintessential conservative. But the extreme right wing, they will still hate you if you don’t agree to their idea of who runs the world. So Muslims hate you. Communists hate you, extreme right wingers hate you. And so you get this mass of angry people. And because Russia is so dominant when it comes to conspiracy narratives these days, you can kind of understand how dangerous this stuff can get.

Some people actually thought world the the end of World War two would mark the end of traditional conspiracy mythology. But then it became bigger than before.

William Carr

Benesch: And so there was this guy called William James Guy Carr, and he had these bestselling books like “Pawns in the Game” from 1955 and “Red Fog over America”, also 1955, it says. And apparently these books sold hundreds of thousands of copies. And Mr. Carr was was born in England. He was a Canadian Navy officer and intelligence asset.

So he swore loyalty to the British crown, which was infiltrated by the Communists. And he was fighting for the Empire in both world wars. Starting in 1931, he was giving presentations in Canada about the Illuminati, international communism and bankers such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. And when he was retired, he published his books such as “Pawns in the Game” and “Red Fog Over America”.

And so he was quoting these people we talked about in the last episode, Nesta Webster, Augustin Barruell, John Robison. And he made these claims about Albert Pike writing letters to Mazzini from Italy. You know, the letters about the coming three World Wars and of course, never did they actually show an original source.

So these letters, as far as we can tell, do not exist at all. He mentioned this speech by a Rabbi Emmanuel, a speech about secret forces planning the Third World War to eliminate ethnicities and religions and so on and so forth. So apparently it was Eustace Mullins Who invented that rabbi and the speech. So apparently Carr was copying from Mullins. Mullins said this was a Soviet defector who gave him a copy of the speech. So maybe that was an invention, maybe it was a Russian guy who gave Mullins false information and Mullins just ran with it. Carr talks about how the Illuminati started 2000 years ago. And it was the Illuminati that convinced the Roman Empire to kill Jesus Christ.

Nyquist: So do you think Carr, being a British agent, was part of Churchill’s Deception operation?

Benesch: It’s really hard to tell because in order for this British deception campaign to work, only a few people were most likely supposed to know about this. So the more people that believed in it, the better this deception could work. I mean, if he was a field agent, not an analyst, maybe then it’s more understandable that he wasn’t able to discern fact from fiction. But if he was an analyst, if he was a trained analyst, how can he make such mistakes? How can he use sources like this?

He talks about the year 1255. He says Jews were already controlling the aristocracy, which is nonsense. And then he gives a footnote for that claim. And if you look at the footnote, it’s it talks about a certain Jewish man called Aaron of Lincoln. And so this Aaron of Lincoln, he was a money trader, but he did not have any real power. So he could not command troops. He was not safe with his money. He wasn’t safe in any way. And so if you look at the footnote and you actually look into this Aaron of Lincoln guy, it doesn’t support Carr’s argument.

It totally contradicts this argument because what happened was this. After this Jewish man died, the British king just took his money. Previously some people didn’t want to pay back the money. So they decided to just kill 150 Jews of that community. So this was the reality. So Jews did not control the aristocracy.

It’s like these conspiracy people believe that Jews invented subversion or Jews invented baseline intelligence operations to change a government. I mean, Carr was an intelligence guy. He should know that Jews did not invent those types of operations. Everybody was doing it and the French were doing it. The British, the Germans, the Russians, everybody was doing this sort of stuff.

Eustace Mullins

Benesch: So then we get Eustace Mullins and his book on the Federal Reserve, the central bank. Today more people remember the Jekyll Island book on the Federal Reserve because it’s more mainstream. It’s not anti-Semitic, but some people prefer Eustace Mullins’ book, or they say Mullins came first and the other one is just a soft rip off or whatever.

Eustace Mullins I think was the first significant selling book on the Federal Reserve. Mullins in 1942 joined the military and wasn’t privy to any secret material of great value.

And then in 1949 he finds this weirdo poet called Ezra Pound, who was basically, you know, locked up in a loony bin. And supposedly this this Ezra Pound guy recommended to him: Go look up the central bank, the Federal Reserve.

 So Mullins was working at the Library of Congress and he tried to attach himself to Joe McCarthy. And then in 1952, the book came out about the Federal Reserve and after that he published certain articles, some of which praised Adolf Hitler. And then Mullins got in trouble with the Committee for un-American activities.

