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Friends & Enemies (12/10/23) Return of anticommunism

Real anticommunism has been in a coma since 1991, especially in Europe. It does not feel like NATO won the Cold War. More than an entire generation has never come into contact with real anticommunism. When they see it, they consider it a relict. All this time Russia was extremely busy with information operations. With Alex Benesch and Jeff Nyquist.


Hey, this is Friends and Enemies with Jeff Nyquist and Alex Benesch. He’s in Germany. I’m in the United States. And we’re here to talk about this week the big picture strategy, espionage, the Cold War that continued after everybody thought the Cold War was over. We want to go into details. And this is something I’ve written about for more than 30 years. This has been something I hate to repeat myself, but it’s necessary to go over this material. And Alex, having the German perspective can give us, you know, really interesting details about how this worked in the heart of Europe.

This is the book that really kind of opened my eyes. More than anything, New Lies for Old by Anatoly Gullit’s, KGB defector who defected in 1961, December 1961, and he brought with him he had worked in a KGB counterintelligence think tank and in reorganizing the KGB in the late 1950s.

And he he saw they were reorganizing the KGB for a long range deception strategy that he said would eventually entail the liberalization, the false liberalization of communism and the fooling of the West, putting the West to sleep, disarming the West first intellectually and in terms of thinking that there’s a cold War. And he also warned about that this Sino-Soviet split was being prepared in the late fifties, and he heard a lecture by the head of the KGB, General Alexander Schell, often mentioning that China was going to have a fake split with the Soviet Union so that America would come in and support China, build China up, trade with China, industrialize China, and that everyone who

facilitated these strategies become suspect. You know, we talked about Henry Kissinger last week. So this is the big picture view. And I’d like to also mention in this context, this overall shift. Tim GROSS Klose wrote a book ten years about ten years ago. Well, actually, 2011 called Left Turn In, which he described how the whole of American politics, the whole public, both political parties have been steadily moving to the left for the preview for at least two decades, if not longer.

And he actually used politic metrics, political measurements to actually measure opinion. What he found, for example, was that Fox News is a 51. You know, if if, if or it’s exactly in the middle. Right. In terms it is fair and balanced, it’s halfway between conservative and halfway between a liberal, where you have the most far right congressmen are like a four.

That was at minute Minnesota Congress woman and then Nancy Pelosi was a perfect hundred. That’s the most far left you can go with Nancy Pelosi. Right. And so that he developed that and he showed that the Democratic Congress of 78 was to the right of the Republican Congress in 1999.

Holy moly.

And, of course, this is the work of agents of influence. And I think we’re going to get into both agents of influence, espionage, deception, strategy and how the Eastern Bloc remains still there on the surface. You can speak to this, Alex. So maybe we can talk about the infiltration of Germany.

Yeah. I mean, well, you’d think NATO’s won the Cold War. That’s what we used to think. But it does not feel like NATO has won the Cold War. And especially especially in this place. You know, Germany ever since ever since communism supposedly ended or let’s say, the Soviet Union supposedly, and that ever since then, we we’ve been having these communist chancellors here in Germany. So, for example, you had Gerhard Schroeder, you know, who is who has always been very anti-American, super close to the Russians and big fan of the pipelines.

You know, if you go back to, you know, his old days in Hanover and check what he’s said about America, NATO, you get the picture. So it was this guy. Then we had Angela merkel for what felt like an eternity. And she grew up in communism. She was from from eastern Germany. She was a very loyal communist for for that time period.

And then she suddenly appeared in Western politics and magically she rose up the ranks in the Conservative Party, mind you, the Christian Democratic Party, and became chancellor. And nobody could really explain why. And so, yeah, she’s been completely and utterly horrible. And this was also the time when anti-communism collapsed, when anti-communism collapsed in Germany. So everybody thought, well, this is over.

You know, why why shouldn’t we, you know, be more left in this way and that way and 50 other ways. So yeah, that was that period. And then of course, we had we had all of all of Shultz, who is the current chancellor, and when he was a young guy in his twenties, he was invited to Soviet Eastern Germany, to the to Soviet Eastern Germany multiple times.

And he was treated like an important, let’s say, diplomat or a foreign minister or something. So he was picked up with the nice car. You know, he was he was driven to, you know, the hotel, the location and they had these weird workshops or whatever. And he was meeting important people that have been multiple times. Why, you know, why would you invite a Western, you know, a leftist and treat him that way?

And so, yeah, so it never felt like communism was defeated. It never really did. So it almost felt like NATO’s lost over here, that that’s what it felt like. And I’m not I’m not blaming the Americans for this. I’m just looking for, you know, the networks and the mechanisms that caused this to happen. So when when go listen, you know, I recently reread Goldstone’s book and I thought it was too soft.

You know, some people say he goes too far. I say, no, this this is this is the soft, softer version of reality. It’s worse than he he tells you. And so it doesn’t feel like the Soviet Union. It doesn’t feel like the Soviet Union went bust. So right now, I mean, next couple of days, there will be the beginning of a very important court case in Germany.

It’s supposed to be the worst mohel since the Cold War. And it’s it’s a guy who worked for the Foreign Intelligence Service of Germany, which is the Bundesrat or BND. And so according to what’s been in the press so far, this guy was not just a fan of the Putin regime. He was also getting into this new weird right wing stuff.

You know, this this this weird new with a new right wing. And, you know, he allegedly sold anything he could to the Russians. So it was money and ideological reasons. And so he was not even caught by his own people initially. So the press tells us that a Western intelligence service, probably the Americans, a Western service, noticed by, you know, getting information out of Russia, they noticed that there was a mole in Germany giving stuff to the Russians.

So when this Western intelligence service, probably the Americans, when they told the BND, you’ve got a mole, that’s when they had to go look for who was able to give away all this stuff and was a small group of suspects. And then finally they got their prime suspect. And so this court case is set to begin in a few days.

And and what the what he gave away in terms of intelligence, not just affected German security, it affected American security because he was from the technical department of the BND, which apparently is the only department that gets anything done and actually collects foreign intelligence. And so he was compromising American operations and methods. So this is a problem for America, not just in conjunction with America.

I should explain, America is terrible at human intelligence. What they’re good is that it? In technical collection? Yeah. Satellites. That means tapping into computers. That means phone lines. And so this is the main way we get anything. The Russians, of course, are very well aware of that. If you talk to a Russian defector, they’ll say, Oh, yeah, never tried to say anything over the phone.

You know, they know about this. You know, we had submarines go out, tap into, send commando teams in, tap into things. We had spies that went into sewer lines where communications were tapped into things. So even in the Kremlin, they were paranoid about saying anything over the phone and certainly nothing that goes through the air. Right. That can be intercepted.

This is where their insecurity comes in. So if this guy in Germany was part of that system with the Americans, that would tell them, oh, this is where they’re tapping into him. And that that’s huge. Yeah. So so there’s there’s been some interesting tidbits in the press. We will hear a lot more about this when the court case actually starts.

We won’t be getting the full picture because this is all heavily classified, of course. But what we know so far, I think I think the Americans were able to hack into the encrypted text communications of the infamous Virginia group. I think it was, and some other very important things. So this one guy, this this German guy, he this one German guy, probably ruined a lot of American intelligence work.

And this is not the first time this happened. So in the Cold War, you know, the BND was infiltrated as well. And this also affected American security. So you had moles like Heinz welfare, you had Gabriella August, and I think one of these, too, compromised or blew the cover of I think it was 100 American intelligence assets. So the damage report.

Yeah, yeah. He had he had Fulford infiltrated the Gehlen organization in the fifties, and Galen was kind of on a roll. He thought he was doing good. He was. Galen was doing pretty good. But they figured out a way to get this guy in. And of course, Galen or his organization, when West Germany was forming, West Germany didn’t have the intelligence organization.

And of course, it was under occupation before the state was reformed. And so Galen was a private ran a private organization under the Americans. He actually went from Germany after the war with his team to Washington. And people say, oh, this is Operation Paperclip. He was a Nazi. No, he was a Prussian officer who really was on the you know, Hitler wanted to put him in an insane asylum towards the end of the war.

He almost got institutionalized because Hitler was so angry at him. But he was a foreign armies east under the Third Reich, which meant he was charged with watching the Russians, which military intelligence on the Soviet Union. So he had all these sources that the Americans inherited. Well, the Russians were just very good at flipping people when they would figure out who it was.

And so this meant that progressively everything we were getting from Russia was being flipped. And when it’s all forgotten, it meant that everything that Galen was doing at some point was completely under Russian control. Yeah. And so imagine imagine we know from we know from recent books about, you know, the NSA, British HQ, the Snowden fallout and all that.

So there’s been some books written by, you know, you know, decent authors, you know, not not just the terrible ones. And you do get a a broader and more up to date picture on, you know, American Americans signal intelligence gathering. And so so the issue was that Germany is sort of a conduit territory. So if the Americans the Americans want to get into Russia electronically, the Americans have to go through Germany to to some degree and and some other infrastructure.

And and so the Germans, the the BND service, they were actually quite capable in the technical department. So there was some very, you know, very encouraging words by the Americans and the Brits about the Germans. So, for example, at some of these choke points, you know, where the data is is filtered out and, you know, and scanned for certain things.

At these points, the Germans could scan faster than the Americans or the Brits could. So, you know, it’s a very German thing, right? You know, they they they they want to prove themselves. You know, they want to, you know, make things faster and better and stuff. But if further up the chain, there is a mole that can lead to a disaster for not just German intelligence, but a disaster for American American intelligence.

Yeah, I should I should mention and you can correct me, but what I’ve read in the different accounts is that the Germans, it wasn’t you know, the West likes to brag about Bletchley Park and, you know, the Codebreaking where they could read the German, the German codes. And of course they did. But what a lot of people don’t realize, the Germans broke the allied codes.

And even worse, the Germans managed to tap into the transatlantic phone line and they actually were recording and listening to some of the conversations over the line between Roosevelt and Churchill, whatever good that did. But they did learn some critical things. So the Germans were not without their technical capabilities, their problem, like many of the Western services, human intelligence with the Russians, you’re dealing with people who are artists and human intelligence.

And I should mention in this the spy of yours, how the and Russian spy craft in Russian intelligence, how these moles are used. This mole, particularly that you’re mentioning, people say, well, what what does that matter? How are they use this? They just means what? Well, they have something called the feedback loop. So our intelligence services are gathering information on Russia.

And so what they do is they have moles in the in the CIA and then in the analytical department, in the in the politicians who are who are sometimes browbeating the intelligence analysts to adulterate their product. Same thing in Germany, same thing in France, same thing in the UK and at the same time. So what is happening is when the Russians if the Russians know what we found out, yeah, let’s say we find out something so they, the Russians can then go and discredit it, they can credit that information or they can feed or they can feed bad intel into their own system.

So it’s stolen. Right. Then they, they use all their double agents that, that we think are agents in their country and they feed them all the same set of information to make the true information look false. And they did this time and time again to the Americans. They seriously confused that James Angleton, who was one of our best, although he had a lot of things right, he would admit, look, I got this wrong.

I got that wrong. And of course, it’s it’s because, for example, we know we found out after the Cold War, every single one of the CIA’s agents in East Germany were double back of us. You know, every one and every one of our agents in communist Cuba were double back on us. Now, what about Russia? What? Russia’s more controversial, but it’s probably the case there.

And so how if they got Cuba, if they got East Germany, they can only really do that if they have moles in the CIA that are helping them, because otherwise they’re double agents get found out. But these double agents fed false information to the Americans for years and years. And that information was believed. And we know that in FBI counterintelligence, we had Robert Hanssen in the CIA, we had Aldrich Ames, and they were working the Russia tests on counterintelligence.

