Anticommunist panel #1: Trevor Loudon, Jeff Nyquist, Jean Robin, Alex Benesch

Jean Robin: Hello, everyone. Welcome on my channel for the first episode of an international anti-Communist conference. Alexander Benesch, representing Germany, is the author of 15 books in German. Some of them have been translated in English. And his latest book is called “Real anti-Communism and the Third World War”. So next is Trevor Loudon. He’s representing Australia and New Zealand. So you have also written many books. The latest is Security Risk about the links of the U.S. senators with communism. Next is Jeff Nyquist, representing the USA. So Jeff is the author of many books as well. The latest is called “The Lies We Believe In”. And I’m all about representing France. I’m the author of 60 books in French that also have been translated in English. Like “What the World Owes to Protestantism”. And France is like a colony of communist China. So if you are interested in our books, you can find them on Amazon, of course. And so it’s the first time, to my knowledge, that four geopoliticians from four different Western countries are gathered together to talk about what happened in their countries during this past month regarding communism so that the world knows about it without the censorship of the bias of the mainstream media.

So we are willing to spread this anti-communist worldview because we believe it to be the correct view. Communism is not dead. It’s more alive than ever, unfortunately, and it’s willing to take over the world like never before. So we have many books of reference, of course, like New lies for old and Perestroika Deceptionto understand what is really going on in the world regarding communism.

So it’s like a war room that we are presenting to you today, but certainly not like Stephen Bannon’s War Room. Actually, it’s the anti Steve Bannon war room because we are really anti-communist, anti CCP and anti-Putin. So who wants to start? I think Jeff. You wanted to start with one particular event that took place in your country this past month. So the idea is that someone present news from this country and the other ones can comment if they want.

Nyquist: Well, famously, the US is ruled by two political parties. It is two party system, the stupid party and the evil party. Only now the stupid party is so stupid it amounts to evil. So what I am referring to is the House passed a $60 billion military aid package for Ukraine this week. Significantly, however, 112 Republicans voted against the bill, which is a majority of the Republican conference. Only 101 Republicans, as I understand it, voted for it.

A majority within the Republican Party is now actively working in the House to damage U.S. security interests in favor of Russia without even knowing it, without even having a sane rationale. Their rationale is our southern border has got to be secured before we can help in anyone else’s defense.

And of course, the $60 billion, they make it like it’s going to bankrupt us. It’s an amount that’s going to bankrupt us when we have multi-trillion dollar budgets, it’s less than 1% of our total federal spending. So it’s a penny. It’s nothing. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other people who are behind this.

I think a large number of the social media celebrities also on the right are are pitching in for this. So that’s the latest news.

Benesch: I think it is absolutely imperative to destroy conventional conspiracy mythology because this is ultimately what the Russians are using to influence the MAGA crowd. We’ve seen this with politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Her entire worldview and view on history is based on what she reads on the web, on these websites and on video. So it’s very much based on traditional conspiracy media. And it’s it’s goes like this. And we’ve seen this recently from Alex Jones, who expressed it more openly.

So the belief is that the international Jewish conspiracy once had control over Russia during communism, but Vladimir Putin freed his people from that conspiracy. But the United States is still occupied by that conspiracy. It’s a Zionist occupied government, according to the Internet. And so these activists, they don’t believe they can liberate the United States by themselves.

You know, they need Russian help, they think, and the Russians are willing to pretend they will give that help. So we have seen this all over the Web over the last couple of years, and this is why this policy happened from some of these Republicans, this policy concerning Ukraine, they’d rather have Russia take Ukraine than to see this supposed Jewish conspiracy take over Ukraine.

This is what it comes down to. And some people, they’re not so focused on the Jewish element of the conspiracy mythology, but they also view the entire American late 1800s industrialization drive, you know, the Gilded Age of the robber barons as a conspiracy, at least a conspiracy with heavy Jewish influence. And so no matter which narrative you pick, the more extreme one or the less extreme one, it still works the same way. The United States is an occupied country and you need foreign help to liberate it. So I think that by destroying conventional conspiracy mythology, we can take away a major tool of the Russians.

Loudon: Yeah, I would totally concur with that. That is exactly what is going on here. Yeah, a lot of this came through Q and the Russian propaganda was definitely big through Q and it’s all also coming through the Ron Paul movement, the libertarian movement, to a degree it’s has a soft element that Russia is a Christian nation. Ukraine is pretty corrupt. It’s it’s part of the Western corrupt system.

So really, it would be better for everybody if Russia took over Ukraine. You had General Flynn saying that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine really upset the globalists. And so this is exactly the narrative that is going on. It comes goes right back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It’s the same thing that the Nazis were saying.

Benesch: The Iranians believe it.

Loudon: The Iranians believe it. The former head of the Romanian KGB talked about how in the seventies, the KGB circulated tens of thousands of copies of of the Learned Protocols of the Elders of Zion all over the Middle East to stir up hatred basically against United States and Israel.

And what we’re seeing now with the anti-Semitism on the left, which we’re seeing in the streets, you know, Columbia University and the anti-Semitism on the right, which is coming through Q. And on the libertarian movement, Alex Jones and others, they may not say it’s anti-Semitism sometimes, but the new word now is to be j-pilled.

I’ve been j pilled. I understand what the Jews are up to now. I finally understand it’s the Jews that are causing all of this. And I have seen rational people sending me stuff about this all the time. It’s just shocking.

So I want to add something about what Jeff just said is that during Johnson’s press conference earlier this week, he truly sounds like he’s been terrified by the intelligence briefings he’s received. So he said, I really do believe the intel and the briefings that we’ve gotten. I believe that you see Vladimir Putin and Iran really are an axis of evil. I think they’re in coordination on this. So what do you think he got as an information?

Yeah, that’s a that’s a very good question because I see the same thing. And it isn’t only House Speaker Johnson. There’s a number of people who haven’t been that active that have that are basically getting behind this thing that got this thing passed through Congress. There is something that’s frightening them. And I think this is the other news item last Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray gave a a briefing to Congress and here’s the Reuters headline.

FBI says Chinese hackers preparing to Attack U.S. infrastructure. And we know because of what you read to me before the show, what happened to Texas that the Russian hackers have hacked a water system in Texas. I had read the news. I can read the news from the header that read that Russian cyber attackers hacked a Texas panhandle, drinking water and flood by a Kremlin aligned group.

If true, the hack would be the first ever disruption of a U.S. water system by Russia. Others, like Iran and China, have already been accused and threats are investigating. A hacking group allied with the Russian government took credit for the scandal. Yeah, and of course, we had that bridge incident where this ship crashed into a bridge clogging up a major port so that not only the bridge is down, which causes all kinds of problems for communications in the country, but the port is closed so that, you know, I don’t I wonder what they know.

But what I’ve heard from my sources is that it’s the FBI has known for two or three months now that China and Russia have been preparing a massive cyber attack or series of cyber attacks on the United States. And they have been frantically trying to get ahead of it because then they’ve divided up the responsibility to attacking different infrastructure.

And here’s a quote from Wray. He said that they are waiting for just the right moment to deal a devastating blow and to to physically wreak havoc on our critical infrastructure. So this is no joke. I mean I can’t say some of the things I know, but they have found evidence of physical tampering of entry by the Chinese into certain vital systems.

And I think that what what is really the big takeaway is America differs a little bit from Australia, New Zealand and and Germany in Europe in that America is the main enemy, the one that nuclear weapons in primary attacks in a time of war are going to be focused on. And something that Mr. Wang of Luda Media told me.

He said that they are preparing this larger attack that that the Chinese are infiltrating 250,000 police soldiers across our southern border to in preparation to make a war on our soil, to create chaos here, to destroy our economy, to destroy our ability to defend other countries. Because really the center of the defense of the West is here in the U.S. That’s how we differ from the other infiltrated countries.

And one of the things I’ve heard from different sources is how that the Chinese are regarding some of their leftist friends here is no longer their friends, because maybe some of the leftists here are figuring out that China and Russia are against us. And you know that they’ve got families. This is their country too.

They could be killed. And so this is them. The real threat. And I should add one more thing that people are really worried about these this massive attack is coming just before or after, maybe even during the election, especially if the election is really dividing us right next November.

Benesch: I think that’s a risky move by the Russians, especially because we know that the Russian power grid is almost entirely based on foreign technology. Like almost all of the hardware, all of the software. And we know that some whitehat hackers in Russia, doing these hacking competitions, penetration testing of Russian substations and transforming stations, they actually found that they could take over these things very easily. So the the danger of an American counterstrike, I think is fairly high. But it also depends on assets on the ground, human assets on the ground.

And I think this is where the CIA and other agencies are severely lacking. So it’s one thing if you have embedded yourself in Russian systems or even Chinese systems by remote, but as we’ve seen with Iran and the Stuxnet virus, I mean, ultimately, oftentimes you do need an asset on the ground putting that USB stick in and uploading the malware.