He claimed he was promised $25,000 from the American Petroleum Industries Committee. So he went to court, but he was unsuccessful. We don’t know if this i was actually true, but if he was willing to write stuff of that nature for money, I mean, who else could have been paying him to write, you know, questionable stuff?

So then he goes to the anti Semitic publication Common Sense. And there was also a German edition of his book, believe it or not. But this edition was then banned by the German government and subsequently all the copies were destroyed. And, you know, the author then claimed these books were burned because it sounds more dramatic. I’m not actually sure they would burn them.

But of course, under German law certain things are illegal. And, and so if you find if you look at all these quotes from Mullins Bork, you can find the core fairy tale. It was also the fairy tales believed by the Nazis. And so the Jews not only controlled Britain, the Jews also controlled the United States and he says that the Bank of England was basically synonymous with Nathan Meyer Rothschild.

And so he obviously didn’t know what he was talking about. And uh, yeah, and this goes on and on. And of course he, he of course Mullins is using this fake world that somebody had attributed to Nathan Rothschild, you know, the famous I don’t care what who sits on the throne of England, the person who controls the money controls the British Empire, and I control the money.

But Griffin published his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, and he just removed all the anti-Semitic stuff.

Nyquist: Griffin kind of started out in the late fifties, early sixties as an anti-communist presenter, and he has a very good on-camera personality and really curious convictions, but he got drawn into the John Birch Society interpretation of things. And he did a lot of things with the Birch Society. Some of them aren’t too bad, you know, in terms of anti-communism. But the creature from Jekyll Island, again, is in this structure, the conspiracy theory about the banksters, which has so contaminated American conservative thought. But when you go through the book, one of the things that occurred to me, is thus: I’ve studied economics and central banking is important to a country. It has to do with the economic chaos and managing depressions, managing market collapses, which can become systemic.

I think it was 1872 when Grant was president, you had this crash that seriously affected the US economy. You had crashes in the late 1840s. You had, of course, the great Depression. And so, of course, central banking can smooth these things out and. But the real reason for central banking is to manage debt and in terms of war, because warfare with the new technology, you needed to be able to manage enormous debt to actually get through a war.

Benesch:  During the First World War, Britain could sell these bonds all over the British Empire. And the colonies. Whereas the Germans did not have those kind of instruments. And also the Russians under the czars, they had nothing comparable to the British system. And so the Russians pawned anything they had. There were just leveraging everything to get loans from France and Amsterdam and places like that.

So this is why the British built this modern system, the fractional system. And so fractional banking in itself is not some devious Jewish invention. It’s just worked best for empires at the time. And also for context, the previous central bank in America, the so-called Second Bank of the United States from 1816, this central bank was not created by blood dripping Jews. It was created by a US president, James Madison, who worked with George Washington, and US President James Monroe, who fought in the war for independence. He made Nicholas Biddle chief of the Central bank and his whole family was involved in the revolution.

Of the second Bank of the United States, 20% of the shares were owned by the American federal government. And the rest was spread out with 4000 private investors, 1000 of which were Europeans. So of course, you had a certain danger of British intelligence. So this is like one thing that the conspiracy buffs, at least partially somehow got a bit right. You know, that forces from Britain actually tried to infiltrate the United States, but these British forces were aristocratic intelligence networks, these old aristocrats, not Jews. You had some Jews working for the aristocrats. But that’s just it.


Benesch: So the next person on the list here is called Lyndon LaRouche, and he even stands out among the weird conspiracy influencers. And his front organizations, of which there are many. These groups were even pretty influential in Germany. So a lot of, you know, old school conspiracy buff circles, they were of the Lyndon LaRouche School, actually.

Nyquist: Well, he was originally a teacher of Marxist Leninist ideology. Then he ventured off into this other thing in the United States in 1971. He tried, with the help of the KGB, to form the U.S. Labor Party, which was a described as a right wing Marxist party.

Benesch: Yeah. In 1992, LaRouche started started an organization in Moscow and his stuff was translated into Russian and he was giving presentations in Russia, in the Russian parliament. He was allowed in 1995 to present his report called the “World Financial System and Problems of Economic Growth”.

And there’s also a kind of a feedback loop of these LaRouche organizations, because they, they had this magazine called Executive Intelligence Review.  I think he was invited to the Alex Jones show of all things.