Yeah. And so when you know, nowadays in the current political climate in the United States, you know, and, you know, conservatives or whatever, Tucker Carlson or whoever, when they say, you know, when they say, let’s abandon Ukraine, why should we care about Ukraine? You know, if Russia takes Ukraine, then Ukraine becomes conservative or whatever. So if people push that notion, then ask yourself what’s going to happen next and what’s going to happen then and how is this going to affect America?

Okay, so I mentioned before our security, our German security totally depends on the United States of America. We can handle intelligence on our own. We do not have a military to speak of. Latest estimate. We need 15. We would need 15 years prior warning and 15 years of intense preparation to be able to somehow defend ourselves. We’re 15 years behind.

So if Ukraine falls, then you know of the next country to fall could be Poland. And then it’s Germany. And then what happens if the Russians take all these people? And if the Russians if the Russians actually take Germany’s industry and the German people and the German engineers, that will make Russia that will make Russia a much bigger threat to to the United States, because right now their economy is terrible, their economy is terrible, their demographics are terrible.

But if they take what they don’t have right now, what they need, then it becomes a whole different ballgame for the Americans. So our fate is tied to to the American fate and vice versa. You know, it does go in circles. Right. And so Germany added to Russia would quintuple Russia’s economic potential. Yeah. And so sometimes, yes, because sometimes, you know, Germans, you know, when when you know, Germans listen to my stuff, they would ask, why do you care so much about America?

And the answer is obvious. And sometimes, you know, maybe, maybe an American would ask me, why do you care so much about America? Or why do why do you want to meddle in American affairs? Well, we depend on America one and the other thing is this. You know, I have I have three cousins in the United States, you know, American born citizens.

So it’s it’s it’s not just, you know, the safety aspect, the security aspect. It’s also a question of, you know, are Americans, you know, Americans and Germans there there’s so much overlap there. And, you know, many Americans have German ancestors and German roots. So, you know, this this, this, this all really, really matters. And even if you look at Ukraine, you know, Ukraine is a country full of people that are pro-Western.

And the Ukrainians, they they look more like us. They look more like us than they look like the Russians and the Ukrainians. They want to be like the West, the Ukrainians. They want to have what Americans have. And so it’s ridiculous to abandon Ukraine, especially when you use these weird arguments like, well, why should we give money to Ukraine when there’s corruption in Ukraine?

Same argument. Exactly same argument was used to, you know, decades earlier, same argument was used to abandon the Chinese nationalists. This was the same argument. Also the same argument to abandon Vietnam and Cambodia and the Vietnam War. Yeah. And the biggest yeah. And the worst fallout was China, obviously, because we know what happened then Communists took over. But the the argument was, well, you know, the money, we don’t know where the money is going.

And, you know, should we really be involved in is this really interesting for us? And let’s not give weapons anymore to the Chinese nationalists on let’s not give ammo to them and see what happened and now we get the same argument, Oh, why should America care about Ukraine? Well, because Poland’s next and Germany’s next. And then Russia is a much bigger enemy and Russia is basically Russia has been aligned with China the whole time.

The whole time. Do Americans really want to face a monolithic enemy that has absorbed western Western Europe? You know, do they really want to deal with that? I think and that is if if you know, this is pretty easy to see coming because if you if you look at it, I did the numbers and maybe I mentioned this before, I did the numbers, the armies of Germany, Baltic states and Poland, which would be the main armies, the main troops involved in the defense of Poland and the Baltic states and the American troops in Europe, 100,000 American troops in Europe.

If you add them all together, it’s smaller than the current Ukrainian army. Yeah, And by the way, less ready, less battle hardened, completely unable to cope with the kind of if we don’t have enough artillery shells for the Ukrainian army, we’re not going to have enough for our own. Yeah. Oh, and guess what? And guess what? You know, when?

When? Guess what? When I drove. When I drove a Ford Explorer, right. I used to. I used to drive a Ford Explorer. And I love that car. You know, it’s an American designed car. But at the time, Ford also officially sold the car in Europe. So so you had a you know, you had an American version of it and you had a German version of it.

I love this car. And so I tried to get to know, you know, how this car was designed. No, that was the SUV. That was the second generation here. That was a second generation Ford Explorer SUV. And it was the my favorite car of all times. You know, I’ve driven you know, I’ve I’ve driven Audis. I’ve driven Mercedes.

But I really like the Ford, right? I really like the Ford. And so I got I’ve gotten to know in this car and well, guess what the the engine of that car was made in Germany, was made in Cologne, and not just for the German edition of the Ford Explorer. This was worldwide. So this was the I think it was the the overhead valve v6.

No, no. The V6 was straight six, I think was the overhead valve, straight six. They called it the cologne engine. So they made a lot of these engines in Cologne. I think they shipped to Kentucky and built, you know, explorers over there, if I’m not mistaken. And then, you know, quite a few of the parts. So the other parts in this car were made by Bosch, you know, the German famous German company Bosch, that makes all these fuel systems and engine control systems, you know, that that sort of stuff.

And so, yeah, this was like a like a German American, a German American car and so imagine what the Russians can do if they take us over. So we’ve seen this all during the Ukraine invasion, when the Russian equipment that was damaged or captured, when this Russian equipment was taken apart and people experts were looking at every little single bit and they were checking the serial numbers of the parts.

And guess what happened? They found Bosch engine control systems. They found all kinds of Western parts, German parts. And so their army couldn’t function without German parts, among other, you know, manufacturer countries. But his French on their on their mechanized units. Exactly. And so so this is this is this is what we’re talking about. This is why this is so, so important.

And and yes, and there’s so many there’s so many so many aspects to this whole thing right now. I mean, I recently did a report on the I did a report on the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who is an old school communist. I mentioned him before he visited, you know, communist Germany, Eastern Germany multiple times, was treated very well over there.

And now he’s the chancellor of Germany. And and so this guy in the past, this was more than 20 years ago, almost 25 years ago, this guy was responsible for the city of Hamburg. Right. And and so this the city is very, very red. It’s very much controlled by you know, left leftwing people, communists, Social Democrats, his party.

And so these these leftists, they were responsible for the security of Hamburg. And Hamburg just happens to be a hotbed for Islamism. So you get the all you got al Qaeda in Hamburg, you’ve got the Iranian guys in Hamburg, you get the Salafists in Hamburg, you know, just all these groups. And so while he was responsible and his people were responsible for the security of Hamburg, there was an Al Qaida cell in Hamburg, they just call it now, the Hamburg cell and Mohammed Atta.

Yeah, Yeah, exactly. So so the names should hijacker for 911. Exactly. So the names should be familiar for Americans, it was Mohammed, Mohammed Atta, Ramzi Binalshibh, Syed Bahaji, Marwan OSI, CIA, Java SIC area, Asaba and Munir al Motassadeq. And some of these people managed to then leave Hamburg, leave Germany, go to America and and commit those terrorist attacks.

And that’s not where the story ends, because as we know, America’s intelligence had been America’s intelligence had been severely damaged, you know, within America and outside of America because of these Russian moles, Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen. And so it was harder to track al Qaeda, not impossible. And some FBI agents managed to track some of these these people, these these hijackers, they managed to track them at the flight schools, and then they gave those leads to the appropriate places.

But these promising leads were stuffed into a pile of 3000 other leads. And there were only two people assigned for that pile. So there may be more moles who sabotaged these investigations before 911. So you have to look at Russian involvement. How do you get a pilot like that? Right? Yeah. And then there’s something more about Mohamed Atta, I should say, and I think I mentioned it before, but I had contact with a Czech intelligence officer who was jailed by the Czech government.

And there’s a funny story about that. He was trying to blow the whistle on contacts with Muslim extremists by elements in Chechnya that had been connected to the communist structures that was still going on in the year 2000. In early 2000, one. And what he had information that Mohammed Atta after 911, that Mohamed Atta had trained in communist Czechoslovakia in a terrorist training camp in 1987.

Oh, God. And so and of course, one of the a journalists political scientist here, Edward G. Epstein, if I am remembering correctly, went over there to try to look into it. But my Czech friends so told me he went to the wrong people, to the people they believe were agents of Moscow and got the runaround, got misled. But this is an important angle to the story because we know it’s a fact.

You could look it up. Mohamed Atta made all these trips to Czechoslovakia. Why? People tried to claim he was meeting one of Saddam Hussein’s people there. But no, I think it was the Russians. Yeah, and that’s not where the story ends. So when so after 911, you get the war on terror. And the war on terror was used as a pretext over here by the Social Democrats, that very same party, it was used by the Social Democrats to move Germany, move Germany away from America and move it closer to Russia.

It isn’t that isn’t that interesting how this all comes together logic for doing that because the Americans were awful aggressors invading innocent countries. Well, it was, you know, yes, You have to remember the biggest boost, previous boost for the left in in Germany, the last big boost for the communists over here was was Vietnam, because communists were able to dominate, dominate the narrative about Vietnam.

You know, it was to them, it was not communist invasion. It was defending against world imperialism, Western imperialism, defending against capitalism. And so this caused quite a stir in Western Germany. So you had new communist stars, influencers. The universities were bursting, bursting forward these these communist events, and they were chanting Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh. And they were they wanted to shake up everything.

And they used Vietnam. Well, let’s say America’s involvement in Vietnam, they use that as a launching board. And it was kind of the same after 911 and the war on terror. LBJ How many kids did you kill today? Same exact same thing. White House. Yeah, same thing. This book, John Shaner, he actually says this exact same thing. 1982 I lower level communist defector from Czechoslovakia, young Sina, he wrote this book in 1992 was 1982 is published in the UK.

He said just what you said, that the Vietnam was the model that they wanted towards the end of their lot. He talked about talks about their long range strategy the way Gilbertson did, and he talked about faking the collapse of the Warsaw Pact Alliance. And he says in here that they want all these brushfire wars, they want America to get involved in multiple Vietnamese because they could capitalize on that.

Yeah. And so it was it was not just the left which used the war on terror to move us closer to Russia. It was also the truther. It was the conspiracy, the conspiracy activist movement and now a couple of days ago, when this is when we heard that saying, you know, suddenly the right wing is talking about the military industrial complex, the way the left did during the sixties.

Exactly. And a few days ago, I think it was on Thursday, there was this interview posted on Twitter or X, It was Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson interviewing Alex Jones, who’s actually been on Twitter, but he may be able to get back on Twitter now. And so I looked at this interview and I took some notes and I mean, I previously noticed, of course, what Jones was doing, you know, with his Russian propaganda.

And I noticed what Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson was doing and how the Russians would actually played Tucker Carlson’s clips on Russian television. And they had this internal they had this internal you, you know, memo in the Russian broadcasters to to take these Tucker Carlson clips and play them, you know, just as hard as they possibly could. And and so I, I recently did a report on on a major, major German influencer, a man called Mr. Zippel.

I mean, Americans don’t know this guy, but they probably will know him when they look at this case. So this was a very famous guy, very influential, millions of people reading his books over here and watching us on state TV. This guy’s face was all over TV. State TV. Yeah, he was his stuff was being watched millions of times by by Germans.

And this Saipov character. He was this this Cybill character was always very anti-American, very anti-American. And people forgave him that because of, you know, the the reverberations of the old, you know, Vietnam era, you know, protests and stuff. So people thought this was normal, Right. Very anti-American, very pro Russian. And so he he had these award winning books.

He had these major television reports on Putin and the Russian regime. And Gus Peron and all of this stuff. And not only was he so famous, he had unprecedented access to Mr. Putin himself. You see, when nobody else could get close to Putin like that, or almost nobody, especially not a journalist, he was on he was on a weekend hunting trip, a weekend hunting trip with Vladimir Putin and his personal entourage.

So they showed the footage. It was I think it was Siberia. They were landing planes they were getting into. And I kid you not. They were getting into Toyota land Cruisers, Japanese cars. Right. So they were driving into the forest. They hunted some animals and roasted them over over an open fire. And then just, you know, ate the meat like the cowboys they always wanted to be.

