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The managed conflict between woke and anti-woke

The proper way of working towards social change is to trash certain specific ideas, specific pieces of legislation, specific individuals or specific organizations. Once you start trash talking against white people in general or men in general or people who earn more than the average, you enter the territory of toxic group narcicissm. You may get some social change out of it but you will inevitably trigger those people that you trash and drive them towards group narcissism. And by the very nature of narcissism and narcissistic verbal abuse you lose a sense of reality, your acticvism and other people’s activism cancel each other out and you cause counterproductive emotions and hatred between average taypaying citizens. If taxpayers are fighting among each other, they put the pressure on each other, while the rich ruling classes are not really under pressure. The easiest divide and conquer technique is to spread group narcissism.

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