You can end antisemitism in 30 minutes

You can end antisemitism in 30 minutes. It was created by intelligence agencies to destabilize target countries.

The only way to destroy antisemitism once and for all, is to expose the old European intelligence networks that originally created it in order to destabilize target countries.

In case you don’t already know: I am a German. The man you see on these photos is my fathers uncle, Theo. A high ranking Nazi who was a member of the Reichstag parliament in Berlin. He spent part of his career at the infamous antisemitic publication “Der Stürmer”.

This was peak antisemitism. You cannot top that.

So, did he have any special knowledge about jews? No. Was he maybe an intelligence expert who could unravel the secret networks and ops of the past centuries. No. Was he at least a historian, specialized in the empires and how they developed and what happened during the enlightenment era? No.

His background was in engineering, like most of the men in the family. He knew nothing about these other things really. Instead he had just consumed the conspiracy literature of that time, which hadn’t really changed for decades. In the later half of the 19th century there tons of these publications. And even before that, French socialists had established most of these ideas. They claimed small jewish families were trying to take over the world, and claimed greedy capitalism and exploitation was in essence jewish. Completely alien to Christian white people.

Well, this was shortly after the era of serfdom. For many hundreds of years, roughly 90% of people were classified as serfs. That’s not exactly the same as a slave but its awfully close. The system of serfdom had existed for millennia. In the ancient Mesopotamian empires, ancient Greece, Rome, and then Europe.

An elite of aristocratic families was oppressing everyone else. Pure exploitation, pure greed. You had to work till you dropped dead. If you got injured or got sick, that was that. If the lords called you up for military service you go. Or send your sons.

So it was absurd when French Socialists claimed, shortly after the end of serfdom in France, that exploitation was inherently jewish. The antisemitism was just a way to get around the censorship. You couldn’t attack the French government too directly or they would cut off your head with guillotine. So it was just convenient for these early communists to blame jews for capitalism. They tried to make it sound trade and modern banking was weird and unfixable. Because they wanted a socialist system.

Recent research from an Austrian professor demonstrates that the beginning of modern conspiracy media right after the French Revolution was a ploy by British intelligence. The goal was to destabilize France. To make people believe the French Revolution was driven by devil-worshipping anarchists. A bit later the next wave of conspiracy literature was supposed to slow down France’s economic development. British intel was using middlemen to trash Britains own new banking system, to call it a jewish conspiracy, in order to prevent competing empires from copying it.

The next target for destabilization was Germany and Austria. That’s when the rightwing groups copied the older French socialist material. The material became the foundation of the nazi party, their view of how the world was, how good and evil works, and how history supposedly was.

My father grew up as a kid with his uncle Theo, the high ranking nazi who had worked at the Stürmer publication.

Theo had simply read a few of these conspiracy books and then thought he understood the world. He was incapable of determining if this stuff was really true. In reality it had begun as a British intelligence operation to deceive target populations.

In the 1800s the conditions for all people on german territories gradually improved. Some jews were still more traditional, others were not. Some even married non-jews. So German jews or jewish germans increasingly looked like everyone else. It was simply the conspiracy mythology that made them a target.  

Islam for the longest time, didn’t really care about jews. The muslims were busy with large empires, the Persians and others. Jews were just a small group of unbelievers to them. If jews lived in a muslim country they were treated, according to islamic law, as second class citizens. For a long time jews chose muslim countries over Christian ones, because the Christians would treat them worse. The only reason muslism have this obsession with jews and israel today, is the conspiracy mythology. The core of this mythology has two components:

  1. The idea that very few jewish individuals managed to use intelligence techniques to gain control over the British colonial empire and over the United States.
  2. Jews have almost magical, superhuman powers of subversion in connection with intelligence operations. These inherent attributes supposedly made them able to destroy the Roman empire, the French one, Russia etc.

The Nazis had exaggerated these ideas to a degree where they believed it insufficient to limit activities of jews, or relocate them or force them to leave the country. Only physical destruction would do. When the Nazis used punchcard tabulating machines for the Holocaust by the Hollerith corporation (which had links to IBM) they had to define, in the machine itself, what the criteria was to be a “jew”. Everyone Practising the religion? Nah. Two jewish parents? No, it was enough to have one jewish grandfather.

The nazis believed they were doing counter intelligence. Counter subversion. Yet they completely failed in the field of intelligence. Germany was saturated with German spies giving secrets to Russia, Britain, and the US. You see, for centuries Germany had not been a unified empire, it was patchwork. Little mini kingdoms, principalities, dukedoms. Some were allied, some were enemies.

Welfs, Wettins and Reginarids started out small. They didn’t have large territories or amies. Therefore they increased the size of their families, emphasized coherence inside these families, and amphasized intelligence techniques ans science. They expanded to Denmark and other places and ultimately they took over the British empire and turned it into the dominant force on earth. That means, they still retained vast intel networks on german soil. Throughout WWI and II.

It is one the best kept secrets in history how vast and professional these networks were. It’s not hard to imagine: If you run a mega empire you need mega-intel-capabilities. 

Modern historians, even the ones who specialize in intel topics, mistakenly believe that before the 20th century intelligence networks were small and not advanced. Recent studies even show that in ancient Rome intelligence was vast and dictated everything. You always needed to know whats going on inside Rome. Possible uprisings, enemy ops. You need to know what your foreign enemies were planning. What their weaknesses were.