Nyquist: well, it doesn’t surprise me because Jones that this is what I heard and I don’t know if it’s true, but there was the rumor going around that he was getting money from one of the LaRouche organizations.

Benesch: And he had a LaRouche guy on, Webster Tarpley. I don’t know how long this was ago. I interviewed Tarpley and he told me he was a big fan of Hillary Clinton and I thought: Why is this guy a regular guest on the Alex Jones show? And so another regular guest on Alex Jones was Daniel Estulin. He put out this book on the Bilderberg Group and I think he had some ties to the LaRouche organization. A lot of stuff in Estulin’s Bilderberg book was quoted from this Dr. John Coleman book about the committee of 300, and Coleman was accused of just plagiarizing stuff from the LaRouche publication called “Executive Intelligence Review”. So it’s this feedback loop of LaRouche stuff.

Nyquist: I read the LaRouche organization as a Soviet front set up during the Cold War to kind of mix socialist communist ideas with some conspiracy ideas and other ideas that have been pumped in to create an anti-Western, anti-American, anti-British idea in people.

Benesch: Estulin in his Bilderberg book talks about his father or grandfather who was in Russian intelligence or Soviet intelligence, and then he got purged to some degree. He was out. But the family wanted a way back. And I think Estulineven says that some Russian guy gave him material on Bilderberg. And then, of course, all these quotes from the John Coleman book “Committee of 300”.


Benesch: So this doctor John Coleman guy and his book “committee of 300” were once very popular. Doctor John Coleman is not really Doctor John Coleman. This is just a pseudonym. And so his gimmick was this committee of 300, which is basically a rehashed conspiracy myth. About 300 Jewish people or 300 Jewish families running the world. So this was the gimmick and this was kind of the gimmick era, just like Springmeier’s book about the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.

You need a number in the title, right? It needed a gimmick. It was claimed that Coleman plagiarized 30% of his material from Mullins and the other 70% from publications of the LaRouche organization, such as the Executive Intelligence Review Magazine.

The Committee of 300 is actually a Russian myth, by the way. One of the sources was a book by the Count Arthur Cherep Spiridovitch called “The Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand, The Unrevealed in History”.

This was from 1925. So this is the Communist era. This was the legend of a group consisting of 300 Jewish bankers and businesspeople who supposedly run the world. And it’s clear that Coleman knew the Spirodovitch book because he’s quoting it in another book called The Rothschild Dynasty.

Coleman’s book is written in these very, very short sentences. And it’s also a short book overall, it’s 250 pages. He doesn’t have anything new. And none of it makes much sense. So for example, he says the Club of Rome has its own private intelligence agency, and all U.S. intelligence agencies work with this Club of Rome agency, but also the KGB and the Mossad. The only intelligence service which is not under control of the Club of Rome was the East German intelligence agency, which he calls the Stassy.

He spells it “s t a double s y”, which is, of course, complete nonsense. I mean if, if you know your intelligence agencies you wouldn’t make that mistake or you would catch the mistake while proofreading. Why would he get get it so wrong? And also, why would the Stasi be not under control of this Club of Rome thing, but everyone else? This is how he writes this book. He’s jumping from name to name, making up these connections.

So, for example, he says the Club of Rome played a key part in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Club of Rome also tried to pitch the idea of Fima to President Kennedy. You know, the the Federal Emergency Management Agency. So they wanted to have FEMA. They pitched this idea to Kennedy, and also scientists from the British Tavistock Institute. They were also pressuring Kennedy, but he wouldn’t budge. And that’s when he was killed.


Benesch: So next we have Milton William Cooper and his book “Behold a Pale Horse”, which was a big hit in the nineties. The whole conspiracy movement in the nineties strangely lost interest in Russia. You had a bigger influence of UFOs and aliens. And Milton Cooper claimed he had access to the most important documents of all time. His book became sort of the inspiration for the television show The X-Files. It was also popular with African Americans. So quite a few rappers in the 1990s and the 2000s were talking about conspiracy stuff. They were quoting or name dropping “behold a pale horse”. And even recently you had the African-American artist Kanye West. He had this clothing deal with Adidas for these sneakers. It was like a multibillion dollar industry. And the music. So he was the biggest thing. And then Kanye West just gets into this conspiracy stuff and then he goes on the Alex Jones show and he talks about that stuff. He likes Hitler and all this. He likes Hitler. And we need to talk about the good stuff that Hitler supposedly did.

