The deep background of Dugin, his Eurasianists and the assassination

The assassination of the daughter of notorious Russian propagandist Alexander Dugin caused a disproportionate reaction from the Russian regime. Instead of playing it low-key, as we have seen with many colonels and generals who died in Ukraine, the government turned this into a really big deal. Even though Daria Dugin was barely known unlike her father, the likely target of the assassination.

If a relative of someone, who only talks for a living, gets killed on Russian soil, the terrorist effect is relatively high. The many government minions are all asking whether they are next and it is highly impractical and prohibitively expensive to shield them all like the very highest officials. Plus, a myriad of conflicting speculative narratives can be spread to sow confusion. Can Ukraine pull of ops like this? Or was Daria Dugin involved in organized crime and got killed by the mafia? Did she steal governement money intented for European rightwing parties?

Dugin and his daughter are very interchangeable for Russia because anyone can deliver those same talking points and the esoteric-philosophical nonsense after some coaching.

Dugin was born in Moscow, into the family of a colonel-general in the Soviet military intelligence. Alexander was lacking the discipline of his father and therefore not a classic career type for the GRU service. He probably does contract work for the intelligence and military community, mainly supplying esoteric rationalizations for the standard basic Russian imperialism. This turns into a roundabout once his literature gets disseminated among military and intel circles.

He dislays a primitive fascination with antiquity, agitates against the Enlightenment, but his reasoning always leaves open any tactical or strategic option the Russian government might take, be it an alliance with the communist Chinese or moving 100.000 North Korean troops to Ukraine. He may eveb be a secret admirer of the Anglo American empire. Has probably not understood that the old nobility was not removed from power by the Enlightenment movement. Part of the old nobility controlled the enlightenment because the world was entering the age of science and the old type of an empire had no future. They needed science, industry, production. The British Royal Society became the master of Science while the sister org Freemasonry was the tool for controlled enlightenment.

Signs of “decay” and “degeneracy” which Dugin sees everywhere in Western societies, are not just collateral damage of Anglo imperialism and surely not proof the West is losing. Anyone who does not belong to at least the top 10% is not supposed to form meaningful dynasties and accumulate large assets. This ratio was the same in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Dugin is probably a secret admirer of the Anglos. The leadership of the anglos are white ethnic Germanic or “nordic” people. They are true to the spirit of antiquity. Period.

Dugin doesn’t seem to grasp the possibility of a triple superpower cartel. He’s really just a standard pseudo-philosophical, pseudo-academic imperialist. She, Darya, is basically a young, female copy of her father. During the early Putin era, when the new pecking order settled in Russia, terrorist hits and mafia-style executions were commonplace.

But the effect of terror in 2022 is, as expected, fairly high: Various minions of the system and their families are wondering if they are next. The country’s leadership could not protect Dugin and his daughter, any more than it is financially feasible to constantly shield other minions. Especially abroad.

According to investigators, Darya’s car exploded while driving near Moscow. An explosive device was mounted inside the vehicle. According to the Russian state news agency Interfax, both attended the “Tradition” festival at the weekend, which is supported by a presidential foundation. Forensic scientists usually carefully examine the debris and piece together what type of explosive was used, how it was detonated, and how complex the explosive device was. Don’t expect any grave conclusions from this, as simple explosive devices can be made by anyone, including the best professionals who want to hide their true capablities.

In a statement, the Russian secret service F.S.B. claimed that a Ukrainian woman was hired to carry out the bombing. Then this mysterious woman traveled to Estonia. Not sure if anybody buys this at all.

Pro-Putin folks in the West are currently intimidated and do not know if Russia will fail in the shadow war as well as on the battlefield of Ukraine. We see a lot of whining that mainstream Western commentators have expressed indifference or even glee at Darya Dugin’s death. Pro-Putin circles, of course, seemed indifferent or even happy about Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine. The massacres are supposedly fake. Putin’s pals have no tears left for the imprisoned and killed Russian dissidents and journalists over the last 30 years. They are being called agents of George Soros and the left Deep State of the satanic windmills of Zion. But when a Western pro-Putin agitator is deplatformed from social media, cue the whining.

