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The Epstein narratives are being handled

Every major target group gets served with a customized story of Epstein that pretends to confirm their expectations.

The classic investigative reporter Julie K. Brown would really like to dig much deeper and identify other important players connected to Jeffrey Epstein. But the Miami Herald newspaper will not necessarily support that. Her book “Perversion of Justice” was published by the giant Harper Collins company and she is working with Netflix and HBO. By the time these productions are finished and she gets paid the world will have forgotten about the case and will have moved on. The Miami herald is owned by a hedge fund. Netflix has some of the nastiest, largest investors. HBO belongs to AT&T.

Mainstream media has so far covered the Epstein case without delving into the intelligence field connected to it. It is portrayed as a mostly closed case of horny old men. Epsteins questionable suicide is taked for granted. We are living in the woke era and these men are regarded as the dying dinausaurs of the past.

But what about the newer generations of Jeffrey Epsteins? It’s not helpful to turn the Epstein case into ammunition for the Democrats or the Republicans. The same old partys will rule and nothing changes.Then you have “alternative” media. Usually they did not add anything substantial of their own about the case. They simply rant about the content of mainstream articles and present themselves as the good guys and the heroes. But the same content producers who covered the Epstein case promoted highly questionable figures like Donad Trump or Wladimir Putin. The exact nature of Trumps relationship with Epstein is still not fully known. But the Russian regime has its own Epstein-like figures. The people in Russia are poor and many young girls get recuited to serve the ruling class. Russian propaganda has convinced people that the Soviet Union has become conservative and christian. The biggest hope for conservatives worldwide. Russia tries to paint the West as decadent and in decline. And the Epstein case is being used to enforce that narrative. The demographics in Russia however, as well as other key indicators, are a desaster. If you buy the Russian narrative about Epstein, nothing will change. There are interesting links to Russia in the Epstein case.

We saw the reporting of Whitney Webb. She published a series on Mint Press News, a pro Russia outlet in which she drew interesting elements from a host of books on Iran Contra, the BCCI bank and such things, to map out the connections of Jeffrey Epstein. You hear about the so called MEGA group, certain jewish mafia bosses and Israeli intelligence.

This gave consumers of traditional conspiracy media the apparent confirmation they wanted to hear about the so called “international bankers” or mythical “Elders of Zion”. Most of conspiracy media is based on the narratives of bestselling books from the John Birch Society and older books. Supposedly the members of European aristocracy and royalty, which have built the modern empires and were the pinnacle of intelligence, were a bunch of idiots. Supposedly they were defeated by George Washington who had almost no troops and no war industry when in reality, the American revolution was most likely fake at the top and Washington worked for British intelligence. The British colonial empire was threatened in America by the French. By staging the Revolutionary War, the French showered Washington with money and gunpowder instead of attacking him. After the American Revolution the French were broke. Supposedly the Aristocracy associated with the British colonial empire was so stupid and silly, they had their empire stolen by a tiny jewish banking family called the Rothschilds. In reality the Rothschilds were just assets, recuited by the house of Hessen-Kassel. The British empire established fractional reserve banking and was more successful with it than other empires with more traditional systems. The Rothschilds did not fool the British stock market after the battle of Waterloo. They did not take over the Bank of England or the City of London. These fairy tales were amplified by the anglo intelligence circles, in order to blame a jewish conspiracy for all the sins of the anglo empire.

If you read the reports of Whitney Webb you have to remind yourself of the older and larger power structures. If you don’t do that you may get the impression that Epstein worked for the (non-existent) Elders of Zion. That the anglos are just bumbling fools and tiny litle Israel magically was able to take everything over. The average conspiracy buff may think that Epsteins job was to ensnare and entrap anglos so that the Elders of Zion could control them. If you copy and paste the old conspiracy myths you will change absolutely nothing. Nothing useful has ever come out of traditional conspiracy media and activism.

Maybe Whitney Webb does not overestimate the role of the Jewish mafia. Maybe she does. Maybe the problem is that she has only been working in investigative journalism for a few years. She may started out, as many people do, with classic left-leaning investigative journalism. Then, being unsatisfied, she may have progressed to the John Birch society type of reporting.