And it was in Siberia. And of course. And so he was joining Putin on the hunting trip. He was riding in Putin’s limousine. They were speaking German with each other because Vladimir Putin is fluent in German and this particular television report was so bad that internally, as we now know, internally, there was a lot of concern with state television.

They thought he had gone too far and he’s suspicious. And and so he was giving you this whole he was giving you this whole dog and pony show and this program that he did not taking any money from. Sure. Sure. He he was asked on on state run state run radio, you know, did you ever take Russian money or money from Russia?

And he was getting mad. He was he was saying, how dare you? How can you even insinuate are you crazy? Now we know he took Russian money and, you know, in his television piece of Russian money, he was how much? Yeah, it was. He had a sponsoring contract, as they called it, for €600,000 just for one project. And we we suspect there were more of these contracts.

So who knows what the total final tally was. But he was getting and it was arranged through a front company via Cyprus where the Russians do their banking. Yeah, it was a it was a well-known Russian oligarch who had or who had been involved in America as well. He I think it was steel industry in I forgot the the cities he was he was getting loans from I think the US Department of Energy or something.

So this Russian guy was also involved in America and and so there’s this was a foreign company and they were handling the sponsoring contract and this was done in Cyprus, which is basically like a Russian money laundering machine with nice weather. And so he got this. He got this money, €600,000, €600,000 for a single book project. And that was on top of the royalties he made from the publishing company.

So imagine you see start selling books, I think. Yeah. So imagine you’re selling tens of thousands of copies and you’re getting paid for all this, you’re getting paid for all the stuff you do. And on top of that money and and the advance that they gave you on Taub, he gets €600,000 of sponsoring money. And so in his famous well, in his latest book, he advocated We should Abandon America.

America is a bad leader. America is horrible. We need the Russians. We totally need the Russians. That’s his message. And in famous Putin documentary, he made these points a Russia. Russia is not is Russia is not going back to communism. That that’s the point he wanted to make. And he also said that it’s not fascism, what’s happening in Russia because the Russians are the antifascists, because they defeated the Nazis.

And and they tell the back story of Putin’s Putin’s parents and the dead brothers in Leningrad. You know, when the Nazis tried to take the City of Leningrad. Just the siege of Leningrad. Yeah, his brother died. Sausage. This guy, this simple guy, he was telling a German audience, It’s okay. The Russians are not communists. They’re not fascists. In fact, they’re antifascist.

And here comes, here comes the real bad thing. They are in this documentary. They are telling you in one moment, one moment they’re telling you about how the Nazis attacked Russia. Then they give you some judo footage of Putin, and then they talk about, you know, NATO’s missile shield and how Russia feels threatened by this missile shield. So it sounds to me like because threatened, because NATO’s can shoot down Russian missiles coming out NATO’s.

So if if you forget about if you if you cut out this judo footage in between those two points, it almost sounds to me as if they’re saying that NATO’s today is like the Nazis in the past. Doesn’t that sound familiar? This is exactly the narrative we got with the Ukraine invasion, that it’s just like the Nazis. NAITO is attacking us, you know, just like with the Nazis, with for all those experts that that have been saying, well, Putin changed because of our behavior in 26, 27.

No, Putin was frustrated. He tried to work with us. You know, if you go back and you look, Putin made a speech in I believe it was 2001, June 22nd. You can look it up. That is the that is on the 60th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. He made a speech in which he basically said, Neda was a fascist alliance, just as dangerous as Germany plotting to destroy Russia.

Now, that’s that’s in 2001. That is that is in the second year of his presidency. You came president on at the last day of of 1999 and he was formally elected, I think, in March of 2000. So this is in the he’s been president for a year and a half. Yeah, almost a year and a half. And it’s okay to speak and you can analyze it.

It’s right there. You can look it out. And I’ve mentioned this in a preview in a previous show that this is a very, very old narrative by the Russians. So this goes back to Alexander Alexander Nevsky defending against the invading German Teutonic knights. And what was that? What was the other group, the the Swedish or the Live land order?

CHARLES Yeah. Charles The 12th invaded in the Great Northern War, invaded Russia and almost destroyed Russia. So this is this is their trauma. So they hate white people and to them white people are all Nazis. And so this is what this is what they’re talking about. So in this 2000, I think it was a 2012 documentary, it sort of kind of sounded like, you know, Naito is the new Nazis.

Now, they’re not they’re not saying this explicitly. Maybe this is all just a coincidence, you know, And, you know, they put some judo footage of Putin in between those two points. But, you know, and this just fits right into this current narrative that we see about Ukraine. So it’s it’s you know, Russia is defending against Nazis. And in fact, it’s a very Stalinist, because if you go back to the way behind closed doors, Stalin in his generals, were talking about Germany during the period of the non-aggression pact, 1939 to 41 before the German attack.

They referred to them as the fascist bloc or alliance, and they were always discussing this possibility of war. And we know now there’s the evidence is persuasive, becoming increasingly persuasive that not only Viktor Suvorov, but but other writers, the German writer for first presented the theory was that the Soviet Union lured Hitler into a trap and then and then were preparing to stab Germany in the back that the German claim that they were actually preempting a Russian invasion was not just nonsense, that there was truth in it, and that that Hitler had read when he met Molotov in November of 1940.

He was so infuriated that he knew he was being betrayed by Stalin. And in fact, Stalin biographers show that Stalin even knew that he was betraying Hitler because he would comment, Oh, if I’d only stayed with Hitler, like it was his choice that that the relationship went bad in that partnership. But it’s funny, Russians have it both ways.

They were partners. You know, I had somebody on my blog say, Oh, you know, America’s fascists. They’re they’re working and helping Nazis. Oh, you mean like Stalin in 1939, helping Hitler, sending them all that fuel and all that. That wheat? Yeah. You know, so. So now when when I look at when I look at Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and now they’re buddies, or at least Tucker Carlson pretends to like Jones and respect Jones, I mean, they made quite a bit of money, obviously.

I mean, Tucker was very successful at Fox News and he seems to be doing okay now financially. And Alex Jones, Alex Jones for a long time made quite a bit of money. And so they didn’t necessarily need Russian money. Okay. So let’s get sued for $1,000,000,000 then. He might need a lot, right? Yeah. No, no, he’s he’s he’s very badly needs money, Mr. Jones.

And I’ve mentioned this before that Alex Jones was offered asylum, political asylum in, Russia on TV on of your show. So Solovyov told him and this is on the web, you can find this. Solovyov was saying to Jones, Come come to Russia with your whole family. Will puts you in a nice, great house. You’re going to be able to broadcast from this big studio here, and it’s all going to be so cool.

I mean, I don’t remember. Maybe you remember a case because I don’t remember a case from, you know, the Cold War. I don’t remember a case when somebody was offered asylum like this on television in that fashion. And so I’m not nothing’s coming to mind. Yeah. Because it’s it’s so crazy and so I don’t have I mean, I don’t know if there’s any sponsorship contracts, you know, like we saw with this Sibel guy.

I don’t know if Jones has a sponsorship contract. I don’t know if Tucker Carlson has a sponsor of contract with the Russians, but maybe the Russians. Maybe the Russians got those two guys for free, you know, maybe they just did. They just got him for free because they say the same things. Yeah. The effectiveness of Russian active measures and and Russian control of our thinking that it goes back to Tim GROSS.

Plus what I talked about at the beginning, left turn, you were talking about right wing figures here, Tucker Carlson and and of course, Alex Jones and and these figures are taking out the narratives of Russia, which is not really it’s a fake right wing country because it’s allied with China, aligned with Venezuela and communist Cuba. Putin gave 25 million tons of of wheat to two two years in a row to Cuba to make sure they got through the the national, you know, grain shortage problem because of the Ukraine invasion.

So so here we have people who are ostensibly right wingers ostensibly taking up themes that were themes of the left in the 1960s and seventies very clearly, very openly and being accepted and having huge followings among the right where people are just absolutely devoted. And if I say anything negative at a party or somewhere about these figures, I’m the one that’s now on the other side.

Look, I’m the one who’s ostracized them, right? And so I have some of the notes here from that from that that happened or was posted on was posted on Thursday. The interview. The Tucker Carlson. Yeah, the Tucker Carlson. The Tucker Carlson Alex Alex Jones interview. And well, the only real new bit of information was volunteered by Mr. Jones.

I think at the end of the interview, and this came as a surprise, I think, to Tucker Carlson. Judging from his reaction, Jones said that he received two new subpoenas and Tucker was asking really what for? And I think it was January 6th, the capital thing, and the other one is connected to Georgia. And so this surprised the heck out of Tucker Carlson.

And this basically describes the problems that you get with people like like Jones. And I want to stress the point, Jones Maybe maybe at the end of his career, maybe he’ll do more things and get votes for the Republican Party because that’s what this is all about. I mean, Tucker Carlson, he wants the votes. You know, he needs to play nice with Alex Jones followers because he still has many followers and they’re supposed to vote Republican.

But when Alex Jones continues his career or if he continues his career or he gets replaced by other people that are just like him, what are the downsides for not just the republic and party, but conservatives in general? What damage can this cause? You know, in early on and this gets us into this, the scissor strategy game the Russians play because the Russians have people on the on the American left and the American right.

They can direct them. They can orchestrate them in a scissor strategy. What’s the scissor strategy? It’s scissors. You have two blades, right? Let’s say left and right people. They all left The right doesn’t matter anymore. Well, it does. It does. These two blades, they’re they’re angry with each other. There’s a divide in this country and they’re angry with each other.

And if those blades close, they can control the way that the narrative unfolds in the conflict and plots unfold so that the issues they want attention to are gotten first. Everything else is kind of eclipsed, but also they are able to destroy anyone who’s outside the dynamic, the conflict dynamic they’ve created. So, for example, in the case of Jones, I’ll give you an example.

So they they call Jones. The Russians here are asking Jones to come to Russia to escape. He’s being called on the one six to testify and he’s being sought as a suspect. Okay. So now look at what’s at stake. If Jones then feels like he’s going to be arrested and jailed and we know the people related to this are just jailed in they’re thrown key and there’s there’s all kinds of weird things happening here because guess what?

The Marxists are in the Justice Department, so you’re not going to get a fair hearing. But at the same time, Jones is being basically manipulated by the Russians just like Tucker Carlson is being manipulated. So he’s being manipulated that there’s progress. And so he gets scared and he flees, then under accusation to Russia, which basically makes him a Russian agent because now he’s defected to the Russians.

And what does that do to his followers and the whole right wing? It again, makes it possible for Biden, I believe, is a Russian agent, strongly suspect him. That means that Biden gets to grandstand as a Russian and look at his opposition as all their Russian agents, which is complete deception. This is absolutely deceptive, but it advances the scissor strategy.

So they controlling both sides in the conflict, brings you brings you to the resolution. Whoever wins, right or left, they’re under Russian influence. Yeah. And so, yeah, I mean, anybody I mean, I’m I’m almost 40 years old, so I do remember sort of the golden era of Jones’s enterprise. You, which was sort of during the Bush era. You know, this was when Jones became this was when Jones became really known.

And he did have at the time he had left wing guests on I think it was Cindy Sheehan. I think it was Cynthia McKinney. He was telling people to. Well, he was he was telling people to avoid the Republican Party. To him, the Republicans were the tool of the New World Order conspiracy. So so this is kind of the old idea.

The United Nations will take over the United States and put the the Patriots into into internment camps and all that stuff. And of course, there was Russia and China had no place in that general stream, did they? Yeah. I mean, this was I mean in the nineties if you, if if, if I mean I was, I was a you know, a young teenager in the nineties but if, if when I went back later and looked at the conspiracy media of the 1990s nobody was really talking about Russia you know as if as if Russia doesn’t exist they weren’t really talking about China either.