A letter from a previously completely unknown group is circulating on Telegram, claiming to be a coalition of patriots who want to overthrow the Putin regime. Of course, it could be a targeted fake or even the fake of the actual perpetrators to send the Russian security services on a phantom hunt. Perhaps such a group actually exists and could trigger a full-blown witch hunt. Before February 24, 2022, the unwritten rule of thumb was that you can complain about Putin and the regime in private, away from the public eye, without getting into trouble. After the attack, however, Stalinist conditions could spread. Terrorists, with whatever backers they have, could continue to exacerbate this situation until the government’s actions cause the greatest possible dissatisfaction among the population.

Darya Dugina described herself as an expert on international relations, but she was more or less a carbon copy of her father when it came to the most ordinary Russian imperialism: Russia good, USA bad. The end. She fails to appreciate the similarities between the two superpowers, the psychopathy of the Russian leadership, or even the possibility that the superpowers are forming a secret cartel at the top.

“The situation in Ukraine is really an example of a clash of civilizations; it can be viewed as a clash between globalist and Eurasian civilizations.”

Her definition of “globalist” is deliberately vague so that her target clientele can freely interpret it. Joe Biden and the Democrats are considered globalists, but Donald Trump and the Republicans not so much, even though the Republican Party is one half of the US two-party cartel. All superpowers are globally active. They all have global ambitions. America offers its subjects a menu of controlled ideologies and encourages loud partisan bickering and screaming.

In Russia there is only one core ideology (submit to Putin and the top brass), from which one must not deviate. Loud, public and, above all, organized complaints about the status quo are forbidden.

Yahoo News ran a lengthy article in March about the 1999 terrorist attacks in Russia that transformed Vladimir Putin from a lame duck into a new political star. Similar to what happened in the USA after September 11, 2001, a “war on Islamic terror” began, including a terrorist prince in propaganda videos with a camouflage jacket and a Kalashnikov rifle.

Alexander Litvinenko, the rebellious Russian FSB intelligence officer who was assassinated with radioactive materials in London in 2006, referred to the notorious al-Zawahiri as “Moscow’s man in al-Qa’eda”. In an interview after the July 7, 2005 attacks in London, he claimed that the future al-Qa’eda chief was in 1998 at an FSB training center in Dagestan in the North Caucasus.

Dugin increasingly campaigned for right-wing alliances with communist Chinese

Alexander Dugin presented himself as the poster boy (or granddad) for the new right-wing, Christian-Orthodox movement. He’s not just visually reminiscent of Karl Marx; he always used a vague philosophical language that left all sorts of back doors open.

He claims to have explored a “fourth political theory”, although he never delivered more than basic Russian imperialism. He was an occultist for a very long time. He hates modernism and left-liberalism, but since the war against Ukraine he’s suddenly been claiming that an alliance with the communist Chinese is needed. It is grotesque how quickly his “right” supporters in the West suddenly make that switch. There is even talk of bringing hundreds of thousands of North Korean soldiers to Ukraine.

Russia and China, it is said, are “linked by fateful ties” and must, out of sheer necessity, “defy Western hegemony.” Because the Americans fear this Russo-Chinese alliance, it is the right thing to do.

An analysis by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) found that the Russian attack on Ukraine is shifting many views:

“In an amazingly short amount of time, Xi Jinping appears to have been transformed from villain to hero in the QAnon conspiracy pantheon.”

Idiotic claims are being peddled that Xi is secretly working against the Chinese Communist Party and against the “global cabal” alongside fellow heroes Trump and Putin. Who is this cabal supposed to be? The windmills of Zion?

The hated Americans would “draw a distorted picture of China” and “revive the old specter of the ‘yellow peril’,” according to Dugins. US President Biden had been described in various media as a Chinese agent, although his career is the work of the DuPont clan, the princes of Delaware. It is also interesting that Dugin elsewhere stressed the need for Russia to ally with parts of the Muslim world, particularly Shia Iran, and use those circles as an anti-American bulwark. At the same time, of course, Russia wants to gain influence in the West with the right with anti-Islamic agitation.