Cooper served in the Navy apparently, but it’s not exactly clear in what function and it was probably a low level type job that he had. And so then he starts, he starts getting into the UFO movement, and he claims he had access to these incredible documents. And he also saw gigantic UFOs. He tells the following story:

“Well, I turn around, I have my binoculars, and I see this giant disk just coming out of the water. And it’s huge. It was a UFO the size of an aircraft carrier.” This is what he says. And people generally have an idea how large these aircraft carriers are.

So this came out of the ocean, flew into the clouds, and then it went back into the water. This is what he’s says. Of course, the Navy covered this up, and then he supposedly went to the Intelligence Academy of the Navy and he served in Vietnam, he says.

He left the Navy and there was supposedly an assassination attempt against him. In 1987, when this UFO stuff became really popular latched on to that. So initially it was the UFO activists Bill Moore, James Kundera and Stanton Friedman. They talked about these “majestic 12” documents supposedly detailing the existence of a high ranking political organization for relations to aliens civilizations. Of course, these documents were fake. And yeah, and even the United States Air Force itself, to be precise, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations AFOSI, they spread false documents such as this. But these UFO activists were not able to falsify these documents. They thought they were real.

So then the Majestic 12 thing became a problem for Cooper. He says, I knew that Moore and Friedmann were government agents. I knew the document was a fake. I knew it because I had seen a list of agents who were supposed to initiate an emergency plan called Majestic to throw investigators of the right track.

So then I looked at all these different chapters of the book Behold A Pale Horse. So I just going to give a quick rundown of the chapters. Almost nothing was written by Cooper himself. The first chapter is simply a text called “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and this was supposed to be a technical handbook of the Bilderberg Group to Control Societies. But it’s just a fake. This chapter is just gibberish. It’s almost like somebody who was schizophrenic or schizoid wrote this “silent weapons for quite wars”.

hapter number two is about secret societies and the New World Order. And I think this is one of the chapters that’s actually made by him by himself. But he’s just stringing stuff together without any, you know, any coherent narrative. So he’s praising the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. He claimed that he knows for sure where the hidden treasure is in France. Then he talks about the “order of the quest” or the Jason Society, which is mostly a myth. And in the sources or footnotes for this chapter, Cooper lists William Guy Carr, Eustace Mullins and John Robison.

Chapter three: Again, not his own material. It is the loyalty oath of an unspecified secret order, meaning it’s completely worthless. And the author of the text was mother that claims her son was making this oath, but his identity must remain secret. And there’s even a short disclaimer: We can’t really judge if this oath is real or not.

So now we’re three chapters in and it’s three chapters of garbage. Chapter four is the “Secret Contract of Verona”, which is also a fake. So let’s just move on here.

Chapter five. This is just gibberish about the New World Order, and it’s also copied from different sources. And then chapter six is about martial law and FEMA.

And one of the sources is an article by Herbert Quinn from the LaRouche publication Executive Intelligence Report. By the way, Mr. Quinn later worked as worked in IT for the prison system of Illinois, and a speaker for the State of Illinois said: We hired Mr. Quinn because Quinn had actually been an informant.

He had been spying against the LaRouche publication and gave this information to the US authorities. Interesting. Another source used by Cooper is the magazine Spotlight from the Liberty Lobby. So that’s chapter six.

Chapter seven It’s about the legislation against drug use. And it’s commenting a draft law, which is boring. Chapter eight is about police state laws in Oklahoma, but this is also copied from someplace else. Chapter nine is an original chapter by Cooper. But it’s almost the same style that Coleman did in the Committee of 300.

He’s just putting stuff together without rhyme or reason, So there’s nothing really in that. Chapter 11 is a transcript of an interview between Cooper and a man that nobody seems to know and nobody cares about.

Chapter 12 is about the UFO stuff. Aliens. Majestic 12.

Chapter 13 is about the United Nations and yeah, very boring. Then chapter 14 is copied from somewhere else. It’s called “a proposed constitutional model for The New States of America”. This was copied verbatim with no additional commentary, and it seems like he copied this without permission.

Chapter 15 is the Protocols of Zion. He just reprinted the Protocols of Zion, specifically the translation made by the fascist organization called the Britons, going back to Henry Hamilton Beamish, whose father was aide de camp for Queen Victoria

Okay, now then, Chapter 16 is about Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, who professed to be a Satanist, and he was in military intelligence. But again, this was not new material.