So, yeah, I think I think that the Americans are far ahead in terms of technology. But the Americans are lacking physical assets. And there was another element element to this, which is when we look at Europe, for example, or Germany, we can’t tell where these human assets are, you know, Chinese assets or Russian assets.

They they may be literally everywhere sticking in the USB thumb drives, uploading a virus and guess who needs to rescue us when we’re in trouble? The Americans. So this is kind of the expectation that the Americans will come save us when our lights go out. And it’s more likely that our lights go out for a longer time than you know, in America.

That also depends on how willing the American leadership is and how how compromised the American leadership is. And that’s really my subject, is that Joe Biden has been working closely with the Russians despite the Ukraine war since the 1970s. He started working with the Iranians in the late seventies, and he’s been working with the Chinese since at least 2001.

So Biden has done everything he can to sabotage the infrastructure. You know, he’s been closing off drilling. He’s been trying to mandate that all US military vehicles will be electric by 2030. You know, they’re shutting down uranium mining in northern Colorado, shutting down the Keystone pipeline, all of the kind of things you would do if you’re working for someone else.

Plus the the the absolute shambles that the US military is today with the the vaccine mandates that forced many people out. The political correctness, which is hurting, recruiting and the general woke lack of morale that’s in the military right now.

Benesch: So what do you think about the Australian grid? Is it as centralized as the American one or the European one?

Loudon: I couldn’t really say. I think it’s probably more decentralized. The New Zealand one is largely hydro electric. We have no atomic power or anything like that. It’s all basically all hydro electric or gas fired, coal fired. So New Zealand would be relatively okay and I don’t think New Zealand would be a target for this. Australia would certainly be more of a target.

But this is it’s pretty diversified and I don’t think it’s certainly not as centralized as we had.

Benesch: We’ve had multi-hour blackouts in large parts of the European Union in the past ten or 20 years. Imagine hours and hours and hours of zero power because a single tree fell onto a specific power line somewhere remote areas, and then the people responsible for that remote area, they cannot stabilize the grid.

There’s either too much energy or not enough energy. So they fumble it up and then it cascades into the other areas of Europe and they can’t redirect energy in time. So they have to shut it off unless the the frequency deviates too much from the 50 hertz we’re using. I think the Americans are using 60 hertz, but if it’s just slightly below or above 50 hertz, everybody has to turn off everybody.

Otherwise, you know, tcountless devices break, I mean, they they’re physically damaged or as the hackers would say, bricked. So you can’t use them anymore. And we’ve had this one incident. This was a hacking attack. I think it hit a major shipping company, like one of the biggest shipping companies in Europe. And they had to replace every single Internet capable device, every laptop, every tablet, every smartphone, everything.

So what they did was in a panic because this virus kept disabling every system that they had. They had to swarm into the stores and just buy anything they could get their hands on. Now, that worked for a single company, but if it’s more companies that need to buy up everything, you will see a shortage of devices. You know, we think that, you know, it’s ubiquitous.

You can buy a device everywhere at any time, but it’s a limited supply. And if there’s a run on it, you can’t get anything. So you may want to have spare devices just in case.

We need to add also that Joe Biden, one of the first things he did was to erase the executive order of Donald Trump to not allow the Chinese to to access the grid, the American grid. He canceled that so that the Chinese could have access to the US grid. I don’t know if you remember, there was an executive order from Donald Trump and another executive order from Biden, one of the first he passed. And that was really saying: Well, yeah, we’re going to say that the first thing that Biden did publicly when he took office was to cancel the Keystone pipeline, the pipeline running through the Dakotas because of Native American protests.

Well, those protests were organized by Judith LeBlanc of the Communist Party. Which is loyal to both Putin’s Russia and China. She was then allowed to nominate her very close friend and fellow Marxist, a second term congresswoman from New Mexico, Deb Haaland, as US secretary of the Interior, and she got her confirmed as US secretary of the Interior, who now has purview over 20% of America and all of the energy extraction, uranium mining, fracking, whatever, on public land all over America, most of Alaska, most of the West.

And she is shutting down every single energy lease she possibly can. And at the same time, Biden has sold off 50% of America’s strategic oil reserve, which is supposed to be what we fight a war with, including selling some of it to China. So I think Europeans don’t quite understand the depth of penetration of the US system by actual pro-Chinese pro-Russian operatives.

Benesch: By the way, when Vladimir Putin was stationed at Dresden in Germany with the KGB, he was also responsible for industrial espionage and that concerned anything to do with the power grid. They tried to get a hold of every single component that was used in the West. So they could recreate a version of the Western grid in a sandbox environment so they could just find out where the vulnerabilities are.

And they also took some of that technology for the they called it the Kombinat Robotron. This was in eastern Germany when they were just developing all kinds of devices and components. So Vladimir Putin has firsthand experience of scoping out the enemy’s power grid and the components. So just people should figure out in their respective country who makes these components, you know, who has access to the, you know, the construction plans and where the components are made.

Because a couple of years ago, I think Israel and the United States, they tried to recreate their own power grids in a sandbox testing environment. So they have all the bits and pieces. They have all the software that you would normally use in the real grid. And then they tried to hack it. They tried to penetrate it and sabotage it.

And when Putin was was pushing for the Nord Stream pipeline, this was always a communist pipeline project. You know, the pipelines that were blown up, this was actually tied to a larger plan of adding these these underwater power lines to the pipelines. So this was the ideal dream of the Russians to not just supply us with with gas, but also supply us with electricity.

So this was actually in the works, but it ultimately got canceled because we abandoned nuclear power a couple of years ago. But if we had this direct connection to to the Russians, they could supply us with nuclear power, which sounds, of course, crazy now. And it sounded crazy back then, but people didn’t realize it back then that much.

Robin: So maybe a last speech from Jeff and then Trevor can talk to us about Australia and New Zealand.

Nyquist: Yeah, just a couple comments. It’s interesting. The UN cyberwarfare, the Russians and Chinese are thought to have considerable potential for attack because they are good at infiltrating, they’re good at putting agents on the ground. And that’s the thing that Alex is pointing to, is that they’ve got a lot of people in our system and also if this is true, 250,000 People’s Liberation Army to come over here and disrupt the United States. Mr. Wang insists that China wants World War Three to be fought on American soil. It’s interesting, but I think it’s true. The Russians and Chinese are not good at defense, at cyberdefense. They have awful defenses.

And I’ll just point to the documentary about Navalny, Alexei Navalny, that when they were investigating who poisoned him, hackers were able to hack the head of the FSB’s email, which his password was Moscow one. And when he changed it to Moscow two, they hacked him again. It shows you they’re not big on security because they’re not thinking of themselves being attacked.

They’re thinking about themselves being the attackers. This was the problem they had in 1941 when Hitler hit them first. The other comment that I would make would be about the the problem that Trevor pointed to. I don’t think people fully understand how infiltrated both the Democrats. And we know that from, you know, the Cold War and the Vietnam War and so on.

And the Republicans now are when you’ve got such infiltration that more than half the Republican conference in the House will vote for something that helps Russia. However, they got them, however they influenced him, however they did it. This is really bad news because, you know, we only have two parties and the only good party was the stupid party.

But now they’re a different version of the evil party they’re becoming. And I don’t know if if we can stop this from happening.

Benesch: Well, to this day, the Russians do not have their own computer operating system. I think when the Ukraine war started, there were some images from the Kremlin where you could still see systems running Windows XP.

Now, some people that are listening right now are maybe too young to still remember Windows XP, but the Russians actually forked it. They use the code and they made their own version of Windows XP.

Nyquist: Windows XP is the worst for cyber defense. I mean, this shows us how far behind they are in some regards,

Benesch: But they hope they’ve buried themselves deep into Western systems and they wait. So this is kind of a hacking technique that we’ve seen from Julian Assange by his own accord and some of these older hackers. It’s kind of started in Germany, you know, with Karl Koch and these legendary hackers who had communist ties, I think he was the one selling information which he got from American sources to the KGB.

But it’s always a matter of breaking into a system, creating these backdoors, hidden entry points, and then just wait and collect and just wait until you get some orders or some new opportunity to launch an attack. So the question is how infected Western systems already are. When the Ukraine war started, people expected a larger Russian success, you know, just destroying the the Ukrainian power grid.

But we got some information from Microsoft. They did apparently a fairly good job, you know, working alongside U.S. agencies to protect the Ukrainians, because it would have been lights out fairly early on, I think, if it hadn’t been for these American companies who ultimately, you know, run the operating systems.

Robin: So now, Trevor, can you tell us about Australia and New Zealand? Do you have a particular news those last days or weeks or more generally?

Loudon: Let me give a little bit of history here to show how our long term losses look back in 1984, New Zealand was part of the Australia New Zealand United States military alliance and US, which was sort of worked as a subset NATo. We elected a socialist Labor government and they banned nuclear warships from our harbors and that destroyed the military alliance.

Now I interviewed a man who was part of negotiating that he had infiltrated our pro-Soviet Communist Party for our security services In the 1983. He trained at Lenin’s Institute for Higher Learning in Moscow and that’s where they come up with a plan. They wanted to destroy Nato, but Reagan and Thatcher were being too tough, so they thought, we’ll take New Zealand out of the nuclear alliance and that will encourage the European peace movement.