How bizarre the occultist Alexander Dugin is

In light of the COVID pandemic, he worked out the apparently positive sides of the mass extinction. Apparently he was inspired by Western books on plagues and eugenics.

I’m beginning to understand why the plague gods were revered and worshiped in some societies. The arrival of the plague allows for a complete renewal of societies. The epidemic has no logic and spares neither the noble nor the rich nor the powerful. It destroys everyone indiscriminately and brings people back to the simple fact of being. The plague gods are the most just.

His followers in the West practice a so-called “magical thinking”. What is meant is the irrational superstition that certain activism and the use of specific symbols is “chaos magic”.

Vladimir Ivanov’s book Alexander Dugin and the Far-Right Networks reveals the insane mindset of Dugin.
Ivanov quotes extensively and purposefully from the Eurasianist publications.

For him, logic, reason or the pursuit of peace are extremely despicable things that keep people trapped in a world that has become rigid. From 1980 onward, Dugin’s occult career began to take shape in Moscow. A hard-hitting mix of Kabbalah, black magic, medieval alchemy and occultism was preached on Juzinski Lane. The drinking and drug excesses were so violent that the participants regularly ended up in the hospital or in a psychiatric ward.

“Insane experiments with oneself were particularly honored. It was said that the shortest way to the divine is to overcome everything human in oneself. In order to ‘know themselves as deeply as possible’, the neophytes crawled around the Pushkin monument on all fours, baring their teeth like dogs.

Almost all of the group died from overdoses or liver damage. Dugin was almost the only one who didn’t get stuck in the “black phase” on this “path to enlightenment”. Of course, there is no place for classical psychology in occult thought. According to Dugin, those people who a rational person would consider psychologically normal follow the so-called “path of the right hand”.

Instead, Dugin follows the left-hand path:

“Not milky comfort, but black suffering. […] It is destructive, terrible, filled with anger and excess. […] This path is tremendously difficult, but only it is true. Whoever walks on it gains fame and immortality. Whoever endures it will win, will receive a reward that is higher than being. Whoever walks the ‘path of the left hand’ knows that captivity will eventually end. The dungeon of matter collapses turning into the heavenly city. The circle of initiates passionately prepares the longed-for moment, the moment of the end, the triumph of total liberation.”

He thinks that Marxist heroic figures all possessed ancient occult knowledge and acted according to the left-hand path:

“Threads of ancient knowledge are drawn to Marx, to Necaev, to Lenin, to Stalin, to Mao, to Che Guevara… The wine of socialist revolution, the joy of rebellion against the forces of destiny, the holy berserker rage for the destruction of what is black to acquire a new, unearthly light […]

If this all sounds to you like average black metal lyrics, it’s because there is little difference.

In plain language, this means that people with psychopathic disorders are very special beings for Dugin who strive for enlightenment, while mentally normal people are worthless philistines and cannon fodder for Dugin. This spiritual Darwinism speaks volumes about Dugin’s own state of mind. His sympathies are with the violent criminal who is foaming at the mouth.

“The religious fanatic. Which religion he belongs to is not so important. […] The religious fanatic is a sun person. He is higher than his religion, which rots and lies.”

The madman, the madman. It tears him apart from the inside. […] In front of you is a wall, bite it, scratch it, put your head through it, break the bones, choke the wall! This is the command of the sun! […] Chew the stone! Look carefully at the window – it’s so nice to fly from there!”

He has this to say about Stalinism:

“…the harsh, yet extremely transformative, saving, ethically justified violence of socialism, the uneconomical compulsion to work. […] Beyond the irresponsible humanists in the camp of socialism with their desk intelligence, Josif Stalin had to deal with reality.”

Of course he expected to watch this madness unfold from a safe distance, sitting in a chair or in front of a speaker’s desk.

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