Fritz Springmeier

Benesch: I think this is the funniest one. It’s Fritz Springmeier’s “13 bloodlines of the Illuminati”. In 1991, he published the book “Be Wise as Serpents” and he claimed this was from historical documents and confidential sources.

So he claimed to have super sources but was never proven he got any special sources whatsoever. And serpents is a very, very long book. It’s almost unreadable. It’s just a cacophony. So it’s not surprising that no publishing house wanted to print this thing. And it’s it’s inconceivable that powerful people gave them inside information and he turns it into that book.

And so then he tried to do the exact opposite. He needed a book that was short, simple and catchy. He needed a gimmick, something that you could easily memorize. So this was in 1999, and the book was Bloodlines of the Illuminati, describing 13 families, which he believed were the most powerful in the world. Bundy, Collins, Astor, Freeman, Kennedy, Lee Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell and the Merovingians.

He was not even able to put out 13 proper sounding chapters. He basically got up to nine and then he just faked the rest. He just winged it. Today nobody cares about the Astors anymore. Jacob Astor The fourth died on the Titanic.

Why the Kennedy family? The next family is the Bundy family. The Bundys were involved in Skull and Bones. They were in politics, the intelligence agencies, they were advisors to presidents and defense ministers and so on. Why the Bundys? Why not one of these many other American families?

Why the Collins family? There’s so many Collins’. I don’t know. You don’t know. And he didn’t know. So nobody knows. And according to his special sources, there was a satanic meeting and a woman from the Collins clan was sitting on the throne. They were sacrificing children, making plans. And according to the source, the Collins clan was even more powerful than the Rothschilds and Springmeier was very proud to be the first one to reveal the secret. Any evidence? No, of course not. Let’s move on to the next chapter, the DuPont family, of course, famous for the gunpowder and then I think was the plutonium. One of the biggest chemical corporations in the world. You know, it’s a very interesting family.

I mean, especially the ties of the DuPont’s to the Biden family. So next chapter, a family called Freeman. It’s one of those fake chapters where he just makes things up. He says that the evidence is that the grand master of the Priory of Zion was Gaylord Freeman, but there was no Priory of Zion.

 Okay next chapter: The Kennedys. He even admits that too many people in the United States have the same name. And so that chapter is garbage. Then the chapter about the Chinese Li family, which is one of the most common names in China. So why wouldn’t he at least try to pick an interesting communist clan in China? It’s like saying, well, the Smith family from Britain or the Joneses from America, I mean, there’s so many people with that same name.

So then the Onassis family, I kid you not. Then the Rockefellers. Boring, of course. Then the Rothschilds, of course. And that’s really it.

Cathy O’Brien

Benesch: Next on my list, I have Cathy O’Brien’s “Tranceformation of America”. So this is the woman who claims to be a mind control victim and endured satanic abuse, the worst martyrdom you can imagine. You cannot top this. Nobody could ever suffer more than that.

And so this basically became an early version of the Q conspiracy. She claims that she had been programed ans she had forgotten about all this. And then she met this guy and he had knowledge about mind control techniques because he was connected. And so he got these memories out of her and that all ended up in a book.

The famous Hollywood actress Roseanne Barr, she believes that this O’Brian book is real.

We know about real cases. We know about the Franklin case in Omaha, Nebraska. There were some similar cases in Europe. I think there was a big one in Portugal. And also the Jimmy Savile case in Britain. And so we know about the real cases, but not every case that’s talked about is real.

In the first part of the book Cathy’s supposed savior explains these hypnotic sessions and he isolated her. She was not supposed to meet other people. She was not supposed to get in touch with reality.

She was supposed to be in this brainwashing session. And and it’s almost like, you know, a cross between brainwashing and the movie “The Exorcist”. Experts warn about hypnosis when it’s a person who has a dissociative disorder. Their memories are garbled. Even before and after the Kathy O’Brien book, there were many more people claiming to be experts on ritualistic abuse, experts on mind control, and many of them claimed they work with victims and they get all these memories out of them through hypnosis.

Imagine what happens if somebody actually tried to use hallucinogenic drugs with these so-called patients. In the sixties and the seventies cults experimented with LSD and they tried to loosen up people’s mind and then put these ideas into these people. This is what Charles Manson did with his so-called family. I mean, if you overdose on some of these hallucinogenics, you can have all sorts of horrifying, hallucinations.