So they basically had enough people in the New Zealand Labor Party and the New Zealand peace movement and the labor unions which they controlled, they were able to get that legislation passed in a few months. And this is the real key to communism in the West. Most of what we see coming out of the German Social Democratic Party, the French Socialist Party, the British Labor Party, the Canadian Liberal Party, and the American Democratic Party originates with the Communist movement.

The Communists come up with an idea it might be a nuclear deal with Iran. Socially, it’s health care in the United States, whatever. They train the American Communists and thus the American communists make it labor union policy and the labor unions make it Democrat policy. So all of under Obama, the Communists were running America. Under Biden, the Communists are running America.

They were able to influence our policy in New Zealand and most New Zealanders still have no idea. So we just had a marxist Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who enforced the Chinese style lockdowns on America, on New Zealand. She was a marxist Maoist. Then we had the Maoist Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, right after her and thankfully now we have a Conservative Prime Minister.

But our Conservatives are like the European Social Democrats. You know, that’s not conservatives like American conservatives, but in Australia you now have a full on Marxist Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and 1990 the Australian Communist Party dissolved itself and became an organization called the Search Foundation. It was a nonprofit that turned up the assets of the old Communist Party and then started a conscious program to infiltrate the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens.

The Greens Party. And now Anthony Albanese is their man 100%. Almost of several of his Cabinet members come from the same organization. The head of the Australian Trade Union movement comes from the Church Foundation. They control both the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens Party, which are now in government and what they’re trying to do right now is to find some way of canceling the orchestra agreement whereby the previous Prime Minister of Australia, the Conservative Scott Morrison, agreed to purchase four nuclear submarines as from the Americans as a protection against China, while Anthony Albanese is doing his best to find some covert way of canceling that agreement.

And he goes to China every couple of months. He is working in the interests of China, but as a lot of these lefties do these days, because most people don’t understand they are the Communists and most countries, Western countries aren’t concerned about the economy so much as about foreign and defense policy.

So we can have a relatively free economy and a relatively developed economy, and that keeps people happy. Meanwhile, these left wing governments are working to destroy our military alliances, degrade our militaries and get us hooked up to the Russians, and the Chinese.

Benesch: Shouldn’t the British be more involved in Australia and New Zealand?

Loudon: Well, look, we we were under communist control through the eighties. Rishi Sunak, who I was told with was put into office with the help of the Chinese and is about to lose his, his position to a leftist Labor Party which is not much better than Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party.

I don’t think they really even understand what’s going on. And that in the so-called colonies, they certainly didn’t do anything about it. Back in the eighties when we had a communist government in New Zealand, then basically thumbing their nose at the Americans. No, there was no real consequences economically for that. So I think this is what Europeans need to understand is the Western nations, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand are all deeply penetrated at the very highest levels by both Russia and China.

It’s the only thing that explains their behavior.

Robin: I wanted you to to react to some news I’ve seen in Australia, so I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Australian Esafety Commissar. So this Esafety office censored Billboard for blowing the whistle against Teddy Cooke, a trans person who cut their breasts off, posted images of bestiality, promoted bondage and getting high during sex.

Who is also on the W.H.O. panel advising on guidelines for health care. Did you hear about that?

Loudon: No, I hadn’t heard about that. But just very briefly on the World Health, this doesn’t surprise me at all. The World Health Organization, we know it’s controlled by Tedros, the Ethiopian Marxist, Maoist communist, but the head of the compliance unit, the head of the the unit that the that’s full of social psychologists, the head of that who will be in charge of getting us to comply in the next pandemic is a British woman called Susan McKee, who’s a 60 year veteran of the British Communist Party, the Behavioral health unit. And this is all social psychologist. This is all about messaging. And she was communist royalty. They called her Stalin’s nanny in the Communist Party. She was a tankie. She applauded the the Soviet invasion of of Czechoslovakia. And now she is the head of the behavioral unit and the World Health Organization.

She is completely in bed with communist China. And so we need to understand why the World Health Organization is issuing the edicts that it is and will do in the future. If we have another pandemic, the world response will be run by Tedros, Susan McKee and Japan.

And the Australian Senator, Jacqui Lambie, who said yesterday that, you know, Musk should be in jail and he should not have the right to create hatred on his own ideology platform.

She added that she would be interested by what the US government is doing with Tik Tok because they’re trying to get rid of this platform. Also. So but she’s the same crackpot, crackpot senator that went on a hateful rant against unvaccinated people in November 2021. So it’s really not against CCP and Tik Tok. It’s against all social networks and especially Twitter.

So what do you think about that?

Loudon: Well, look, look, if you look at Canada, you look at Australia, there’s a real war on freedom of speech and you see that in most European countries as well. New Zealand has backed off that a little bit. The New Zealand Marxist Prime Minister was about to introduce many of those sort of things, but that has been pushed back because we got a Conservative government a few months ago.

But yeah, this is the thing we look at Russia and China couldn’t be doing what they’re doing today if they hadn’t penetrated Western governments to the degree that they have. You know, Susan Mackey was running Boris Johnson’s COVID response. She’s a communist, an openly, publicly acknowledged Stalinist communist. But Boris Johnson was following her advice on how to deal with COVID.

You know, we need to understand if we’re going to save our countries, We’ve we have got to purge these people out of our system. You know, we are deeply penetrated. So who wants to react?

Benesch: Well, let me just give a quick comment on this. I mean, when it comes to biological warfare, people still have the impression that a pandemic needs to be super deadly. You know, like the super smallpox that the Soviets had, when when the Americans after the Cold War went over to inspect some of these biological weapons sites and places, I think like Kazakhstan, they were amazed how big the Soviet program was. It was about ten times bigger than previously assumed. We also had the defectors like Pasechnik and others talking about this weapons program.

But if if we get hit with super smallpox, then, of course we know who did it. But if you have these fur farms in China that haven’t changed since COVID, if you have these open markets where you can buy all sorts of meats and you still have these bat caves and everything, this gives China plausible deniability because some of these African pangolins are shipped to China and sold over there.

All sorts of plausible deniability that can be created because it’s stupid if you use a designer weapon and everybody knows who did it or has a fair idea who did it. But if it looks like a natural origin, if it looks like some accident, if it looks like just bad oversight, then nobody can really attribute the attack.

It’s just like when American authorities talked about the attribution problem, when it came to cyber attacks. You know, it’s the same with some biological attacks. It’s hard to trace it to the source. And how do you respond politically and militarily when the attribution isn’t ironclad? So I think that that plays into into China’s strategy and also some of these other places.

I mean, Al Qaida and other Islamist groups, they have all these natural reservoirs of viruses, the bats and the camels and diseases like MERS. You know, this was right after COVID subsided when the leading German scientists, they talked about MERS, which is a disease that comes from camels, but it can jump to humans or it can be engineered to jump to humans.

So the same with Israel. You know, when when Israel is hit with a traditional biological weapon, Israel may respond with a biological weapon, but if it’s some sort of a camel disease or a bat disease, nobody will claim ownership or maybe some false traces are being laid out and some weird groups claim ownership of that attack.

Nyquist: It’s interesting how the pattern of communist infiltration in Germany, in Australia and New Zealand and South America and the United States and France is similar because in every one of these countries it involves the fact that communism is been tolerated within the universities, within the then within the political system, that anybody that objects to it as inimical to the system as an enemy subversion becomes blacklisted by history as as the book on McCarthy says.

And now we’ve evolved to where now the younger generation think, there’s nothing wrong with communist ideas. We have a cadet graduating from West Point who is an open communist. Now, I understand they got him out of the US military, but these people are enemies of the system.

They are not friend friends of the system or of us. You could say a communist might be a perfectly nice person, but his ideas are poison because if you practice those ideas, it leads to mass murder, mass death, impoverishment of entire nations, starvation. It is an open door to every psychopath to come in and say, in the name of the people, you know, I have to kill all these other people.

This is what it amounts to. And people don’t recognize the danger of communism and socialism. The problem is socialism. Well, you know, if you’re against socialism, you don’t have any heart, right? You’re just an awful rightwinger, you’re a Nazi, whatever. Even though the communists are really working with the Nazis and spreading Nazi kind of thoughts to help themselves into power in different places.

But the reality is, is that all of this in all the countries has destroyed not just the the ability to defend within the society, to defend our cultures, but it’s also now progressively destroying our actual ability to defend our countries, whether it’s America or Australia. I mean, the Australian military I have heard, is in terrible shape, just terrible shape.

They’re so behind Canada, too. And it’s like America’s the only one that’s one that’s in the best shape. And we know how badly they’ve been treated by the Obama, the Biden and Obama administration. So and of course, Jean can talk about France. We haven’t heard that much about France, but it’s bad in all the countries. And we have to realize what the common enemy is and we have to rally against that enemy.