The focus was on on America. So you were supposed to distrust just everything. And, and so then when 911 happened, Jones had this massive push. You know, he was he was becoming quite popular and he was using the Internet was an inside job, and it lost him his a lot of his audience initially. Yeah. Yeah. When fought of and he went up and he got his audience back And now most of these Americans, most of these people from that group from MAGA I think if he did a poll, a huge percentage, I don’t know a third, maybe more, believe that 911 was an inside job and that’s a huge number of Americans who believe their

own government did 911, which is, by the way, it’s completely ridiculous. Yeah. And I mean, for during that during that Bush era, Jones didn’t do a lot didn’t do much about Russia. I mean, he did call Putin a demon. He did call him a former KGB asset. Jones talked about the 1999 apartment bombings in Russia. So there was of that.

But I mentioned that in passing. But it wasn’t really the staple. It wasn’t his staple. And it was it was very in his. Yes. If he felt taken over by degrees and his and remember, his his reports on on 911 at the time and the whole thing with, you know, bin Laden and Al Qaida and all that back story, his reports sounded pretty much like left wing reports.

So you didn’t get the picture of, you know, Russia being involved in radical Islam, you know, and Islam was, I believe, the second largest religion in the in the Soviet Union. And so there’s all this backstory of Islamist networks, all this backstory with Russia. But what Jones did sounded like left wing material because there was quite a bit of left wing material.

I mean, there was even Michael Moore doing a movie, a left wing movie on 911, I think it was called Fahrenheit 911. And so. Jones this was not exclusive stuff that Jones had done. I think the only I think the only bit of original journalism he’s ever done was the infiltration of the Bohemian Grove, which was interesting kind of.

It was. It was somewhat it was at least it was a real bit of journalism, you know, But this was kind of the last thing he’s he’s done in journalism. And the rest was just, you know, being in his office and having his office, people collect material for his show. And it’s this is movies. And this was sourced from sometimes pro Russian sources, sometimes left wing sources.

You know, this very limited narrative that, well, the United States once worked with the Mujahideen. Yeah. Why did they work with the Mujahideen? To force out the Russians out of Afghanistan? And so this actually worked back then, you know, just like it would work now in Ukraine, you can drive out the Russians without, you know, the world blowing up.

It’s possible it’s been done before. And some people, they don’t even know this. They say, well, you can’t you cannot expect a superpower like Russia to withdraw from the Ukraine. That is unthinkable. Well, it happened before. It happened before decouple. Russia’s victory is inevitable. You know, this is the thing that really troubles me, Alex, is is going back to what you said earlier, that the collapse of communism was really the collapse of an communism that that basically what you had with the collapse of communism was the collapse of the actual resistance.

And once Russia could depict itself as a normal country, people like Jones could might call the dictator, but they were going to be drifting in that direction as conspiracy theory was leveraged to make them anti-American. Because conspiracy theory is to make the the West look like it’s a giant conspiracy to popularize everyone or to now exterminate, you know, lower the world’s population to half a billion people.

This is the narrative that it’s the evil West. It’s evil. NAITO It’s the you know, the Jewish conspiracy becomes a conspiracy of the banksters or the Western elites. And this is now believed not just by people on the left now who were talking like this in the sixties and about the military industrial complex. But people on the right and it’s clearly been coming from people under Russian influence like.

Carlson Like Alex Jones. Yeah. And when when I remember the Bush era, the Bush years, this is when the Internet was still somewhat new. I mean, some people were going online in the year 2000 or they just, you know, started to use the Internet more in the following years. And then it became more, you know, it was easier to share audio files and even video files.

I mean, the quality was bad back then, but still you could move files. And this is when the first video platform started. Google had a platform called Google Video that nobody seems to remember. This was before, you know, the acquisition of YouTube and so this was early social media. And you saw these conspiracy videos at the time. You saw them hit the top ten constantly.

You know, these are very popular. These these movies became insanely popular and nobody could really explain why. I mean, if if some young kids made a documentary on 911, I think it was called Loose Change. You know, that was, you know, why would it become such a phenomenon? Why would Jones’s material become such a phenomenon so quickly, especially with the disinformation networks of the Russians and their friends were helping them?

Yeah, especially with these platforms, because we know from experience and from, you know, operations, there are no public we know how the Russians play this game. You know, they will latch onto anything that’s anti-American and they will promote anything that’s anti-American. They’re troll farms. They’re cross Yeah, they’re they’re troll farms. And back in those days, it was much harder for these social media companies and video companies.

It was much harder to filter out real visits or real access to these videos so you could use automated bots, systems, these little programs that kept reloading these videos and basically pretending to be a human clicking on all these videos again and again and again, pretending to watch these videos. Now nowadays it’s become harder with these, you know, robot robot programs, but they can still use, you know, human networks.

They can still have people in an office building, real people with real accounts clicking on these videos and pretending to watch them. So it’s I it’s it’s a big question of why. JONES became so successful in the 2000s and some others why this stuff became so, so popular. And I have a quote here from the Tucker interview with Jones.

It’s okay and I quote I quote directly from I directly from the from the transcript. It says and I’ll just confess, this is Tucker speaking, and I’ll just confess that I first heard of Alex Jones when he questioned the official story behind 911, and I was speaking for myself, was deeply offended by this. I didn’t take any time to find out what he was saying, but I was bothered by the idea that this defining event in American history, which changed the life of everyone who lived here then, might not actually have unfolded as we were told it did.

And that possibility was to destabilizing. And I remember feeling resentment toward Alex Jones for saying that. And now Tucker has changed his opinion, apparently, and now he’s he’s acting real friendly towards Alex Jones. So, yeah, part of this is Douglas MacGregor, who’s who’s who’s been an incredible Russian mouthpiece. So, so obvious, so horribly dishonest in his coverage of the Ukraine war that it’s unspeakable.

It is unbelievable that Carlson sticks with him and keeps doing interviews with them, which are more and more egregious. It’s just But yet the common folk are sucking it up. They’re believing it because they they came to trust Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Yeah, because he can he can, you know, say things about the left, you know, about the overt left and trash the over left, which is easy to do.

Right. But and that’s how he builds up his his credibility. But what do the people do once the communists pretend to be something else? This is when people start to fail in their understanding, in their assessments. And then they are they seem to people seem to only believe what appears in the open. They’re never able to look behind or see into things.

And this goes to something Machiavelli said in the Prince. Machiavelli said that if you lie and you deceive in, you tricked people. You’re going to be very successful in politics because everyone sees what you appear to be. Few people are in close touch with you to know what you really are, and those few dare not gainsay the many.

This is an exact quote from the Prince and this is what we see it really does work like that. Yeah. And you could tell you could tell throughout the whole interview that Alex Jones was not prepared. It was just rambling. It’s almost a bit schizo how he jumps from one topic to the next, how he’s stringing together these allegories.

I mean, one moment he’s comparing himself to a shrimp fisherman from a historic Texas flood, and in the next moment, he says his uncle was part of Iran-Contra, and then he’s off to the next thing and the next thing, and he’s talking about flying bombers getting shot at. And then he compares himself to all these things. And you can see the look on Tucker Carlson’s face.

I mean, he’s basically questioning what’s going on here. And, you know, Jones confusing himself with one of Forrest Gump’s friends. Well, I mean, people did notice that people people did notice over time that Jones’s delivery became weird. I mean, he’s been working in broadcast for so long, he should be good with words. He should be prepared for an important interview.

He should have a concern about he should do a pre-interview, and he should be able to have a proper conversation and add something to the conversation and know about these topics. But this was, you know, is there a Dredd? Does he have a drug problem? Because when we saw him on Alex, on Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, they drank on that show.

It was like a four hour thing. I watched it and then they smoked pot. And of course if you remember Jones in the nineties and I was young enough to have followed him a bit back then, he depicted himself as a Christian evangelical Christian from Texas, a conservative, sort of a traditional conservative. And and here he’s made this transition all the way to being on Joe Rogan smoking pot, talking about aliens.

Yeah. And Joe Rogan, I mean, he even says about himself that he’s very left on on many topics. So this is directly from Joe Rogan. He said, I may look like a Republican, but I’m not. He’s I think he’s even said he never voted Republican in his life. He grew up poor. And that sort of made him susceptible for socialist ideas, I think.

But, yeah, I mean, Jones has been alluding to things over the years. I mean, he’s talked about he’s talked about certain medications that he takes for his allergies that may or may not be something like ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, which is a stimulant, basically, You know, this this is just me speculating. And based on what he’s saying. So he talked about this weight gain over the years.

Well, he he has I mean, he talked about sleep. So he’s been busy for so long. He said and he oftentimes he only got a few hours of sleep each night. He had a sleep. So he may or may not have been treating that or whatever with sleep medication, but or self-medicating with other things. Well, who knows? I mean, he talked about drinking buckets of what he called nuclear coffee.

So he was overdosing on on caffeine for a while. You see him with a cigaret in at the beginning of the interview and standing in front of an outhouse for whatever reason. So you see him with a cigaret and he’s he’s been talking about his you know, his his sleep problems and his allergy medications and and of course his drinking has been in the press.

I mean, there was some big newspapers that talked to his former employees and they were talking about his his drinking. There’s a quite a bit of information out there. And so, yeah, I mean, he’s always he’s also is also talked, you know, hallucinate hallucinations for some reason. I mean, he mentioned the drug DMT a lot which has become popular it’s it’s playing to the audience what that is.

Well you can mean unfortunately nowadays you can buy DMT on the Internet. This has become sort of a popular thing with some libertarian influencers and, you know, conspiracy influencers. It’s comparable to LSD. It’s I think it’s a wide powdery substance and you can smoke that and then you have a very intense, but not very long rush. So you have severe hallucinations.

Everything feels extremely intense, and this doesn’t last very long. So this is something that even busy people can try, you know, business people or media people, because if you take LSD, that can keep you busy for hours. Other drugs, they can keep you busy for even longer than that. But he’s been talking a lot about DMT and these sort of things and.

His own hallucinations, I think even mentioned on the Joe Rogan program that he has these regular hallucinations for whatever reason and but he said that he’s not taking I think he explicitly said he’s not taking DMT. If you believe him, that’s a whole nother question. So he’s he’s made these statements over the years and and I just I just caught little bits and pieces of of this stuff every now and then.

Yeah. I mean he he built this company had up to I think 80 something employees so this is when you you know they made millions and millions in revenue but it’s still a lot of work and there’s still, you know, risk involved. So it’s a lot of stress. And he’s maybe maybe he’s not really handling handling that stress without substances.

So this is this is just speculation at this point. And there was also an incident, I remember that when and this is in the press, you can find that on the web. When he had he had a DUI. He had a DUI. And I think he blew a what was it, an American? I think it’s it’s a 0.0.079.

I think it was So it was just a hair below the legal limit. You know, because we have a different system over here in Germany. When you’re with the metric system and or the you know, we we we say it in a different way. You know what what the blood alcohol level is. And so he had, I guess, 7.79.

It was just just below the legal limit. And that triggered his ex-wife to because they have a custody battle. He had this custody battle for a long time. And this has been public. And so I think there was a demand for him to give a hair sample, you know, just to make sure that he’s he’s behaving you know, he had to I think there was a request for a drug test where, you know, his hair hair test.

And curiously enough, for whatever reason, suddenly he appeared on his own show, bald. You know, some people may remember this. This is not too long ago. He was suddenly very, very, very bald, you know, completely bald. Not just half bald, but completely bald. I mean, I don’t know what why he bald all of a sudden, but it doesn’t really raise my trust level with this man.

And so so, yeah, I mean, during during the fox, during the Bush era, Fox would not touch the conspiracy stuff. But now we’ve seen Fox, you know, getting into this Fox trying to, you know, get the conspiracy audience to watch and to vote Republican. And now Tucker Carlson is Tucker Carlson is is playing nice with Alex Jones. And we’ve just seen Ellen Mosk considering letting Alex Jones back on the platform.