The fairy tale of the jewish world conspiracy is based on the false idea that before the 20th century intelligence was underdeveloped. The ruling aristocracies are painted as daft, buffoons, not hardened professionals who had spies everywhere. People have no idea how large these aristocratic family clusters were. Welfs, Wettins and Reginarids were a literal army. This was the basis of their success. They learned from the mistakes of the Roman empire. You needed enough coherent personnel.  

According to the conspiracy fairy tale, jews were masters of intelligence and everyone else was daft. These jews supposedly managed to pull of miracles, using nothing but a baseline courier system, and some bank loans and some simple trickery.

A small jewish trader from the Frankfurt ghetto, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, started to work for the Landgraf Wilhelm von Hessen Kassel, after a 20 year vetting process. That man’s grandfather happened to be King George II. of Britain. The Landgraf was recruiting Rothschild. He was running Rothschild. Recruiting people is the most important task of intelligence work.

And then Napoleon happened. Rothschild helped Wilhelm von Hessen-Kassel to hide assets. And then move assets out of the country. According to a variety of terrible conspiracy books, Rothschild stole a lot of money from the Landgraf. These is zero evidence for this. Conspiracy books quote an old jewish encyclopedia, but the source also contains no evidence.

Rothschild performed clandestine tasks. He did what he was told. Later he worked directly for the British Crown. Moving money for Wellingtons troops. Britain wanted to hide money streams. That’s why Rothschilds sons opened up offices in different countries. The whole operation was almost certainly run by British aristocratic intelligence.

Next is the Waterloo fairy tale. You know the story. Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s early knowledge of the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo, whose couriers delivered information about the victory back to London before the British Cabinet itself knew. He used his knowledge to speculate on the London Stock Exchange and make a vast fortune by unfair advantage against the other British stock holders, essentially defrauding them.

None of this is true. This story was invented by a French communist, Georges Marie Mathieu-Dairnvaell, who authored a work entitled “Edifying and Curious History of Rothschild the First, King of the Jews”.

In reality the Rothschilds did what the British Crown wanted them to do. Conspiracy books compound the fairy tale nonsense by claiming that the Waterloo scam made the Rothschilds the masters of the banking district City of London and then the central bank. The stupid invented quotes how Rothschilds “didn’t care who sat on the throne of England” because they controlled the money. All nonsense.

The high aristocracy wanted to remove itself from the limelight during the enlightenment, That was the whole intention behind this controlled enlightenment. King George I. reconstituted the Royal society for science and started British freemasonry. The vast aristocracy had the money, the science and the intel networks to create front companies and political front organizations. The wanted everyone to believe that politicians and bankers and industrialists were making the decisions. That way power became obfuscated. It seemed much more complex than it was.

According to newer research, like cambrigde historian Christopher Clark’s book, Russia was the driving force behind WWI. They scaled up their military and had an alliance with France and Britain. Germany was in a much weaker alliance and had no real interest in war at that time. That was the age old game in Europe. Form a larger alliance and smash the weaker one.

After the War Germans were pissed at the Brits. And guess what happened. A new campaign of antisemitism. Spreading the fake Protocols of Zion. Claiming that jews masterminded the war. That jewish bankers had decided over war and peace for a long time. For a long time governments tried to find the money for wars. It was not a secret that different banks had different government customers. The governments always shifted their alliances and turned on each other. That’s just the imperialism game. That wasn’t a jewish conspiracy.

Britain had so many intel assets on german soil it was easy to promote the anti-jewish nonsense. So instead of Germans being angry at Britain, the were angry at jews. Britain was afraid that Germany would re-arm, make peace with the Frech and overrun the British islands. So a plan was hatched. Winston Churchill was involved and many others. Pulitzer prize winner Lou Kilzer has written about this plan, and professor Carroll Quigley. The plan was for Britain to pretend to have sympathies for Germany and fascism. To promote the anti-jewish nonsense. If that plan worked, Germany would rather conduct an all out attack on Soviet Russia, than on Britain. Winston Churchill was positively reviewing the conspiracy books by Nesta Webster. The aristocrats visited the Nazis and pretended to like them.

Aristocrats all over Germany joined the Nazi party. Like Philip von Hessen-Kassel, who conducted diplomacy on behalf of Hitler. Remember that name? Hessen-Kassel? The very same family which had once recruited Mayer Amschel Rothschild and was related to King George II. and others.  

Philip von Hessen was the son in law of the Italian king and kept in diplomatic contact with Benito Mussolini, who we now know had worked for British intelligence in his early days.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, had the job of managing covert communications between the aristocrats in Britain and Germany. Prince George was the son of king George V. and Queen Mary.

During the early 20th century the communist Soviet government spread the Protocols of Zion in the muslim world. Lenin had trashed western capitalism as a conspiracy. The soviets simply used lenins template, modified it for the muslim target audience and added the Protocols of Zion. The goal was to make the muslims hate the west and embrace Moscow.

The only way to destroy antisemitism once and for all, is to expose the old intelligence networks who created it. That is the only way. So why hasn’t this been done? Because these old networks deem themselves more valuable than the jews. Exposing the past would destroy these old networks.

The standard was of combatting antisemitism are too weak. All those leftwing social scientists blabbing about rightwing conspiracy theories. These people just debunk the easiest to debunk stuff and then advocate for socialism. They are not experts about the empires and intel agencies.

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