Robin: Before giving way to Alexander so that he talks about Germany, I wanted to say a few words about Elon Musk, because the problem with the communists is that they’re everywhere and on both sides. So even Musk is now this hero of free speech, right? He bought Twitter not for money, not for glory, but to defend free speech.

Now, what did he do? First thing, he reinstated people such as Andrew Tate. So a Russian stooge, highly toxic, anti-Western and Muslim. So he reinstated Alex Jones, took a bit longer because he said, well, when you harm kids, it’s different. So now Musk is this hero from the right libertarian side.

But he was voting Joe Biden a few years ago and now what is he doing? Well, what is what has he been doing? He has been taking all the money from the state, the US state, to push the Russian and Chinese narrative about climate change with the electric vehicle. Right. He was the first to do it. And now everybody is doing it, especially the European Union, who are banning the the regular cars, diesel cars and imposing by 2035 electric cars.

So this is, you know, really a good opportunity for China. So Elon Musk is this guy. He’s stealing all the money from the US state. Yeah. As a Russian and Chinese stooge, pushing the narrative on the electric car, which is really a nonsense nonsensical on all. You can see it from all sides, economic side, social side. It’s nonsense.

But he’s pushing it and he’s got a Giga factory in Shanghai. As we all know, he’s given his technology to the Chinese because he’s he’s also running SpaceX. So he’s really the perfect guy to infiltrate the US at the highest level. He’s not even an American, right? He’s a South African. So when you add everything up, he’s lying like hell.

I can recommend some videos about Thunder Foot. You go on this channel from the foot and you’ll see everything that Musk has lied about and he’s lied about a lot. And so he could be in jail. It should be in jail, actually. Not because of, you know, what this senator in Australia wants, but he’s light just as much as anything but home state.

So it’s the same kind of crook and grifter and the Andrew Tate story and I can link this with Candace Owens because you mentioned some people who are well, Candace Owens is one of them who is anti-Semite. Now, I think we can say it and that’s why she’s been kicked off of the Daily Wire and she has big links to undertake to through her husband, whom she met in 2019.

And he knew Andrew Tate before he was famous. And he’s a very important guy, very rich. He was the head of Parler at one point. And now Parler is down, I think. yeah, yeah. And his her his. Yeah. So, so all of this is done because Elon Musk also I forgot he said I want to make Twitter into a WeChat or western WeChat, you know.

Benesch: I talked with Jeff a while ago about the ancestors of Elon Musk. I think it was about his grandfather. If I remember correctly. He was in Canada and he was tied to a technocratic socialist movement. This was also connected to universities in America. And so the idea was to present socialism in a different way.

You tell people it’s not about just communist officials making all the decisions. If we’re going to have the scientists make the decisions, we’re going to issue a special card for every citizen at birth. And with this card, we will allocate resources. And like a social credit system, basically. But it being run by scientists is supposed to give it a Western appeal.

And so this this ancestor of Elon Musk was running with this idea. He was also getting into traditional conspiracy media and eventually the Canadian government shut this whole organization down. And if I’m not mistaken, Elon’s grandfather was even arrested. You know, connected to those to those events. And so ultimately, the guy goes to South Africa, into this apartheid system because he believes this is the way to go and to publish some more pamphlets containing traditional conspiracy media.

Now, with Elon, he’s kind of in this honeymoon phase with ideology. You know, this usually happens in your early twenties. You know, when you’re in college and you find some ideology that fits a personality type, right? So if you’re the entrepreneur type, it could be standard baseline libertarianism, which is also infiltrated heavily by the Russians, but it could be something else.

And this usually happens in early twenties or maybe even your late teens. But with Elon, he was so busy studying and creating his first companies, he just didn’t care for it a long time. And only in the last couple of years he’s gotten into ideologies and it seems like he’s in this honeymoon phase with the ideologies he found.

So he’s not really as critical yet as you would expect from a man his age. Now, normally when you have kids, when you’re older, you see ideologies fail. You learn about ideologies failing in history. Usually at his age, you need to have a critical distance to these baseline narratives. They’re being spread out there. So I haven’t found a direct connection yet between Elon and his ancestor, who was a technocrat, meaning scientists run everything.

It’s just like socialism, but with lots of Elons. But, you know, we understand that he is limited or he feels limited by capitalism. He’s been struggling with Tesla, he’s been establishing spaceX. Now he’s he’s losing money with Twitter. He wants to make all kinds of decisions. But he’s hampered by the markets, by consumers, you know, by capitalism, essentially.

So maybe he’s developing an animosity against capitalism. And he would rather prefer if lots of Elons out there just allocate the resources and run everything. O

Robin: So now, could you tell us about news from Germany? So you were talking about the AfD.

Benesch: This is the story of the day. And this also has made international headlines, of course.

So this happened in the last 12 to 24 hours, a very important arrest has been made and it concerns the close assistant to essentially the leading extreme right wing politician. The politician is called Maximilian Krah from the AfD Party. He’s up for reelection. You know, he wants to be very important in the coming years and decades in the European Parliament.

And so his assistant gets arrested on espionage charges relating to China. And we already know that Mr. Krah is very much a fan of China. He’s forgiving China pretty much everything, he wants Germany to get closer and closer to China, just to move away from America. And in Germany, the laws are very weak on espionage.

So if it’s a serious case, which according to the indictment it is, it will get you up to ten years in prison. Now, for Americans, that sounds like a sick joke, because it is. But it’s always been that way all during the Cold War and we’ve always had some really significant traitors like Heinz Felfe. They get a bunch of years in prison, then they get exchanged or swapped for somebody else.

Then they go to that respective country and they get the red carpet treatment. Mr. Krah is already under investigation by the American FBI. So when he visited America, the FBI detained him and questioned him relating to text messages that spoke about a a compensation scheme, reactivating a past compensation scheme.

There may have been money coming from a pro Russian activist in America. So this is a big shake up right now because the AfD Party has been gaining traction quite a bit. And this is a situation that we’ve observed for a while now. The leader of the party, Ms. Alice Weidel, she actually spent some years in China. She’s fluent in Mandarin.

And we know we know already that Xi Jinping has sidelined certain officials in China. They’re so afraid of doing something wrong, they rather do nothing. But this then gets morphed into this narrative that Xi Jinping is one of the good guys now who is working with Russia, he secretly hates communism, and he’s now part of this good alliance that can liberate the West from the grand conspiracy.

And it’s also been in the news in recent months that Russia and China are now coordinating their propaganda. They’re using the same narratives in the same time frame. But at some point in the near future, they have to come out in the open and tell these audiences in Europe, in the United States, China is now good. They will have to do that in the near future.

They haven’t done it now because it’s a tough sell when it comes to especially the American audiences. But we’ve seen some trial balloons, for example, by Alex Jones. He tried this at least once. I’ve seen it myself at least once, where he alluded Xi Jinping may be secretly fighting communism, wanting to change China. And this was probably intended to gauge a reaction from the audience to see if they can be brought towards that narrative step by step.

But I mean, in before 2008, Alex Jones called Vladimir Putin a KGB demon. But then after 2008, the Obama era, he took these steps and it went from year to year to year until it reached that final stage of saying the spirit of 1776 is now Russia. And they do it better than we do and we have to learn from them.

They will enable us to have another revolution, to have another 1776 and liberate us from the Rothschild conspiracy or whatever. So it’s it’s that crazy if you if you’re watching ultra right wing politicians, right wing politicians aligning themselves with China in public. Now this man that was now arrested, he’s been recruiting people from the AfD Party to go to China and, you know, take part in conferences and, you know, possibly get recruited, I might imagine.

And they’re just putting it out there. They’re just saying, we’re going to do this. This is the new normal. I haven’t seen anything like this in America that brazenly, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to come.

Nyquist: I heard Owen Shroyer, who I think is Alex Jones’s little mini-me. He’s a younger guy. I heard him do this extraordinary little bit where he said China and Russia are the good guys. America’s the bad guys. You may saw that one and I watched it about three or four times, it was only like 4 minutes long but it just boggles my mind that they could put this forward so that a identified right wing supposedly patriotic, freedom loving American broadcast is advancing.

Russia and China as the good guys and America is the bad guys. And I think it was Tucker Carlson kind of famously just recently said, America is the bad guys. So this is this is becoming mainstreamed. That mainstreaming means you’re going to make it so everybody accepted it. So I think that’s where it’s headed.

Loudon: Well, you know, the the almost universal belief now that the CIA killed Kennedy, which is echoed by Tucker Carlson. And, you know, people I work with are saying this kind of stuff. The other thing you’re starting to see now is the communists got a raw deal. You know, the communists, we should have been friends with the communists. Our evil occupiers poisoned us against the communists.

The communists win as bad as we were told. That was all a lie. That was all a CIA Jewish lie. You know, we work with these these guys. And so these means are definitely infiltrating the right now. You know, you’ve got and people are saying to me, seriously, as you should see these, all right, he’s a white hat.

He’s he’s on our side. So you’re getting serious. And this isn’t just low level people. I’m getting serious politicians saying this kind of thing to me. You know, it’s not just Marjorie Taylor GREENE who is right out there saying this kind of stuff. This is this is people you think would know better, people that Jeff and I meet with and deal with, people that I’ve worked with for a long time.