But Twitter, which is not called. So I think everybody’s playing nice. Everybody for the votes, you know, to get people to vote Republican. But what is the danger of having these people around like Carlson and Jones? You know, I mean, with Elon Musk, I mean, Elon Musk has said some some, you know, not so good things about Ukraine.

And he’s not an expert on the topic whatsoever. Elon has defense contracts with, you know, the SpaceX X Company and StarLink Internet. Elon has a respect for the military industrial complex, as it’s been called. You know, he’s he does have a respect for it. And it just seems to me that Elon, for the longest time in his life, you know, he’s a very busy man.

You know, he’s spent all this time in university that the corporations and so he didn’t really have the time to get into politics and history. So nowadays he seems almost like a 20 year who just found you know, baseline conspiracy literature baseline conservative literature who just discovered, you know, books like libertarian books like The Road to Serfdom. And so he’s kind of in a honeymoon phase with his newfound ideology.

But and I think that everybody else is trying to use Elon for their own for their own purpose. You know, they want Elon to push this Russian stuff. They want Elon to push, you know, Carlson and Jones and all that stuff. And and, you know, it’s possible that, you know, because Elon Musk, Elon Musk is is on very friendly terms with Joe Rogan, who is sort of a lefty.

But, you know, Rogan is you know, Rogan is being influenced by other people when it comes to topics such as Colvin and the Russians and this and that. So, yeah, who knows who is who knows who has the, you know, the key influence over Elon’s, you know, political ideas right now. I mean, I can really tell, but we’ll see how that goes.

I mean, here’s an example from this Tucker Jones interview. This is from the transcript. They talk about Israel and the attack, the Hamas attack against Israel. And this is what’s in the transcript. There’s no way that one of the best intelligence agencies in the world, they probably refer to the Mossad and the Shin Bet, didn’t know what was coming.

You know, the massive buildup, the 5000 missiles, the paragliding attacks, all of that. So they’re insinuating that what exactly Netanyahu knew, the exact attack that was coming and he knew when it was coming, he let it happen, too, For what? So Israel would look vulnerable and to have a conventional war that could expand to fighting Iran. What what what are they insinuating?

I mean, this has been in the press over and over again. Of course, Hamas was always preparing and of course, Israel was gaining intelligence about that. But the Israelis, they just didn’t know the scale of the coming attack when it’s coming. And exactly where it’s coming. So because, you know, the Muslims over there, they might they might feign an attack here and then attack somewhere else.

So the Israelis didn’t have the full picture. I mean, surely Alex Jones doesn’t have Alex Jones doesn’t have the full picture or any idea of what he’s talking about, but they’re just insinuating that it was a false flag thing emerging, you know, let it happen on purpose so that Netanyahu let this happen. This is what they’re saying in the interview on Twitter in front of millions of people watching.

Yeah, that’s that’s the influence. And this is how we get to this whole situation where our right is beginning to sound like the left. I’ve tried to kind of explain to people that MAGA has this going on inside of it, that this is part of what’s happening and they very strongly, viscerally reject it. They don’t stop and think, Hey, wait a minute, Like Tim GROSS, Close says the right has been moving to the left.

The left has been going further to the left. People leave regularly, leave the Democratic Party because it’s too left and go over to the Republicans because they’re where they used to be. You know, it’s like Jimmy from Brooklyn has a statement that he makes about communism, about what the communists themselves. This is a slogan from their own literature.

Today’s left is tomorrow’s center. Yeah, today’s center is tomorrow’s. In other words, the center is becoming the left. The left. Now you hear I. I heard people who are very far to the left. This is ten years ago or more, describing themselves as centrist people who I would think, you know, you’re really kind of cozying up to the to the radical left in your beliefs.

And it’s so much so that if you are not going along with the political correctness, you’re out of step. You’re wrong. You’re an extremist to not have their extreme views. And this is what is really happened to us. And it’s like the frog being boiled, you know, the classic story. You will hear about it, everybody knows. But what the people on the right who talk about the frog being boiled don’t realizes they’re being boiled.

You even see it and they know about the boiling of the frog. And so then there’s this there’s this very important nugget in the transcript. It says Hamas is being funded by Hezbollah, which is Iran. We just had Biden a month ago give $6 billion to Iran. And now the mullahs are bragging that they were behind the attack.

Hezbollah funding Hamas. Okay, wait a minute. You know, behind Iran, behind Iran stands Russia mainly. So I mean, I mean, even they’re not saying that which they should, but even what they say is probably already too much for their Russian friends because the Russians, they don’t want the Russians don’t want this narrative out there that Iran was you know, Iran was masterminding this attack against Israel.

That’s not the narrative the Russians necessarily want out there. Okay. And so this was kind of one of those crazy moments in the interview when they when they show they don’t even know what they’re talking about or they they just have no real understanding of of these conflicts. I mean, they sound like street level activists. They sound like their own fans.

You who who listen to this stuff every now and then. You know, this is kind of the level of competence you can expect from these people. And so that makes them replaceable, highly replaceable. I mean, if if they if those two if they vanish from the face of the earth tomorrow, if they get struck by lightning tomorrow, they can be replaced in a second.

They can be replaced by by other people who say the exact same things. Same. Yes. And this is the this is the thing that people don’t understand. And pattern recognition is a big part of this. Those of us that know the history of communism in the Cold War, we’ve we’ve seen these themes from the time of Stalin, from the time of Khrushchev, from the time now it’s always communism.

It’s always reinventing itself to sort of it’s a moving target. You can’t say what it is because they’re always changing what it is. So now it’s not even they don’t even use the word comes and they like and you’ll hear people say, Oh, China’s a capitalist country, they’re not really communist. And there’s all this confusion because actually there is no communist economic system.

That’s always a myth. It’s state capitalism. There always was. And so and it is today, basically, so that when people say, oh, they’re free enterprise, no, they’re not. It’s the same totalitarian structures they’ve been modified in adapted, particularly to do business with the West, to get credits and money to build up their militaries while they’re infiltrating our politics, bribing our businessmen with business contracts, bribing our politicians, compromising people.

And we have people you talked, you know, Schroeder and Charles and Angela merkel as being communist German leaders ever since coal and the breakup of the Soviet Union and the unification of Germany. We had three of the last five presidents, three who had close communist connections, the Clintons. Bill Clinton traveled to Moscow in in December 1969, went to communist Czechoslovakia when they were communist countries, had private meetings behind the scenes, rumored to have met with the Czech intelligence services.

There was allegations from the defector, Yan Sina, about this. There was and I have I have the letters to prove it and that that China was was involved in these allegations. You had you then you had Barack Obama who was mentioned by Frank Marshall Davis Davis a card carrying communist who was who who basically was involved with him when he was a teenager, mentoring him.

Frank Marshall Davis, a black American communist from Chicago, who was then in Hawaii when Obama was. And then you have Biden, Obama’s vice president and and Biden’s history. You go to I’ve mentioned this again and again. You go to the Bukowski papers, the file can see Biden’s files from the Communist Party, Soviet Union archives where he’s telling the Central Committee of the Communist Party Soviet Union, Look, I have to sound like I’m against you, but I’m really your friend.

Yeah, and this is this is documented from Soviet archives. He was their friend in 1979. Yeah. So how is he not their friend now? He just has to disguise it and pretend to be for Ukraine as he slowly pulls the rug out from under the Ukrainians. Yeah. And something Republican. Yeah. And something I, something that was really noticeable over the last couple of years was this new right wing MAGA conspiracy type witch hunt.

Now, there have been many cases of this, so there was a there was a student this was a fairly recent case. It was in the media and the press. I forgot the name of the kid. He was a college student. He was a college student. He was Jewish. And he once said somewhere, you know, he wants to work for the government, you know, later.

And someone in on the Internet accused him of being the same guy that did something bad, even though this is completely separate people. But this became a thing on the Internet. So people started to add stuff to this, you know, a witch hunt and anything this kid said, I’m trying to destroy this kid. Yeah. Basically anything he would say would make it worse.

So when he said, so what? What was the why were they doing this to him? What was it that what line did he cross, do you know? No, he he did absolutely nothing. It was just I think it was just a question of his photo. Looked like some other guy’s photo and that other guy was involved in something.

It was kind of a hysteria. Yeah. So this was just total Internet baloney. And this happened quite a bit. You know, people compare photos and say, well, this white, white guy looks like that white guy. So must be the same person. And so this was a completely nonsensical target. And whatever this kid said made it worse. And, you know, these activists, they said, well, kid is Jewish, so that’s suspicious for them.

And he said he wanted to work for the government, that suspicious as well. So they had a target and they tried to harass this kid basically. And and there’s more instances, of course, and and one of the most famous infamous instances of this was the Sandy Hook reports by Alex Jones and his people. So this this was all the media recently with the hearings or the court proceedings when Jones had to testify under oath in his media people, they had to testify under oath.

And there were previous video depositions under oath. And I watched them all. I listened to them while I was doing, you know, doing some jogging or some sports. I was listening to the stuff. And and so what happened? I mean, the way I see the story, what happened was a mixture of sheer incompetence and opportunism. So this shooting happened.

Of course, the left wanted to use it to, you know, implement new weapons laws, you know, new restrictions. And so people were looking for a narrative and they could have picked I mean, Infowars others they could have done solid reporting on the case. You know, they could have said that this is not a reason to have more stupid gun control.

You know, this this was one of the craziest perpetrators in the country. You know, really, really weird shooter. You know, this this was just a horrible, horrible case. And maybe somebody overlooked something. You know, maybe some of these mental health professionals sort of call it this earlier. You could have done some decent reporting on this and support it, supported the Second Amendment.

But these people on on the Internet, they started saying this was a false flag, this was fake. So the parents are not real of these dead children. They’re not real. They’re actors. And so they were looking on the web and findings, anything that could prove that these people were actors and they were claiming these kids are not really dead.

And these kids were popping up somewhere else in the world. And this was all just fakes like the 911 claim of the people in the plane that hit the Pentagon or no planes. So some people said there were no planes at all in 911. This this was which is, by the way, I’m sorry to believe that, but you need to really look at this closer because the evidence is quite open and shut.

Yeah. Which is it’s insane what people can made to believe, because basically Gustaf Luban was correct in the Russians know this. If you repeat a lie over and over again, it becomes the truth in people’s minds, especially if it appeals to something in them that they they feel frustrated, they feel alienated, especially this feeling of alienation, this conspiracy theory, which is itself kind of Gnostic revolutionary theory, takes control of people’s minds.

And it it it begins to lead them. Yeah. And so Russians notice the Chinese know this. Yeah. And so people were going through television footage, they were going through documents, and they went into this investigation with, it seems like the goal to prove this conspiracy. So we’re we’re looking for anything that would support this viewpoint. And they were disregarding anything that contradicted what what they wanted to find.

And so so then this kind of thing took off and it became bigger and bigger and bigger. And these Sandy Hook parents, they were starting to get harassed. So they lost their children and they were getting they were painted as the bad guys working for, you know, the banker globalist conspiracy. And so this was a time when, you know, there was still much of the conspiracy content on YouTube and other big social media platforms was not, as, you know, regulated it.

And so these new activists, conspiracy guys, they were starting to make videos on the cheap. They didn’t they didn’t have a fancy studio like Alex Jones. They didn’t have a staff. They didn’t have the latest and greatest, you know, video and streaming equipment. They just had a, you know, a cheap computer. They were stealing footage from news broadcasts and they were just editing the stuff together.

And then they posted this and they got millions of views. So, of course, this is bad business for somebody like Alex Jones, who had many, you know, many employees on his payroll. And so they had to compete. You know, they had more costs in producing this stuff, but they were competing with the new guys who were producing this material for next to nothing.

And so then this this idea became really popular. And then Infowars were starting to do these reports as well. And so this is when it became a problem. And at some point these lawsuits happened and the these lawsuits happened and now these entire lawsuits are being painted as a big conspiracy. Okay. So so, yeah, of course, one of the one of the lawyers who was going after Jones with the famous moment when, you know, they they had Jones’s phone data, all of his phone data, because Jones’s lawyer had made a mistake.