Benesch: In the Internet era, you saw more and more videos from people claiming to be experts on Satanism and mind control, and they always rehash the same old material. And what’s always rehashed is the so-called MK Monarch program. One of the most influential books was by Fritz Springmeier. It’s called the “Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable total mind control Slave”. So this was written by Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler. Wheeler claimed to be a victim of brainwashing, but was also doing brainwashing for the Illuminati.

In the United States, even in the eighties, there were bestselling books written by people claiming to be former Satanists or Satanist victims. And some of these books, they sold a million copies until, I think, a Christian magazine exposed the books as fake. So this Springmeier guy probably knew that there was a Christian audience out there and they were interested in these sort of books.

Hehad the advantage of using this old stuff and combine it with some information about MKULTRA.

Alex Jones and Ron Paul

Benesch: And so this leads me to the one and only Alex Jones from Austin, Texas, not originally Austin, Texas. Jones basically came out of this John Birch School of conspiracy lore, but he was able to use talk radio, VHS tapes. He made his own documentaries. It was very flashy. So people were copying the tapes, and then people were making copies of the copies and passing them around even before the Internet was a thing or before the Internet was capable of handling large video files. He was having a decent website, when others were still struggling with having a nice looking website up.

When I stumbled upon his material, I think this was 2004, he marketed himself as a family man. He was married, he had several kids, and there were no known scandals regarding his family life. He seemed like the all-American dad. At some point he was talking about his past and he was telling these stories that he was getting into fights all the time and somebody got hurt permanently. And so in, in later years, now we understand more about that back story. I think like two years ago there was a report by Jon Ronson, who had even worked with Jones previously on the Bohemian Grove documentary.

And Jon Ronson was also on the Joe Rogan show, I think several times. And it appears that Jon Ronson told Rogan about some of the research on Alex Jones. When finally, after many years of waiting and raging Alex Jones became a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast, Rogan was questioning him about this past about the, you know, the violent fights and how Jones got hurt himself.

So there’s some sort of brain damage that may be going on. Jon Ronson was talking to all these people from back then when Alex was in school, and nobody could remember these heroic stories that Alex told later about publicly confronting the police in front of the whole school about drug dealing.

And I think he even claimed that the police chief was a Satanist at the time and whatnot. And Jones girlfriend was somehow tied into that. And Ronson talked to all these people from back then and they don’t remember anything heroic. They just remember Alex as being very aggressive and just plain weird, very dark, very weird.

During the Bush administration, Jones became popular because Bush was so unpopular in many, many ways.

But then the year 2008 happened and almost all of a sudden Jones became pro-Republican again, and he also became pro-Russian, which he wasn’t publicly before. I mean, I remember Jones talking about how Putin was a demon and former KGB, and he was talking about the apartment bombings from 1999 in Russia. And all this changed in 2008. And this was exactly, I think, exactly the year when Russia Today started broadcasting in America. And I think the first American politician they had on the Russia Today television station, was Ron Paul,.

Nyquist: Unbelievable. Ron Paul, I met him in April 2001. I was giving the lunch speech. He was giving the dinner speech. And it was it was Houston, Texas. And we met for coffee. He was offended by criticism against Russia and China. He just wouldn’t hear another word of it. But that was my encounter with him.

Benesch: Ayn Rand did something that was interesting: She kind of morphed Karl Marx’s theory of class warfare into a version for the United States. So according to this Ayn Rand idea, which was picked up by other people as well, class warfare is not how Karl Marx had viewed it. You are supposed to have a fight between the productive classes and the unproductive classes.

And some of these libertarian gurus, they used to be openly Marxist, but then supposedly became libertarian and they preach this class warfare, so radical libertarians get so angry at normal people and they don’t see Russia as a threat. They don’t see China as a threat.

Nyquist: Well, recently Alex Jones was offered asylum. Solovyov interviewed him and said, we’ll set you up here.

Benesch: You get you get the house, you get the studio, you can bring your whole family. I mean, you saw defectors before, you saw people disappearing and reappearing in Russia and giving some press conferences. But like this begging for asylum, getting granted asylum, is crazy.