So, yes, it is a very serious issue and and I think it was a major victory when when Johnson the other day stood up and said, this is the evil empire that was a bit of a stake in the sand. I think we need to find that that was a good sign that the risk there is resistance to this subversion.

Benesch: Yeah, let’s talk about 911 for a second here, because, you know, this was the seminal moment, I think, of the conspiracy movement. It had almost fallen asleep in the nineties. It was concerned with UFOs and aliens, which is now a big thing again. People probably saw the Tucker Carlson guest appearance on Joe Rogan.

I’m going to look into that as well. But you know, this this is when 911 happened and the Internet became a widespread thing. The conspiracy movement exploded. And I’m suspecting that Russia was on it from the first moment, you know, when all these news stars were born and some of these older stars or upcoming stars like Alex Jones became really famous.

But people think in America now listening to, you know, Jones and Tucker, this sort of idiotic isolationism, why should we care about Europe? Why should we care about the Germans or what happens to them? Well, think about this. Who was responsible for security in the city of Hamburg when the pre 911 Al Qaida cell was in Hamburg? Mohammed Atta and these guys, they were based in Hamburg.

And 30 of these guys were living in the same apartment. They listed that very same apartment as their home address. And and nobody really bothered to to check them out that much. And the whole city of Hamburg was controlled by the Social Democrats, which which are in power now. And the very specific man in charge of security of Hamburg, that man was Olaf Scholz back then.

He’s now our chancellor. So messing up security or failing sort of at security in Hamburg made 911 possible. And then the very same social Democratic Party used the Bush war on terror as a pretext to bring Germany closer to Russia. Funny how that happens. And I don’t remember anybody from this American 911 Truth movement ever looking into this angle.

You know, the Russian connections to this Social Democratic Party. We know this from the big defectors like Golitsyn, they all said the same thing. The German Social Democrats are Moscow’s tool. They failed at security in Hamburg. And then 911 happened. And this whole thing, this whole operation could have been stopped with a single listening device or a single source.

And even if the Germans had complained about the legal hurdles to surveil people, all they had to do and this is codified in German law since 1945, since, you know, the occupation by the Americans, counterintelligence has been built into this republic from the beginning. So all they had to do was pick up the darn phone or get a meeting with an American diplomat and tell them, look, we have a problem with Islamists here in Hamburg.

You know, these Saudi Arabians and the Iranians, we have a problem here. Can you help us out now? Guess how easy it would have been to get a FISA warrant and have Americans plant a listening device or have Americans infiltrate that cell? Would have been the easiest thing in the world because America, you know, America has has to protect the rights of its own citizens, but not the rights of some Syrians or some Saudi Arabians living in Hamburg.

It would have been that easy. Pick up the phone, prevent 911. Didn’t happen. So I think this needs to be a bigger issue in America. If you look at our German chancellor, because he’s done his utmost so far to slow down weapons deliveries to Ukraine. And if Ukraine falls, the problem will get bigger for Americans. And I think that social Democrats here are very talented when it comes to creating problems for America.

Loudon: Well, Scholz used to spend most of his youth in East Germany, didn’t they? They consorting with, you know, Erich Honecker and all of his friends and Angela merkel before her before him. You know, she was former etiological chief of the East German communist youth, trained in Moscow. But this but the Christian Democrats, I was told of it.

Benesch: It was Helmut Kohl who helped the career of Angela merkel. And everybody was kind of irritated by it. But he specifically recommended her without giving a specific reason. Now, with current new studies that came out, we know that Helmut courts black budgets were leaked to the Communist Stasi because one of his people, Mr. Kanter, was a Stasi spy.

So the Communists had everything about courts funny money, which was significant. And he even worked with some of the the, the, some of the people whose fathers were big shots in, you know, in the Nazi era. And so the communists kind of made a deal with West Germany offering to stay quiet about that information. But in exchange they wanted things.

You know, we don’t know how much the communists had on on Western Germany. It may have been enough to sway Mr. Kohl, who was known as as pro-America. Right. But it may have been enough to get core to promote Angela merkel.

Robin: You know, and we all remember how cold and Mitterrand held hands. You know, this famous picture for the European construction, whereas European construction is pro-Russian and pro-Chinese.

So I wanted to see little things about France here because I don’t know about Germany, but in France, China is really painted in a good way, like each and every day on the national television. 8:00 PM you have this great shows about China. Believe it or not, Merkel has called himself a maoist and it didn’t create a scandal.

It didn’t. It was in 2017 during this campaign for presidential election. When I said that to Dr. Aluminum, whom I interviewed, she said, Really? Are you serious? He said, These are Maoist because it was so because Mao killed between 50 and 70 million people. We don’t exactly know. But Macron can call himself the Maoist in France and become president, and that’s no big deal.

So China, I just made a video about a French guy who everybody sees now. He’s on every television shows because he’s anti-Putin and he has been for a long time now, never talks about China. Never, never one word but he’s good friend is from Japan, is a collaborator a stooge of the Chinese Communist Party. He’s he’s got the Friendship Medal of the CCP, you know, just like Putin, by the way.

And so how father was the prime minister, France under Chirac and we gave to the Chinese the for technology against the will of the Americans and some of the French secret services. So now I can talk to you about a few news in France this past days or weeks. Quick one, according to a report published yesterday by the French Audit office.

So it’s called Le Caldicott in French 3600 military posts were eliminated, eliminated last year, whereas the Ministry of the Armed Forces had planned to create new ones. So this is a big deal because it shows really where my coin is heading and nobody talks about it because he talks big for Ukraine, but he acts big for Russia, in fact.

And a second big news is Nikola. No, no. So is the head of the DGSE, the France External Secret Service, and he’s seen on these Wikipedia picture with a new likes for old of an elephant just behind him. So it’s it’s a great advertising for collection. And according to me it could be a signal to the French resistance.

Like we hear you the Secret Service are with you, but we cannot say we are with you or we cannot do any more at the moment. So I was told, and you can maybe tell us, Alexander. I was told the German head of Secret Service was also on a picture with new light for all behind. But I couldn’t find the picture, so I don’t know if it exists.

And maybe you can tell us.

Benesch: I haven’t seen the picture, but he’s he’s very oblique. He’s kind of adopted this position that was popular 20 years ago, you know, the Bush era Bush era view on Russia. Let’s just get, you know, get them closer to us and keep the Russians away from China, which is, of course, very naive.

So sometimes he seems like he’s adopting that position. But when you listen to some other statements, clearly indicates that communism was never done the fall. He indicates that the fall of the Soviet Union was fake. And this lie, you know, that was told was used as a as a pretext to weaken Western Europe. So he signals that he knows about and he knows about the other defectors, He knows about what’s going on.

But at the same time, he still seems to be clinging towards that Bush era notion that you can rather with the Russians and keep them away from the Chinese. So it’s is is very oblique. It’s it’s very, very weird. And I’m going to I’m going to I’m pestering him to get an interview and do a real spy talk with him because he was trained a as an administrator, you know, in Germany, you think that, you know, public administrators are capable of anything.

You know, they can run this ministry or that ministry or an intelligence agency. It’s kind of it’s kind of silly in a way, but it’s it’s being done here. And I remember a conference in 2018 in, Berlin. This was a spy conference. And you had Mr. Masson, head of the Interior Intelligence Agency of Germany, and you also had the British head of MI5.

And they talked about how much integrated European intelligence now is. And the main enemies are the Russians and the Chinese. So I’m wondering, where did all that go? You know, why haven’t we seen more arrests? Because sometimes counterintelligence can be really simple. I mean Trevor mentioned these examples, you know, with open communists running around, sometimes it’s really easy.

It’s not like leftists imagine it to be where any statement could get you into the crosshairs of a witch hunt and all that nonsense. But sometimes it can be very simple. And here’s another is another example concerning. All offshore. It’s now a few years ago, he was heading a ministry that was supposed to oversee corporations and make sure everything goes according to the law.

And so at the time there was a gigantic German company, which is called Wirecard. This was a payment processor, and they wanted to become a major player. They wanted to be bigger than PayPal, they wanted to be bigger than Facebook, and they wanted to integrate themselves with these American companies. You know, they really, really went after Zuckerberg from Facebook.

They really wanted to integrate Wirecard into Facebook. And so this huge corporation, Wirecard, was essentially a fraud. These profits didn’t really exist. They claim to make these great profits in Asia, and the stock value was just going up and up and up and up and up as if this company was was a major international player. Now, some British, British journalists, they kind of understood that this was a fraud and they used a few plane tickets and a photo camera to travel to these places where these grand profits were supposedly made and they found these little shacks and these office buildings where nothing was going on.

So all it took was some plane tickets and a photo camera to expose one of the largest companies of all of Germany. And it’s questionable why German intelligence didn’t figure this out. Why Olaf Schulz figure this out? And it seems like the British understood that this was an espionage problem as well, because the leader of WIRECARD is now regarded by American and British intelligence to be a Russian spy.