So, yeah, of course, you have like this one lawyer who is there was a leftist, and then you have other people who were who have an interest in ruining Jones. Of course. But but still, this was just a very baseline, you know, very baseline court case. You know, you can say this stuff about other people and make money off of it.

You just can do that. And every every amateur, everybody who is new in the journalism game knows you are responsible for every report you put out. So when it comes to investigative reporting, you have to be extra careful because you might get sued by someone. So everybody should know this. But now there’s a witch hunt now for everything.

So supposedly the judge is in on the conspiracy, the lawyers are in on the conspiracy. You know, he’s still Alex is still saying things like, well, there were discrepancies. I was looking at the discrepancies. He’s still trying to defend what he did. And so everything is a conspiracy. The judge is a target. You know, the lawyers are a target.

They’re all the enemy. They’re all part of this evil conspiracy to destroy poor Alex Jones. And so they could try this sort of witch hunt against anybody, really. I mean, they could just designate the next target and just have people, you know, or just wait for people to to harass the target. They could they could do this to anybody, you know, anything that.

Yeah. And that’s that’s where we get into. I sent you a document here during the week from a literary agent of a man. I’m not going to say his name because I don’t have permission to mention him, but he’s a guy that worked in the Pentagon, worked in intelligence who basically accidentally found or was shown a file on him that other people in the Pentagon had.

And it was about how to derail his career, how to destroy him. And he was, of course, that he was targeted. Now, he was he was a conservative. He he wanted to defend the country and the people that were putting this file together. He calls them the deep state. But in reality, the deep space state of the communists who’ve infiltrated the state, That’s my interpretation and analysis is everything here.

How are they getting that right? And you will find this again and again. When you zero in on it, you find these people are basically following the lines of of Russia, China, the Communists. And I want to draw this attention to this because this is what Mark Levin and all these people do use the word communism to talk about Marxism.

They don’t tie it to Russia. They don’t. The American Marxism, you know, is what Levin talks about. Well, it’s not a Marxism. Communism is a global movement. It’s not just American. It’s all interconnected. They’re all working together and they’re working with Russia and China today. This is not you know, people are. You’re still in the Cold War. No, I’m not.

I’m in reality, you’re not keeping up. Those in the audience don’t understand that. And and the real evidence is when you see these connections, for example, the what you’re talking about about, for example, with Alex Jones. Webster Tarpley Oh, was right. Webster Tarpley Connected to the LaRouche organization. Right. A rusted, simply a right wing organization. And so he makes his multiple appearances on Jones and he’s talking about the conspiracy and about how horrible it is, and he’s posturing as this right winger to.

But then some, I don’t know. It was five, six months after his last Jones appearance. Maybe it was less because I used to watch him on Jones because I was just fascinated. Yeah, this really this guy is really a Russian agent, but he shows up on this. It was in 2016, in like June. He shows up on this this forum, I think it was in held in New York of all these leftists, these these Antifa types, Antifa communists, Marxist types.

And he’s clearly talking about how Trump is the guy that’s going to help the left win because so bad. And there he is. And just months later posturing with Jones who is very pro Trump. Yeah. As the Russia you know and it’s sort of like, well, I guess he doesn’t have to play that role because he’s got other people to fill that gap for him.

So he’s gone back over to his real camp, which is the Marxist-Leninist left, and that was Webster Tarpley is, you know, go back if they still have the Webster Tarpley interviews with Jones, Jones was like eating out of his. Mm. Yeah I have, I have some notes here on you know the foundational, the foundational strategy here of communism in the West.

So I did this, I did this on, on our Chancellor Olaf Scholz, because when he was young, when he was young, he was supporting of various organizations. I mean he was he made his big career with the Social Democrats who pretend to be not hardcore communists, but he did support other organizations as. Well, at the time. And for example, there was a while there was a sub organization and they call themselves they call themselves Stomach Cup.

And that’s short for stocks. Monopolistic capitalism was and this is kind of the term of Marxism. You know, this is how they describe the state of the current state of capitalism. So they think it’s in its final stages. And this final stage they call imperialism. And so it’s doomed to fail. They say. And in this phase of current capitalism, there’s there’s the monopolies and the trusts, and it’s all highly centralized.

And so you would have to either have a violent revolution to take over these these big corporations and to take over these cartels and the trusts. And then when you take them by force or by other means, you then already have a centralized system. So you actually benefit from the centralization that happened early on. Capitalism So the communists can then take over these well, the communists can take over these well-established organizations.

So this was their idea either done force or by, you know, a covert means and more and more regulation. So if you start to regulate this, then you have to regulate that. Then You have to regulate the prices of the source materials, the price of the electricity, and then the end consumer price. And at some point you are regulating everything.

And so this is how they the alternative plan to have bureaucrats ultimately run everything. And so this this system will cop theory is based on the writings of a man called Rudolf who for dying. Nobody remembers that guy, maybe German, the German left, nobody remembers who do of his fading. But his writings were actually copied, so to say, by Vladimir Lenin.

So Lenin, Lenin ripped off that guy and published his own text, which is called The Imperialism as the highest or the latest stage of capitalism. So this was this was how that went. And if you go back to the original text by all of his funding, it was it was called Das Finance Capital from 1910. And so he was talking about how in capitalism, you know, larger companies, they swallow up smaller companies and you have this centralization and and so this capitalism, they say, becomes a sort of planned capitalism because it’s so full of monopolies and cartels.

They will eventually talk to each other. And then you have this small group of industrialist dynasties and they then rule capitalism, a planned form of capitalism. And so the left wants to take that stuff away from them, keep this stuff intact. But have it run by bureaucrats so they will actually benefit the the communists will then actually benefit from the previous centralized zation within capitalism.

This is what, this is what the how they explained it. And uh, yeah, and then they talk about this who fitting and then of course Lenin later they talked about how they wanted to, how they wanted to, to regulate more and more until you have to regulate everything. And obviously the climate change thing is the perfect pretext to start regulating everything.

And what I noticed over the last years, I mean, you did have conservative groups, Republican groups, you did have those groups fighting against this climate nonsense. But for some reason, you know, they weren’t really fighting well enough or overall enough, I think and now you see, for example, Elon Musk, you see Elon Elon Musk preaching climate change and that’s why he started his bothered me, you know, his electric car company.

Yeah, that’s, that’s that’s. And now, of course, he has an electric car company. Why would you spend $60,000 or less or more on on his cars when you could have a much cheaper car with a gasoline or a diesel engine. So the only reason really to buy a Tesla is if you have enough money and you want to drive really fast and have a lot of torque or you care about climate change.

Right. And so Elon Elon Musk is preaching climate change and he relies on the, you know, the the science, he says. But it’s the same argument of Greta Thunberg. I mean, Greta Thunberg knows nothing about climate science. She just refers to climate science. And and also Ellen Elon, I think has never even touched climate science because it’s a very, very specific field.

And there are many, many different sciences involved. It is hyper complicated and you cannot really predict the future with a piece of software. So but by acquiring Twitter, Elon has become the new darling of the right wing and they forgive him that he’s for climate change and that he’s, you know, he’s he builds electric cars and and they forgive him everything.

And he’s trolling the left. You know, he’s he’s talking about this and that and he’s trolling Disney. And, you know, that’s fine. But it’s just it’s just I’ve seen this over the last couple of years when, you know, the the Ford the Ford Motor Company now says they they want to be climate neutral at a certain you know, at a certain date, you know, certain date in the future.

They want to be climate neutral. And you see some of these other larger companies, even oil companies, they’re trying to get into the green things. So what the heck’s going on there? Yeah, it’s it’s the part of the general influence operation that we’re talking about. It’s all of a piece. It’s all part of same thing. And what people can’t do don’t know.

They they know something’s going on. So the conspiracy theory appeals to them because it’s so and you don’t have to know anything. But it’s it’s this it’s what Gilets and talked about about the long range strategy. And communists are always strategizing since the time of Lenin and it’s it’s you know I was you know you talk about the UFO thing that’s coming up that’s that’s so suspicious That’s also I was reading Carla Turner and of course, I had worked with Joe Rogan, not too Rogan, Joe sorry, Joe Douglas on a book that he did on chemical mine control weapons.

And he read this UFO book by these abductees. And you think were these people exposed to a chemical substance that caused them to have these vision X visionary experiences? There’s contact with these entities. Have we been the guinea pigs subject to mind controlled drugs or experimental drugs that can cause people to have experiences, bizarre experiences, and that this can be fed into this conspiracy?

Because there’s conspiracy. There is there’s apocalyptic prophecies and there’s there’s also left wing new age things going in. So, yeah, and there was this this was in the press recently. This was I think it was The Wall Street Journal or maybe it was another publication. They did this report on tech firm heads and managers. How Go to the Burning Man Festival, how they micro dose psychedelic drugs.

And you know, these are these are drugs. We don’t fully understand what kind of, you know, people take those drugs. I had a friend she took these drugs when he was young and he had what he would call a religious experience. He had some kind of visionary experience, which he believed was very real. It might be real. It might open the doors of perception, it might open up your perceptions.

But this opening is not to something that’s necessarily benign. And I turn again to Carla Turner or you you talk to Whitley Strangers books. Were these people given a drug that led to these experience? It’s funny. It happens to families. Well, what have families Do They share the same food this share the same water supply? Maybe they were dosed.

I mean, it’s it’s starting to occur to me, as I’m reading about thinking about the mind controlled drugs, thinking about these bizarre experiences that are people are having. And it’s like, is this part of the chemical warfare together with the biological warfare that’s been operating? Because it all kind of fits this general strategy of an assault on Western civilization?

Yeah, And I got some notes here as well on some notes on Elon Musk and his very, very interesting ancestors, actually. Now he’s he’s a South African, right? Yeah. And, well, this, this this is yes and no. So I wanted to look into his family to find, you know, and to find something that would shed light on his view on technocracy.

Right. Because technocracy is this idea. You know, scientists run everything or engineers run everything. Now, of course, this this may be an appealing concept if you’re an engineer or a scientist or you employ engineers, but this concept has failed or this this baseline idea has failed in the real world. So, for example, when when Albert Einstein, when he went to the United States, the government wouldn’t let him near the atomic program, The Manhattan Project.

Why? Because he was a communist. Because despite his level IQ, he was you know, he was average when it came to languages. And he was terrible when it came to, you know, politics and history and the empires. So even his read Einstein’s book, one of his political books, it’s very childish. Yeah, it’s it’s infantile, it’s infantile. And and he was not the only example.

I mean, you did have atomic scientists also very high IQ, like the Rosenbergs, but they were more honest when it came to the Soviet Union and they became traitors. And they went to the electric chair. They had the choice, you know, spill the beans, life in prison or the electric chair. They picked the electric chair. How stupid is that?

How stupid it is. Was it to spy for the Soviets and give them atomic secrets? But, you know, this is just they were scientists. They were engineers, yet they’re they’re not equipped to make decisions for large societies. So this this concept of of technocracy can go really, really wrong. And so so I was interested in know Elon Musk and what he thinks about technocracy and and I discovered something, something that really interested me.

So Elon Elon was born in South Africa, South Africa, in Pretoria. So he cannot be become legal legally. The United States president, just so people are aware of that. And his ancestors were British and Dutch. And so his grandparents on his side, they were adventurous, traveling the world. And his grandfather, he was a director of an activist group called Director of an activist group called Technocracy Incorporated.

Okay. And this organization was inspired by a certain Howard Scott. Now, Howard Scott came from Howard. Scott came from left wing circles, left wing and and anarchist circles. And so this this Mr. Scott, he got together with scientists from the Columbia University, such as Marion King Hubbard, and they all formed this technocracy movement and this Hubbard was also working for the government, the Board of Economic Warfare, you know, did deciding about exports.