So I found this here. This was from this year actually: It says  “OP operative gets 1.5 years in prison for Illegal Russian Donation to Trump 2016 campaign”. It’s about Jesse Benton. Benton worked for the pro-Trump super PAC and was a longtime aide to former GOP politician Ron Paul. Jesse Benton was convicted by a federal jury in November on several charges, including conspiring to solicit an illegal foreign campaign contribution.

And so, according to evidence presented at trial, Benton helped a Russian national secure a ticket to a Republican National Committee event in 2016, where he would have the opportunity to meet and take a picture with Trump. The Russian national paid Benton 100,000 to get the ticket. Prosecutors said Benton created a fake invoice, suggesting he had received the money for consulting services, donated $25,000 of that money under his own name to the RNC to get a ticket to the event and pocketed the remaining $75,000.

He was previously convicted of falsifying federal records and so on and so forth. And I think he’s even married or was married into the Paul family.

So If you watch Alex Jones, if you watch these other guys, I mean, they always talked about China in a negative way. But a couple of years ago this is when things just changed a bit. And they started to toss ideas out there that maybe China is maybe now with the good guys. You know, maybe the Chinese leader has secretly broken with communism and maybe China is now on the good side.

Let’s let’s imagine Russia, Russia, China and North Korea start attacking different places in the world simultaneously. What would the narrative be, especially of the Russians? What would the Russians say to an American audience? They would probably say the new world order provoked this attack by Russia. So they had no other choice. You know, they were forced to do this. And this was an act of desperation of these new world order guys. And so now is the time for a new American Revolution. And so if the Americans rise up against the government, they could gain back their freedom.

And these Americans would also get Russian help.

Especially when when you’re talking about cyber weapons, you know, real blackouts, not the limited ones, but a real blackout. And if you talk about biological weapons, because in both fields, attribution is difficult, especially when there’s disinformation attached to this attack.

So the Russians could attack America. And then they claim this was an inside job by the New World Order.


Benesch: I noticed narcissistic traits in Julian Assange. I mean, when he was leaking this sanitized database and this helicopter video that basically proved nothing, Julian Assange was so grandiose. So many collaborators turned their back on him and said he was going around like he was Mick Jagger. He was he constantly involving himself with women. And he was he was getting very paranoid when people had a different opinion.

As a teenager he was hacking American targets.He was this young hacker when hacking was fairly new. And what these hackers were usually dis was attack American targets of military value. Los Alamos National Laboratory, other military installations, specific research at universities.

And so there was a big investigation and they found Assange and two other young men. And it’s likely they were turned into informants. I mean, I’ve dug deep into this case. I read the redacted court files and it is confirmed that Assange helped the police in Australia, in Victoria, to catch child pornographers. There may have been other things that Assange was doing for the police.

And so then after a few years, his his delayed trial ended, he got a slap on the wrist. So he got this little fine instead of ten years prison. He goes from place to place, he moves around. Nobody quite knows what he’s doing, who’s paying him, who’s paying for his travel. And at some point he starts WikiLeaks with a German guy called Daniel Berg. They gave this presentation in Berlin.

Berg was linked to the Chaos Computer Club, the CCC, which is a very old institution and it’s very communist. So the original founder was a fanatical communist and he founded this organization with a table from a very famous communist commune.

And they have this annual meeting in Berlin. It’s like a convention. And at one of these conventions, Assange and Daniel Berg give this presentation and say, we’re going to create WikiLeaks.

There will be all kinds of interesting revelations once Assange gets extradited to the United States. I don’t think he will get the death penalty. But you may see previously classified information that that indicates Assange was probably responsible for dead people, you know, people who worked with America in Afghanistan, in Iraq.

And he’s also tied to Roger Stone and Roger Stone worked for Alex Jones; there were some contacts to the Trump outfit. And so I think for the Russians, Assange is more valuable dead than alive.

So I think there is a realistic danger of an assassination against Assange in America or while he’s in transit. The Russians have the motive to kill Assange and then blame America for the assassination.

The Russians will say America killed Assange because Assange leaked the truth about the wars and Assange would have been vindicated in court.

We know Alex Jones is a drinker. And so let’s just imagine Jones gets behind the wheel of his muscle car, he crashes the car and he dies. What would people around him say? They will say he was murdered by the New World Order and he has like 3 million fans or whatever. And they might do violent acts because they think their guy was killed by the New World order. Jones is more valuable dead than alive for the Russians.

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