Mr. Marsalek, who escaped when the company and he’s still in play. Apparently he’s facilitating money transfers allegedly to various Russian operatives. And it’s a so silly if you look at this this whole this whole case, it was so simple to do counterintelligence. You don’t need you didn’t need to, you know, to do anything outlandish, you know, to to compromise the Constitution or anything.

You just needed to do a solid job, get a few agents or let’s say two agents, get them a few plane tickets and a photo camera. And that’s enough. You know, sometimes it’s remarkable easy to do this now.

Robin: So I wanted to have Jeff and Trevor opinion on this. Nikola Leonov story is not a big story. According to you because I can remind the units in was believed in France before he wrote his book in 1984.

By the account, the man who was the head of the external Secret Service under Pompidou and as we know, Pompidou died quite early. And it’s he said it it alleged he alleged that it was because of he was poisoned. And we all know that Kennedy was killed because he believed collapsing as well. So do you think now now I mean, this is no coincidence, is it?

Well, it’s fascinating. You know, listen, there was the Hugh gets skill. The head of the Labor Party in Britain was someone that glitz and it said, Look, they’re planning to murder head of a major political party in the West to replace him with the next in line who happens to be their agent.

And of course, Hugh gets after having tea crumpets at the Russian embassy, dies of lupus. You know, it’s an autoimmune that attacks your own organs And they they said, look, he there’s something funny here. They really strongly suspected it. The British and this is in Peter Wright spy catcher if people want to read about it and of course the head of the Labor Party, then that emerged was Harold Wilson, who had all these connections to Eastern Europe, all these business connections to Eastern Europe.

So that’s an example. And of course, your point about Lerner, I’ve seen them the picture, by the way, glitz is behind him. I mean, I’ve seen it. I don’t know. I have to dig it up. But yeah, that’s a curious thing there on his bookshelf. But then he has a whole bunch of intelligence books. And if you look at them, there’s some of them that I wouldn’t agree with.

So, you know, I’ve got books that I don’t agree with what the people say in them. So it doesn’t you know, I once asked the famous talk show host, one of the talk show hosts in America here, Dennis Prager, who originally trained in the Soviet Bulgaria. I said, have you heard of bullets? And it I was talking to him when the August coup.

I called his show when the August coup was happening in 1991. I said, Have you heard of this book? He says, Yes, I have it on my shelf. Look, Gullickson saying, This is all trick. He’s predicting all this. It’s happening in real time. And I said, read the book. He goes, Well, I don’t have to read it. If it’s a trick.

It’s a good thing is with Prager said to me, because liberty is winning. So this was because he never read it. He had the book on a shelf and Dennis Prager never read it. So the fact that Lerner has the book on a shelf, it doesn’t even necessarily mean that he read it. But it is interesting and I sure would like to know more about him.

But it could it be a coincidence that he’s he’s got he’s got a picture and the book behind him, I mean, what do you think of it? Well, it’s a little bit like Trump supporters think they see Trump flashing little. Q and on signs, you know, and this is a signal to the base. But I look, I hope he is I know that I hear there’s a lot of Polish intelligence officers are very, very clued up.

They understand Goitsyn very well. But but if we look at Gleason’s main champion in the United States was James Jesus Angleton, the head of CIA counter. But he was fired while there was a scandal engineered by the the far left congressman for a senator from Ohio, from Idaho, you know, the hearings church, the church, Frank Church. And then he was basically got out he was pushed out by by Colby.

And I’ve read Colby’s book. You know, Colby struck me who was the head of the CIA. He struck me as this kind of communist. I read years ago. I read his book that this he was having meetings with Vietnamese communists, unauthorized. He was involved in these left wing veterans groups. And this kind of thing. And by the way, when Colby died, I was told by a CIA agent that at the time of his death, a very suspicious death, he fell out of a canoe out fishing.

His wife was having an affair at the time with a Cuban intelligence officer. So but just on the glitz and thing, when my friend who I’ve talked about before, was training in Moscow in 1983, they were told then that the there was going to be a big opening in the in the Soviet Union. Those guns were going to they were going to de-emphasize the word communism was going to be a newly coming forward.

And this was supposed to happen under Andropov. You know, Andropov was this hip, cool, jazz loving whiskey, new breed of KGB officer, and he was supposed to lead this super detente, you know, but he died of kidney disease. So They would these people were trained and they were told they had to put Chernenko in to before they could train up the next leader.

Well, this was 83. Nobody had heard of Gorbachev then, and Gorbachev was the man that was trained up to fulfill the role that Gilbertson basically predicted. But I got this confirmed from a guy training at Lenin’s Institute for Higher Learning. They were because they had to explain something to the Communists who were training the who were worried about the Afghan war and worried about the drop in Soviet prestige and all this kind of thing.

They had to prepare them for the current for the coming fall of communism to try and keep them on board to some degree. So I might add to that, Trevor, I had two sources. One was a a a bald dolphin who the KGB tried to recruit in the GRU tried to recruit. And when the GRU was recruiting me, he was very close to joining it.

He was in the Soviet military when they went. They saw he spoke English without an accent, By the way. He sort of self-taught himself when he was a kid. And he told me that they had told him the same thing, that your New Zealand guy was told that they were going to open the Soviet Union up and they were going to get rid of communism, but it was all going to be a trick.

And he knew about it because they wanted him so badly to be a spy. They brought him to places, they showed him in the meetings. And then the other fellow who had advanced notice was Robert Bukar, who did the documentary on the Velvet Revolution. He interviewed STB officers saying the orders came from Moscow to to start the Velvet Revolution, and Robert knew about it from his work in the office of the president.

He worked for the president of communist Czechoslovakia. And they he knew in 1978. And what blew his mind was when I got him, I introduced him to a couple of CIA guys, including former head of CIA counterintelligence and he who had worked in Czechoslovakia when that same year that Robert was working in the office of the president. And he said, Well, well, when did you find out that they were going to fake the collapse of communism?

And he said, Well, we never found that out, you know, clueless. I have a question for John regarding these. Before your question, I wanted to to say two things about what Jeff and Trevor said. One thing about what Jeff said, the the guy who came after Pompidou is skilled this time. He was the next president of France. And when Mao died in 76, so he was president since 74, he said this A beacon of humanity is dead as extinguished, you know, a beacon of humanity talking about Mao.

And this was just Galveston and talking about, Yeah, can I say something there to to set the stage for the New Zealand’s anti-nuclear move of 1983 and 1984, French intelligence blew up a yacht in Auckland, New Zealand, killing somebody because this yacht was a Greenpeace yacht protesting French nuclear tests in the Pacific. And this this really sparked the anti-nuclear movement, the New Zealand that just sent it through the roof.

Well, that was ordered by Charles Head here in Chile. Yes. Who was who was then the French minister of defense, who I believe was later revealed to be a Soviet agent. Yep. KGB agent. So? So this KGB agent ordered French intelligence to blow up a yacht, which absolutely sent the anti-nuclear sentiment in Brazil through the roof, which set the stage for the anti-nuclear legislation later engineered by the Soviets.

Robin: That’s a good point. And the other thing I wanted to say is about what you said about QAnon. It’s true that those people, they see each and every kind of sign and they interpret it in a wrongful way most of the time. Now, this is different. This is the glitch since book. So in France and everywhere else, this book has been censored, completely censored since it was published in 1984.

I was the first one to translate that in French 38 years after it was released. So to see this book behind a major head of state, I mean, it’s not a head of state. He’s a major guy in the French state, the head of the DGSE, DGSE. So he’s controlling 7000 agents, you know, and it’s not nothing. And so the French Secret Service are really good.

It’s been recognized. So to see this book on a picture cannot be some sign that is to be interpreted, especially when we know that in the Secret Service we can throw these signs. And so people can understand them. Right. So I think, yeah, it’s not something it’s not a coincidence. It cannot be known that as he read it.

I don’t know. I don’t care really, because the simple fact that it’s there behind him is is enough for me to know that Glissant is known in the Secret Service. Maybe the 7000 agents haven’t read it, I’m sure, but some of them I’ve read it. And it’s it’s true that other books on this shelf were not pro-Clinton. Even one is is against God.

It’s in and is saying is a fraud. But what I 100% of the time we never hear about religion and now we hear about him in a special way. So that’s what I as a French resistance, I can see this as hope that within the Secret Service, especially the DGSE that was run by come to my house and come to my house, believed him.

And then yes, let’s see, he believed him. And then Pompidou was killed. So. And Kennedy was killed too, because of that. So they’re quite, you know, they take care of what they. This is understandable. Yes, I’m listening about your question.

Benesch: Yeah. I was wondering about your take on the strength of traditional conspiracy mythology in the French speaking world, because I did a study on modern conspiracy media and I figured I figured that the initial wave of conspiracy literature, the first modern bestselling books like, for example, four volumes serious by Augustin Barruel.