And he also worked for the Shell Oil Company. So again, Elance, Ellen’s grandfather was in this activist group or was a director of the activist group Technocracy Incorporated. And this was a group of high level scientists. And there was also some real left wing guys in that group. So then, as the name implies, Technocracy Incorporated was promoting a model of government or non-government led by scientists, especially engineers.

So this would cut down waste, you know, no more inefficiency in and it would also protect the environment. That’s what they argued. And Scott said that the prices of goods should be determined by how much energy you need to make them. Not obviously, there’s a parallel energy theory of value out there other than the other instead of the labor theory of value.

This is a Yeah, yeah. And, you know, so whenever socialists dabble in economics, they depart from subjective value theory and they try these things, which of course you need a dictatorship to apply. Yeah, because, because to this day and this goes back to the text, the writings of Lenin and this older German, Austrian dude, this who for dang dude, they couldn’t, they couldn’t explain how communists would actually determine prices and wages.

They just they just wobble and waffle around the baseline reality that you do have to make calculations. You know, in every real life communist regime, they had to calculate things precisely or as best as they could, but they couldn’t explain how to determine prices. You know, if you ask them or people like them, what’s the price of a pack of cigarets and why does it cost precisely that?

So a capitalist could say, Well, sure, you know, we just you know, we produce, so we buy the tobacco and then we have the machines and we turn them into cigarets and then we sell it. We determine the price and we have different qualities and we’re going to expand the business so we can have better prices. And so you have a choice.

You can buy this pack of cigarets for $3 or you can buy pack for $2, or you can buy a really nice one for for $10. Do you want to buy them or do you not want to buy them? So this is how a capitalist would talk about these things. Now, these communists, Hilferty Ing and Lenin, they this they make these weird sentences just like Karl Marx.

They make up these words so well, you know, the production community needs to externalize the, you know, the essence of the community and the production and this and that. So they make these ridiculous sentences because they just can’t answer the question, just tell you that, well, it’s going to be government officials who will determine what your wages are going to be and what you can buy with it.

And that’s the of it. There’s a there’s a refusal to accept economic reality. And economics is a is a difficult subject on its own. You have supply and demand and things are valued by people based on their own individual choices. If you make the government make all the choices you’re taking the choices of life away from individuals. It is a form of despotism.

In fact, economic despotism is the ultimate despotism, because you’re controlling people on a on a basic day to day level. And this is what makes the systems of government control of things. Yeah. Which is, you know, state capitalism makes it so objectionable. And if in just a few years later, Lenin again was publishing a text where he said that we have to rule, we have to, you know, be harsh and be this dictatorship, because that’s just what it is.

Because if we’re not that harsh, everything will fall apart. So that means, well, what’s the price of a package? So what’s the price of a pack of cigarets? What’s my hourly wage? What goods can I buy? Well, it’s what Lenin tells you. It’s what he dictates. And if you don’t like it, if you think it’s not enough money and the products stink, you can say this.

You have no other choice and you can’t complain because there is a God. Yeah. And if you complain, if God, if you complain, if you’re committing blasphemy against Lenin in the state, you get a visit from the secret police during the night. So this is how they determine the prices and the wages. And so these weird technocrats, you know, involving the grandfather, Elon Musk, these technocrats, they thought, well, prices are determined by the amount of energy needed to produce them.

Now, this is kind of the same as today’s, you know, CO2 emissions certificates. So, you know, the amount going to destroy our economy, the amount of CO2 produced, you know, changes the price of the product and that sort of thing. And So these guys, these technocrats involving some serious left wing anarchists, they were promoting this idea and this actually became really popular and I mean really popular.

I’ll get to that in a second. So yeah. Or in I’m going to get to this now, in the heydays of this organization was the 1930s in the 1940s, this technocracy organization had more than half a million members. Okay. And a great influence for this. A great influence for this organization was a man called Tor Stein. Veblen. Some may have heard this.

GORENSTEIN Veblen is he wrote a book, but the leisure, the something of the leisure class back 100 plus years ago, that was he was kind of a socialistic social theorist in the US. Yeah. Yeah. And so he has Norwegian roots. He studied at Johns Hopkins and Yale, and he got together with researchers like John Dewey, who promoted this new school for social research, which arguably may have ruined the American school system.

But that’s another topic for another day. It definitely did yeah, that’s that’s probably another topic for another day. Doing was initially pro-Soviet until he visited there and he didn’t he didn’t give up his socialist views. Yeah. And basically these these Yale guys like Dewey, they actually had ties to German German researchers. And so these Germans, they were working on psychology and developmental psychology.

And so if you take that research, you could use it for positive purposes, but you could also use it for nefarious purposes. So if you figure out if you do this, you know, the child will not develop in the right way, you can do some really bad stuff with that. And this is kind of in fact, they have an and Robin Eubanks wrote a book called Educate Ethic.

It’s called Educated to Destroy or Education to Destroy something like that. And Eubanks, her kids were coming home. She was a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia. Her kids were coming home with these really strange lessons from school reading. She wanted to know where this came from. Yeah. And so what she discovered was American educators had actually gone to the Soviet Union and gotten these lesson plans.

All these from story in the 1970s, brought it back to the United States. And she basically it is it is it is a a program to destroy the child’s mind and lays this out and she shows this in in her book. And it’s very detailed. And what she told me was that that these documents were translated from Russian into English for the use by our educationists, by our people with PhDs in education here in the U.S., which basically got adopted state state through all the education departments, guided by the National Education Department in the in the federal government basically went through all this because education was so infiltrated by the communists, it had been unchecked.

They had discovered this actually as early as 1940. There was a commissions in the states of New Jersey and New York that discovered massive communist infiltration of the secondary and primary schools, if you can imagine. Yeah. Back then this was they started the investigation because of the Hitler Stalin Pact. Certainly Stalin was with Hitler. So they decided, okay, it’s okay to investigate what the communists are doing in the schools.

But then, of course, that became verboten. You don’t even look into what they’re doing. And you said a very curious thing to way she said, it’s very interesting. We have these documents of how to educate the children, but there’s other documents in Russian not translated into in English explaining why this education program has the design. It does. And those were never translated into English.

We don’t have access to them, even in Russian. The kept secret in Moscow to this day, we need to do a whole show on this education system thing because, I mean, I have I have two children, right? And Germany, one of the most expensive school systems in the world. And it’s we just had the new there was the results of the cross border, you know, of comparative testing systems.

So this is when these different countries, they test their students and they compare the results. And we think basically we we totally we totally stink. You know, this this is Germany right now. And so, yeah, there was this this somebody gave me this this book once. It’s called the The Leipzig Leipzig Connection. This was about these German universities and German researchers who then collaborated with the Americans.

And then these Americans came here. I think it was even even. Do we use some of these people? Yeah, something like that. Something like that. They came over, they came over to Germany and they worked with these Germans and then they took these results and brought them back to the States and, you know, did all the wrong things.

It Yeah. And so yeah, so this, this man, this influence for the technocrats, this, this you know, influence guy for the technocrats, Thorstein, Torsten Veblen, he published a text called The Engineers and the Prize System, and he basically called for a Soviet meaning a council of scientists. So they would, would decide things and what the prices are and that sort of stuff.

You can find the texts. It’s called the engineers and the prize system. And so today’s today’s Climate Climate Council or shall we say climate, Soviet, the IPCC, it’s sort of kind of fulfilling the same functions. You know, it is a council where they take the science from selected scientists. And what the IPCC then presents, for example, that is being looked at by, for example, the the highest court in Germany.

So then it becomes a legal thing. And so then the the German council, German Constitutional court, they make decisions based on these IPCC reports and these decisions are binding for the politicians. So they’re there their framework of deciding things becomes more narrow because that that Soviet Council thing, that climate thing, they can influence German lawmaking and decision making.

And there have been calls by popular activists to have another Soviet specifically in Germany, that can decide or veto all kinds of things. So this is basically kind of like what Torstein Veblen was calling for. Yeah, and this goes back 100 years, Robyn, you because this book is credentialed to destroy, that’s your book and it is a technical book.

So it’s a, it’s, it’s hard going, but it’s worthwhile. And if you go back, there was a there was another a historian who wrote a History of the American Revolution. His name was Smith. I’m trying to remember his first name. He wrote a fabulous book called The Death of the Spirit. And it was after, if you remember, the closing the American Mind was a big phenomenon back in the early nineties, in the or in the nineties in the United States, written by Professor and something year.

But he it became famous. He actually attacked one of my senior professors in my department when I was in graduate school in the eighties actually you know the book came out in the eighties because I was actually stupidly reading it in front of the professor who was sort of the villain of the book, who was David Easton, who was the longtime head of the American Political Science Association, who was a closet Marxist.

Right. Closet. And I didn’t realize and of course, he was attacked in the closing in the American mind. But but this a death of the spirit is a history of American education going back to the 19th century. And a lot of people don’t realize in the 19th century, America’s colleges were Christian colleges, private Christian schools, and how they evolved into state schools, and how the socialist movement, which existed before it became Leninist.

Right? It was was starting to pervade it. And and of course it was. It was Page Smith, maybe it was Paige Smith in the book. He goes into, how the character of these people. He basically describes educationists and professors in academia as a bad lot as as character logically people of with with a foul natures and he he refers to personal experience he his books were very popular.

He was a left of center American academic historian but he had great literary talent. And so he all of his colleagues were massively hateful and envious that he was a popular lecturer and popular writer, made a good amount of money by turning his knowledge of history into good literature. And he talks about this culture of envy within academia and how toxic it was.

Now, I experienced some of this when I was in academia, when I basically lost my academic career, I couldn’t understand why being out in that environment felt this natural elation because I didn’t realize I was depressed being around these people. Yeah. And it was like, Wow, I feel a lot healthier not being around these toxic people. So that that guy, that guy called Dave Mr. Veblen, he said the following the existing industrial capitalism, it cannot be it cannot be stopped or it cannot be destroyed through a leftist revolution.

Instead, you could achieve the goal of taking over. You could achieve that goal through a movement of scientists. That was his idea. So just paint the communist movement, paint it as a technocratic movement. And so so most people don’t remember. Mr. Veblen But when United States President Clinton visited the North region, King Harald the fifth Clinton made a reference to about Mr. Veblen, you know, he was praising.

Mr. Veblen Yeah, that’s interesting. Yeah, I just this is a note H.L. Mencken, the famous American humorist and newspaper man, an essayist, wrote a very famous essay debunking Veblen more than 100 years ago, which is very much worth reading to this day. Yeah. And so then the next the next crazy chapter in the saga was this The Canadians were because a lot of this a lot of this activism by the technocrats that going on in Canada, you know, this organization where Elon Musk’s grandfather was heavily involved.

And so the Canadians, they had enough of it and they actually the Canadians, they actually banned this group. They outlawed or banned this group. And so the Canadian Royal Mounted Police arrested several members of this, arrested several members of this organization, Technocracy Inc., and they also arrested the former director called Joshua Norman Heldman, who was the grandfather or who was who’s the grandfather of Elon Musk.

And you can find the original or, you know, a scan or a photo of the original newspaper article on the Web. So this this this happened. Joshua Norman Heldman was arrested. So Elon Musk’s grandfather was involved in leftist activities? Yes, but again, it gets crazier than that, really. It gets crazy. Thorstein Franklin’s famous book was The Theory of the Leisure Class and that’s the one that H.L. Mencken lampooned.

So, okay, everybody, please brace yourselves. So the story continues. So. HELDMAN So Heldman was trying to reinvent himself as a right winger and as a conspiracy buff of all things. MILLER Of all things. So he he was a big fan or he became a big fan of South Africa, you know, with the apartheid hit, because he said the apartheid was helping the white civilization, was helping the whites in, was helping the whites in the fight against the international conspiracy and the international conspiracy was he defined it as Jewish bankers.