Usually, when the case is important and powerful circles have a lot to lose, you see disinformation being spread. So far there haven’t been actual fakes that became widespread and influential.

A vaguely worded government document has surfaced, indicating that Epstein was a confidential source for the FBI. He also bragged to several people that he worked for the CIA. It is conceivable that he had been recruited by intelligence agencies to provide access to certain politicians and businessmen. During the cold war Soviet intelligence was aggressively using sex entrapment. The CIA had its own operations using sex entrapment to counter that. Donald Trumps mentor, Roy Cohn, may have been involved in these kind of activities.  

The geopolitical conflict made it possible to exert a great level of control over people and label this as national security. Epstein got his initial soft deal with prosecutors through deputy assistant attorney general Sigal Mandelker. A woman. In March 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Mandelker for the position of Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. Mandelker played a significant role in the Trump administration’s Iran policy, overseeing the implementation of financial sanctions against Iran and financial crime enforcement against Iran. Mandelker was one of the Trump administration’s “most hawkish members on Iran.”

If Epstein was an intelligence asset, he could have been assisting Mandelkers efforts to figure out who is secretly selling crucial items to Iran in violation of the sanctions. Not everyone who covered up for Epstein was some satanic co-conspiritor. Many were simply involved in national security and they valued operations as way more important than the victims of Epstein. Thr superpowers need each other and it makes much more sense for them to have a secret alliance at the very top.

Professional large scale intelligence agencies did not start in the 20th century as conventional historians believe. The 20th century saw the formation of formal government intelligence agencies that had official names and official buildings.

But the very large aristocracies in Europe, especially the ones tied to the British colonial empire, had vast intelligence networks for centuries, constantly perfecting their methods. They paid for the enlightenment movement, they wanted to progressively hide their power behind politicians and front companies. The aristocracy was running the robber barons. We don’t have the luxury of boxes of convenient documents detailing the actual history of intelligence. We have to reconstruct the past using the modern knowledge about the intelligence business. Otherwise we get lost in the maze.

Prince Andrew has now been stripped of his titles by the Queen, his own mother, because of the accusations against him by an Epstein victim.  People know him as Mountbatten-Windsor. Mountbatten is a cross between the house Schleswig-Holstein Sonderburg Glücksburg, and the house of Hessen, related to the Russian emperors. Windsor is Sachsen Coburg und Gotha. People often assume that these royal families are relatively small but they go back up to 1000 years and they have consistently grown over that time period. They had the personnel, the money and the experience to run family intelligence networks. Theree lines had, over time, surpassed all others who were competing for the dominance and the succession of the Roman Empire: Welfen, Wettiner and Reginare. You have probably never heard of these names and there is a good reason for it: They wanted to be largely forgotten.

Prince Andrew is not a normal guy. His accusers underestimate who he is. This family cluster had taken control of the British empire and turned it into the leader of the world. They also took the Russian throne, however without full control over Russia. There was the problem of the old common aristrocratic clans who did not want to modernize the empire. Ultimately, the high nobility staged the Russian revolution, thereby stepping out of the limelight and fighting a civil war against the regular aristocracy of Russia. This explains why the young Soviet Union received so much help from Britain and the United States. As a a diversion anglo intelligence spread the fairy tale of the Elders of Zion being behind the communist revolution. These fairy tales protect anglo operations to this very day. If the Epstein case gets framed as an operation by the nonexistent elders of zion, there will be no progress. Decades ago The John Birch Society with its international bestselling conspiracy books pressured its audience to trust rightwing billionaires, and rightwing powerful circles. It’s no surprise when conspiracy media content creators today use the Epstein case to get people to vote Republican. The entire Qanon cult and the capitol storm were based on the Birch Society and the empty promise that influential rightwing circles were going to save us. We’re not supposed to think for ourselves and form out own networks. We’re supposed to be followers.

As ist looks right now, the Epstein case is being handled. Nothing will truly come out of it and it will be forgotten in the near future.

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