Well, this was an operation aimed at destabilizing France because this literature was not just French literature, but also John Robertson spoke proofs of a conspiracy. There was also a German one that nobody remembers. August one stock’s book. This whole campaign was supposed to create chaos in France because it painted the French Revolution as a satanic conspiracy. You know, it was just the work of the devil and anarchists.

So and and then there’s this Austrian professor, Klaus Oberhauser, who agrees with me, who put out his own study saying the same thing. And then in the early 1800s, the French early socialists, these these French early socialists, they created the next wave of conspiracy media, introducing this idea of Jewish mass through conspiracy, thereby creating what what then was taken over by the right wing.

So this was like a massive operation to begin with. And now the Russians have a lot of control over it. So how strong is this mythology in the French speaking world still?

Robin: Well, I’m no historian, so I didn’t dig up as much as you did for Germany and the rest. But what I can tell you is that in France we have had a long tradition of anti Semitism going back to the Kings, you know, Louis, the ninth and stuff like that, who kicked out the Jews.

And so so within the Catholic church, it’s really embedded. And it went through time, through today. And then you had the socialists, of course, who who developed a different kind of anti-Semitism, but they kind of joined with a guy called Dumont. So it wanted it wanted them all. So he wrote La France juive, the Jewish France, and it was a bestseller at the time.

It I think, 80 different reprintings. So it was huge. But then, as you know, we were occupied by the Nazis and then anti-Semitic became mainstream, but then it was completely overturned with liberation. And so France became an ally with Israel, believe it or not, and we gave Israel the bomb. So during the Fourth Republic. So we went all the way, all the other way.

And then with the goal back in 67, the 27th of November 67, he had a press conference when he said really anti anti-Semitic stuff about Israel, that it was I mean, I’m not going to say it again, but the goal was really it was Catholic and. He didn’t like the fact that Israel went against his advice with the six days war, you know, so then anti Semitic was back again officially.

And so then you had this Muslim immigration. So on top of Catholic and socialist anti-Semitism, you had Muslim anti-Semitism. And then in 2000 and during the 2000, you had the French equivalent of, Alex Jones, who was an asshole. And this guy is close to in yet Here you go. So he’s been financed by Iran. He said it himself.

I think he said $1 million or something, a huge sum for his campaign in 2009. I see was European campaign. He partnered with a very famous humourist here called Jordan In an envelope is a camera Cameroon origin. So it was a big deal because he is an anti-Semite. He did a sketch in 2003 saying bad things about Israel.

And so he was kicked out of the media, but he was very famous, so he kept on going out of the system with the with the rise of the Internet. And it was a huge deal. And Saul benefited from this media. He was himself invited 40 times on French television. And so he created an association called Égalité Equal Citizen.

So equality and reconciliation, if it exists in English and they developed a pro Muslim, socialist, Catholic, anti-Semite organization. And there you have it. And this guy was close to Dugin, of course, and he was financed by Iran. He went all the way to Syria, Iran, North Korea, even. He never went to China, but he went to North Korea and came back saying it was one of the best countries I’ve ever lived in, believe it or not.

So there you have the French Alex Jones, and he lives now in Switzerland because he’s got so many lawsuits. He’s been convicted 70 or 75 times. He should be in jail. But he escaped because he’s the double nationality. He’s Swiss as well as French. And Switzerland doesn’t have, you know, the courts with him. So he can remain there and be tranquil.

So we have this this this guy, obviously, with his association, he created a company, a publishing, and he’s publishing all the anti-Semite books from from the past, including a forgery, from demo and all the rest. And he’s a revisionist as well because there’s a big revisionist current in France with what we saw who was received by Ahmadinejad when he was head of Iran and a Germany.

So and the others all support it for good. And they had fully so come on stage in front of 5000 people. It was a big deal. Yeah. And this guy denied the Holocaust and he was excluded from the media. But then he came back through Jordan and so on. And on top of this, you have Jeremy. So with 9 million.

Yep. So he lives now in Syria, but he was one of the first one in the world, I think in 2002 to write a book about an inside job. And he was invited, believe it or not, on the second channel of French television, one of the biggest Buy TV ads. So I wrote a book on this guy, Chariots, really an anti-Semite, revisionist as well.

And so he pushed the Thierry Meissan story. The guy sold 250,000 books, and then this created a big stir. So you had the inside job thesis and the the officials, he says, but never the fact that the Russians were behind these limits. And so this is the way we crushed the truth in France like everywhere else. And so now Jeremy is living in Syria, but it’s really a coincidence.

Benesch: Did you all see that report by Alex Jones a few weeks maybe were like two or three months ago. This was on Infowars, where Jones was promoting the idea that he’s against World War Three. He wants to prevent World War three, which is like an old communist talking point, obviously.

But he told this story of he told the story of basically Jewish occupation of Russia for 85 years. So this this conspiracy was controlling Russia during communism. But then Putin freed his people. And he was also making the historical argument that this Roth child conspiracy, by helping along the communist revolution in Russia as a payback Lenin, Lenin handed over or released Ukraine as its own state.

So this was like a Judas payment, according to that narrative, a Judas style payback for the help received for the Communist revolution in Russia. Did you see that? No, but. But I’ve heard similar narratives. Yeah. And it means basically it means and this is kind of the thing that I see with MAGA and in America it basically means if, if Ukraine, if all of Ukraine comes into Russian control, they think it’s then freed from the Jewish conspiracy.

But if America if America has control of the Ukraine, then it’s part of the Jewish conspiracy or it’s it’s controlled by the Jews.

Nyquist: Yeah. And what’s really interesting is, is that they simultaneously say that Ukrainians are Nazis. So they’re they’re proud. They’re it’s a Jewish Nazi conspiracy, which is what they end up with because. Yeah, but this is all trying to do this convergence of the left and the right with this anti-Semitism.

Benesch: This is how they want to create a civil war in America because the Russians are simultaneously working with the left and the right in Russia. Sometime they want them to work together. Sometimes they have completely different narratives for these groups. So for example, the left gets this old Leninist narrative that it’s just the end stage of capitalism, but the right wing is told it’s the Jewish conspiracy.

So we’ve even heard Medvedev wishing for a civil war in America. He said this after the Ukraine aid package was, Well, I’ll tell you something. We’ve seen several mass killings in the United States and a lot of these people, they will have the black sun symbol. A lot of these these killers, you know, that do against the the national Bolsheviks, you know, they believe in this thing.

Loudon: Well, Brenton Tarrant, who who killed 51 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, a few years ago, the Australian guy, he shot up 51 Muslims in a mosque. And has he released the manifesto, which is now illegal to possess in New Zealand? Right, but I a copy of it. And they would say, well, he’s a Trump supporter, you know, blah, blah, blah.

Look, the guy was in China, the guy admired China, he hated America, he hated Trump. He was a national Bolshevik, he had national Bolshevik symbology. And he specifically said in his manifesto said, I chose guns to do this massacre because that would exacerbate the gun debate in the United States. The left would come after the guns, the right would resist.

This would lead to a civil war, and America could no longer interfere on the world stage. So he was very explicit about this in his manifesto. But the whole world thinks he was a Trump supporter, you see. Yeah. And so that’s this national Bolshevik movement, this DOOGAN This national Bolshevik movement, they were the people who organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that where you had pro-Russian fighting on the street with pro-Russian Nazis.

And the American conservative movement got the blame. And talking about conspiracy theories, I wanted to talk about one that we heard about recently is Brigitte is a man. So because nobody knows, it seems it came from so it comes from, believe it or not, and so on once again. And he’s because there was an anti-Semite guy who died recently in 2013 or 14 and he had this this leaflet, it seems, or booklet called a document.

Robin: So when this anti anti-Semitic anti Semitic guy died. So I bought it from him and then they launched this Brigitte is a man hoax. They did a lot of they did a series on it so like hundred page stuff but it was all fake, all hoax. Now who picks it up? A year and a half after it was credited as a hoax here in France, Candace, And she does two videos on it, two one hour of videos on nothing, on a hoax.

And she says it’s true believe it. And so then she’s been fired by SHAPIRO and she takes out those two videos from her account. The only two videos that have been taken out from her account, from her YouTube channel. So it’s quite funny that knowing the links that we talked about between Candace Owens and Andrew Tate and Elon Musk and stuff like that, and so she’s turning now the black community in the US against the Jews because she’s being fired by a Jewish organization because she was criticizing Israel.

Now it’s not the whole story. And what she’s never said is that she did this hoax. Two videos on this hoax to be banned by SHAPIRO because I myself sent an email to The Daily Wire and says this is a hoax. She’s perpetrating a hoax from an anti-Semitic background by the French. Do get what? What are you doing?

Why are you keeping this girl? And she’s been protecting Andrew Tate, which is never said as well. So this is a bigger story than just the Jews in Israel.

Benesch: Yeah, a few years ago, one of the leading German national Bolsheviks was also tied to Duggan and all that. This guy put it bluntly. He said, We want to attract the losers of globalization.

Okay. So and this is sort of the gimmick that Andrew Tate is doing and others are doing. They see themselves as alpha men, as leaders, and they see a lot of people out there as losers. And they think that they can they can hoax losers, They can lie to the losers because they don’t they don’t see through it.