And so the Jewish so the Jewish banker conspiracy, according to him, was behind, you know, the you know, the the the hordes, as he called the hordes of colored people. So he really you have a little bit and kind of Nazi like and yeah. So he sort of he sort of rebranded himself as that. And so in 1950, two years after the beginning of apartheid in South Africa, he moved his family to Pretoria and he became a fan of the regime.

And so now the press journalists have actually found some of the old writings that he put out. Mr. Haldeman So one of this things, one of these things is called the international conspiracy to erect a World Dictatorship and the threat for South Africa. This document is from May 1960, and he’s also he also put out the international conspiracy in, the medical sphere, and he was agitating against vaccines.

Okay. Heldman was a leader. Heldman was a leader of the Canadian social Credit party. That’s a weird name, I would say the Canadian. And, you know, people can look into this more and I will look into this more. So Heldman was a high ranking member of the Canadian Social Credit Party, and this party published the of Zion. And so he and he believed that this was necessary because you could see the protocols in the real world.

You know, he thought you could interpret the world according to the protocols. And so this, this technocracy that he was involved in, they called technocracy a science of social engineering. They wanted to completely change the social mechanisms for production and distribution of goods and services. So for the first time, and I’m quoting from this nonsense, the for the first time in history, everything will be solved like a scientific problem, a technical problem.

There won’t be any space for politics or politicians. There won’t be any space for finance or financiers so very Soviet. Yeah, completely. And you can kind of mix. So. Yeah. And so the technocracy and then so yeah, and then it says the technocracy. So the future they envision this system that technocracy will have a system of distribution of goods and when you are born you will get your number in the system, you will get your, your official document so you can get the goods from the system for the rest of your life.

So this is what they said. Now, imagine why the Canadian government at some point, you know, shut down this group right? And then you got from these technocrats, you get some of these promises, the same kind of promises which you’ve heard from the communists. People would have only a four day work week and they would only work 4 hours per day.

So for hours. Hours a day. Yeah. No, no, no. They would 16 hours a week. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s exactly so it’s four days. Four days, four days worth. That’s it. And also there was a very similar organ. There was a similar technocracy movement in, Russia, led by Alexander Bogdanov. He eventually ran into trouble with, you know, the Bolsheviks and, you know, the the type communists because they didn’t want any any other movement there.

But the Russians, you know, the Russians, they had some of this. So something like this to So then May, the daughter of Joshua Halderman married Arielle Musk, and one of the sons is Elon Musk. And so Elon Elon told the story how he really didn’t like his father and he was trying to make on his own. He was not a trust fund kid who got his way through college, paid for.

He he ended up Elon ended up, as he said, with $100,000 in student debt. And and he was working also the whole time. So he was very busy. And so so now, of course, this poses you know, this begs the question, how much of a technocrat is Elon and what kind of a technocrat may you own be? You know, because some people, they may think, you know, you can have a technocracy is more of, well, not so communist or maybe not.

But you know a lot of quite a few of these technocrats, they they they still Soviet or communist ideas. So is you on a technocrat? You know, would he want a society where engineers make all the decisions, run everything? Because he I mean, if I listen to him, if I listen to Elon when he’s on the Joe Rogan podcast, when I listen or read his tweets, I mean, you can tell that Elon has been busy for so long with other things.

He just didn’t have the time to really read a ton of stuff on, you know, the empires and economics and all that stuff. So he’s is praising books like the Libertarian and saying The Road to Serfdom. He’s he’s recently he’s mentioned M.K. Ultra, you know to to show that he’s interested in that sort of stuff. But it just sounds like it sounds like me when I was 17 or something, you know, or so it sounds like somebody else who was was 20 years old and he was just reading up on libertarian ideas and, you know, covert operations and stuff.

It seems very beginner like and so it’s here. Well, he’s been a very busy guy. That’s one of the problems, is that people have to spend time to learn this stuff. Yeah, but Everybody seems to everybody seems to No expect him to have all the answers for, you know, politics and the Ukraine, the Ukraine war and all of this.

And he’s supposed to about the Russians and this and that. He’s just not he’s just not the guy for these tasks. I mean, he’s supposed to run these these these tech technological companies, you know, six. Yeah. And Tesla and Starling, you know, that that’s what he can do best. You know, he can work with engineers and that’s what he said recently.

It’s it’s almost all engineering. You know, he’s he’s fascinated with engineering. And so maybe maybe he’s influenced by this technocracy stuff and, you know, maybe maybe he’s somebody and he we haven’t I mean, it’s I think it’s good that he he read The Road to Serfdom because that at least makes him I mean, he has shown himself to be pro-freedom.

And that’s a that’s big because a lot of these people are willing to undercut freedom. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be taken advantage of by the disinformation machine, the active measures of the Russians and the Chinese. I mean, I’ve heard him say positive about China. And of course, he has business dealings with China, which is very disturbing that he is so naive about the Chinese.

Very naive. Yeah. Or maybe he thinks it’s maybe he thinks it’s pragmatism. You know, it’s like maybe somebody told him the, you know, if we deal with China, maybe they will become normal one day, which they will not. Yeah, never. But yeah, I seen him, you know, on his Chinese visits and they treat him like royalty. I mean they’re for red carpet treatment because of the batteries.

What they do for billionaires from the West. Yeah. Because of the batteries. And it’s just, it’s another thing as well. I mean understand how well not fully understand, but I kind of understand how crazy it is to establish a car company. Okay. And so, of course, there were production issues for a while, and there’s there were people who left Tesla and said bad things about the production there.

And one of the points of critique was the software, because it’s if you want to make an electric car, you actually don’t need a lot of software because you have these electric motors, you have the baseline functions that you need. So you don’t really need a lot of software to run this car. But when you want this big tablet in, the in the middle console, if you want to, you know, have all these electronic gadgets, if you want the doors to to make this dance, if want, supercharge a system and have software updates you know by remote being, you know, being transmitted to your car system.

If you want to have all these gadgets and make this feel modern software is a problem because software can be attacked by hackers, by insider threats. So the more people drive Teslas or other brands that have too many computers in them, the more vulnerable, the system really is. I mean, if it’s an old car. Yeah. If people I mean, people can see this all over YouTube, how you can you can restore vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s, the seventies, the eighties.

So sometimes these are cars that have absolutely no computers in them whatsoever. So, you know, it’s possible to to refurbish the engines and to overhaul the transmissions and just to make everything run reliably. And these cars, they can never be harmed by a hacker. They cannot be stopped by remote. They they do not have any any window for an attacker an electronic attack or to do any of the systems cannot be stopped by an MP.

Yeah, because there’s no there’s not even a primitive computer module in them. It’s literally just wires and metal and chemicals and, and moving parts. And so it’s, it’s just for me, you know, this, this electric car thing, it’s just for me, it’s just a security nightmare. It really is a security. It’s not just Tesla. It’s all these other brands that have become so complicated and convoluted because now you have 20, 30 in your car, so you don’t have mirrors.

You have cameras of convenience. We sacrifice security. We sacrifice the resilience of our our vehicles, trucks, cars, everything we need to survive. Yeah, because we don’t have horses anymore. Right. And of course, this is pulling wagons more. Yeah. And of course, I mean, the you know, I mean, a lot of the wealth of the United States was built with diesel trucks, a larger trucks, and these midsize or smaller pickup trucks.

You know, it’s just so silly when, you know, when Germans when they when Germans complain about when Germans complain about Americans driving big cars, big SUVs and big, powerful trucks. I mean, first of all, Americans have more kids than we do, so they need more seats. The country is bigger and larger. They have to move things from A to B or they have to they have to haul things that are heavy.

And so this and you can use a pickup truck for commercial purposes and private purposes. And so it makes sense to have know reasonable, reasonable cars in in America. And, you know, when you have a diesel car or a gasoline car, you fill it up and you have quite a bit of range. And you can you can organize more gasoline.

You know, even in a crisis, you can still find more gasoline, you can still find more diesel. But if the electrical system is affected, what are you going to do with these electric cars? There goes your limited range vehicle. You can’t even get it to last a week. I mean, what what are you going to do? I mean, sure, some people have solar systems and this and that, But I mean, if more and more people have these electrical cars and they want to fill up these batteries, I mean, how are you going to do that?

And and just stay stay mobile. And the Chinese get rich by selling the lithium for the batteries. By making the batteries. Exactly. And they they pay for their navy with that money. So, I mean, I mean if you if Elon I mean, of course, of course Elon is not the first guy to to have dealings with the Chinese so it would be unfair or worse would be of would be unfair to totally single him out.

But now he’s become this figurehead for conservatives and this big hope for conservatives. But and he seems so security minded. Why? What is he thinking about? You know, the Chinese and that problem and the hacking problem and the power grid problem doesn’t really. No, I think it is just a case of ignorance. And this is the problem with a lot of folks think Bill Gates got sucked into the Chinese without realizing what he was walking into and God knows what they how they compromised him or how they control him or manipulate him or push him in this or that direction, like the the the big foundation here that supports all these vaccinations.

You know people think there’s an elite conspiracy of billionaires. No, billionaires are extremely vulnerable to the communist apparatus. They’re extremely exposed. Yeah. And I mean, some people I some people, they they grow up poor like, like Joe Rogan, and they’re susceptible for communist ideas. Right. And some people, they they don’t grow up that poor, but they still have to struggle like Elon Musk and and so some of these people, when they get rich, they are willing to give money away for left wing purposes or other purposes.

And that can become a problem, you know, that become can become a real problem because the bigger you get, the the worse your mistakes are going to affect the world. And so, yeah, I mean, Elon may have a super high IQ, but so did Albert Einstein, who was unfortunately a communist, who was really stupid when it came to politics, or the Rosenbergs.

The atomic spies, high IQ capable engineers, but easy to fool, you know, by the the KGB or the GRU or whoever was handling them back then. So. So yeah, mean just just don’t look at these people as as your guides when they’re not specialized in these things. I mean Elon Musk is, is highly specialized in running these technical companies.

That’s the only thing he specializes in. And and, you know, Alex Jones is not specialized in, you know, the empires and intelligence operations. He’s just not that kind of guy. You know, he’s he’s a loud mouth demagogue with with a love for conspiracy. Yeah. I mean, do people remember these 1980s and 1990s wrestling programs on television, you know, the WWE or wrestling in that era?

Wrestling? Mm hmm. Yeah. Because in that era. Because I think because yeah, obviously it’s staged fighting. But what I was thinking about was when I saw Alex Jones is, you know, performance over the years. It reminded me of these old wrestling promos. Now a promo is what the wrestling industry calls a short video. It’s, it’s staged like an interview like this.

The the moderator guy. You know something something like Joe Rogan used to do, you know, with the UFC. So this guy is interviewing the Fighter about the upcoming fight and back then in the eighties and nineties, it was commonplace to have these extreme performances. So it was super aggressive and scream and grunting and pointing fingers and slamming tables.

And this just reminded me of Alex Jones. You know, when you watch some of these old clips online, it’s basically somebody who read a handful of John Birch Society books and is emulating old wrestling promos, you know, with the yelling and screaming and the and the grunting. Even those grunting. I mean, this was like Hulk Hogan back in the days or the Ultimate Warrior, you know, back in the day.

Yeah. No, I think you did exactly right. We’ve been gone more than two and a half hours now. And I think I think we have to we have to end. But has been great. Alex, We’ve covered a lot about how they manipulate people and how the right is moving to the left. The left has been to the left and how everything is screwed up and we’re disconnected from reality, from the truth.

We’re all caught up in these narratives, conspiracy narratives and other narratives. And this is a strategy. So we’ve touched a lot on that and we’ve talked about a lot of sources. So I hope we’ve given if those have taken notes on what we’ve said, I hope this is helpful. I’m Jeff Nyquist. I’ve been here with Alex Spanish. He’s in Germany, I’m in the United States.

And I want to thank you for joining us for this week’s Friends and Enemies.

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