New book: Royal Cryptocracy: Ancient intelligence networks in enlightenment and communism

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Whether you already know many things about history and intelligence networks or not, you will be confronted in this book with new ideas and conclusions about the most important events of the last 300 years. It is not based on a silly gimmick, not on a massive digital data dump handed to me by a government whistleblower, not on a defector from the former USSR, not on a unicorn insider source, not on government files that were left accidentally on a laptop in a train, not on conspiracy mythology and also not on some propaganda campaign intended to benefit political parties or candidates.

It is a gigantic puzzle assembled with the help of many great researchers from different countries who were all – unknowingly – working on different parts of that very same puzzle.

For Americans and Brits, the key to understanding their own countries lies in Germany of all places; more precisely in the scattered territories of the Welfs, Wettins and Reginarids. They initially did not have one single, large and easy to defend territory and no large standing army, so they placed their hopes in bigger intelligence capabilities and family structures. Their intelligence networks expanded to neighboring Denmark and then moved into Scotland, created the early iteration of Freemasonry and married a Danish princess to the British King James. Later William III from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau finally took over England in the “Glorious Revolution” and then the Hanoverian Welfs took over. King George III. stopped military operations against George Washington, but continued the hostilities indefinitely through his intelligence networks. Allowing Washington to win militarily had the added benefit of keeping the French at a distance in America. The high nobility controlled its own Enlightenment movement through the new British Freemasonry and its scientific sister organization “Royal Society”, while Germany and France were destabilized with pseudo-Enlightenment front organizations such as the Bavarian Illuminati Order. Around the same time, aristocratic intelligence infiltrated and took over the socialist movements. The events that unfolded in Russia have never been properly reconstructed in terms of aristocratic covert operations besides some limited studies about the fate of the tsarist secret service.

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