And this this, this we see this now, especially with Tucker Carlson, because he is Tucker Carlson. This is now warming up to flat Earth. He said it’s interesting. He wants to look into it. He’s into UFOs. He had he interviewed Alex Jones. He wants to just be attractive to anybody whom. Carlson Probably also views as losers of globalization or just losers.

Right. And this is just a condescending, just a very condescending nature that I see with a lot of people, especially Carlson and Andrew Tate, in these people, they see their audience as losers. They they laugh about their audience. They hate their audience, but they can sway them. They can control them. And we had this discussion in the nineties.

This was a book by a classic Leninist communist who is not as a new political party in Germany. Miss Wagenknecht. And she was she was debating she was debating another communist at the time Mr. is so and this was in 1996. So they were really sad about losing Eastern Germany and losing the Soviet Union. And they were questioning how do we get communism back on track?

And she was advocating a national Bolshevism and he wasn’t at the time he is now. She was already on board with this plan and she was giving all these arguments, even from communism itself, because in so eastern Germany, they even kept some of the old uniforms, you know, for the the NVA army, they kept talking about Bismarck, you know, how he was a friend of the Russians supposedly, and all that.

So they were keeping alive some of that Prussian heritage in in that communist state in order to seem more attractive to the general population. And she was making that argument in 1996. Then we need to do this on a grander, a larger scale, because This is the only way, because we can’t get everybody or most people with old school communism, essentially.

And so when National Bolsheviks are talking about America. They talk about George Washington in 1776, but they really hate this audience. They really think they’re they’re dumb and they’re losers. You know, they they want to sway them. Yeah, well, in America, that’s called MAGA communism, but it’s national Bolshevism repackaged for the American audience. But you’re 100% right.

Loudon: And this is, these are these sad young men who think their moment of glory is going to shoot at shooting up a supermarket, you know, winning the race war, because they’re going to go and kill 23 Hispanics or 15 blacks or whatever. And this is a national Bolshevik ideology that is that has spurred them on.

Benesch: Yeah, we got some 20 something people in jail in jail right now in Germany.

And this probably the biggest court case coming up in recent memory. So this is probably not is not quite as big yet as the R.A.F., the left wing terror, especially in the seventies. But it’s up there and this was a group of people and they had contacts through many more people. They had contacts to the AfD party and they got access to the German parliament.

And this group is accused of planning a coup, a literal coup, storming the parliament in Germany and taking people hostage. And so we know for a fact, because this all has leaked now in the press, we know that this right wing group was extremely pro-Russia. And they also they had satellite phones. Some of these people had special satellite phones that the Russians are handing out.

Apparently, there are visits to the Russian embassy and all that stuff. But the interesting thing in terms of the international dimension of this is they believed in what they called the alliance. This is supposed to be a worldwide alliance, including the MAGA movement, including the Russians. And and so they believe that they were going to get a signal, they were going to get some coded message or a direct message telling them to go to go forward and stage a coup in Germany.

And they would expect, according to to the indictments and this upcoming court case, they were expecting Russian help or they were hoping for Russian help to do this. So you will you see more of this when the court case starts international press, because this was fairly large when when the arrests were made.

Robin: Jeff, you want to say something?

Nyquist: Yeah, it’s it’s very interesting this whole way that the left and the right, the far left to the far right, this is the convergence thing. And I was you know, Golitsyn wrote about convergence, but not quite the same as this. And I think it makes perfect sense when you look at National Socialism and Hitler and communism and the way they have this on and off again alliance and the way they work together and I think that when you look at the leadership in China and in Russia, they’ve both taken lessons from Hitler because.

Hitler had this insight about socialism. Hitler realized, wait a minute, all this abstract Marxism, people aren’t going to fight for this. People are really kind of on the right there, or they tend to be how do you how do you get them? You make National socialism. And so what you see as China has been, I think, consciously getting closer to war, they have suddenly started emphasizing greater Han nationalism.

And you see Putin with his, you know, Nova Russia. You know, that whole thing about saying all this territory is Russian and the Ukrainians are really Russian. Again, using Russian nationalism when he is not a Russian nationalist. Right. And Xi Jinping is not a Chinese greater Han nationalist either. So they’re just it very cynically and they what they find is just like they will use libertarians or they’ll use Islam or they’re even use liberation theology as sort of a way of corrupting patriotism and turning it too into a socialist, you know, a cat’s path.

And I think that’s what this process is that we’re we’re largely seeing, and it’s a serious process. I’ve kind of watched it over the years. I know Trevor has, too, and I thought, wow, could they really pull this off? And yeah, they’re doing it. This vote in the U.S. Congress with most Republicans voting against this bill, kind of shows how much progress they’ve made in the political system here, too.

Robin: Maybe Trevor should comment, because he hasn’t spoken on that that well,

Loudon: Jeff’s exactly right. This you know, I’ll be watching the Dugin philosophy for, for 30 years now permeating the US right. But it’s really accelerated under the Q and on in the last few years the Margaret Communist movement, all of this, you know they you know the communists believe they’re going to have a world communist state.

The do unites believe they’re going to have a white state stretching from Siberia right across Canada, which will be all the white socialist paradise and everything else belong to the brown races. This is this is what they’re selling these people on. So it’s exactly what Hitler realized. You got to have a nationalist element to sell socialism and it may also indicate the division of the world between China and Russia.

Yes. Yeah, exactly. China gets to south, China gets to Brown south. Russia gets the white north.

Benesch: Yeah. And to me, that long term strategy described by Golitsyn and other defectors reminds me ominously of a Nazi B plan that was floating around in the 19, the 1940s when the war wasn’t going great. So this was a group of industrialists and party people and military officers, and they figured we could settle with these other powers, keep some of the gains, return quite a few of these territories that we’ve conquered.

We make a deal. We ban Hitler to his favored mountain or we just kill him. And we’re going to pretend that fascism is over never to return. And so with this fake phony change, this reset, they would have all these German, you know, the Siemens and Volkswagen and all them, they would grow and make international business with them and they would laugh at the notion that this was still run by fascists.

Of course, it would all be run by German intelligence. And and they were going to fool the world and have a mixed ideological system. So this would have democratic republic elements, this would have aristocratic elements. This would have some socialist. They were going to have a mix of ideology, a hybrid. Now, this sort of B plan pretty much sounds like what the Russians were, what Russians were doing after 1991, because they faked the end of communism.

They pretended it’s never communism will never return. And the Russians have maintained a hybrid ideological system. They use bits and pieces from set pieces, really from the old Russian aristocracy. They still have this antifascist mythology of beating the Nazis. They have some sort of fake democracy going on. So it’s it’s also a hybrid. And that’s how they can talk to different groups worldwide.

So, I mean, what else were the Russians going to do? It’s the same as with the Nazis back then. What other option did they have? They were either going to be successful in the war or do this other plan. And the same way with the Russians, they were either going to succeed with the initial plan or use this other option.

Robin: So as a conclusion to the show, I wanted you to react to the Olympic Games. Thus they’re going to happen in Paris. As you know. And it’s it’s already a mess. The city is run by the socialists and you have homeless people, drug addicts and filth all over the place. The river is polluted like never before, but they want the triathletes to swim one and a half kilometers in the in the city.

So. McCaughan Hidalgo, who is the socialist mayor of Paris, promised they will swim in the sand before the Olympics, allegedly in July. We’ll See what will happen during those games. But there are high risk of terrorist attacks and armies from around the world send troops to have the French army maintain order, which says a lot. So Russians are not welcome to participate.

Those Olympic Games are an opportunity for Macau to also impose CCP like measures on the French people and the tourists. Just like during the pandemic, for example, you will need a special QR code to access certain areas in Paris and we have seen in the past, and I would like you to comment on this, that Olympic Games are often very important for the Russians to trigger an attack like in 2008 against, Georgia and 2022, of course, against Ukraine.

Both Olympic Games happened in Beijing. So we’ll see if it’s the case against this time. What do you think? Yeah, well, I don’t know. You know, Olympic Games in Paris, this is in the summer. This is during the summer. You’ve got the Ukraine war in a critical state during the summer. And of course, that’s interesting. I suppose you have a sort of circus distraction element there for France and for maybe for the rest of Europe.

Nyquist: I don’t know. I Know that I when I lived in the L.A. area, they had the Olympics there, I think it was 1984, and it was quite distracting. I mean, it was it just took over the whole area. I mean, they were doing my dad even participated in helping the base. There was a bicycle thing that was going on in in in Orange County where I was living at the time.

And and my dad got involved in that. So everybody kind of gets dragged in because they need all this help to do the games and stuff. And so so people do get involved that it becomes absorbing. So I don’t know it maybe it covers the fact that the French president isn’t going to do anything about Ukraine and he’s not really going to arm France.

Benesch: Well, I expect I expect Islamic terrorism, because France has France has been using emergency laws or powers really to to combat Islamic terrorism. And they can do all sorts of operations. And and if anybody gets indicted, terrorism, you know, you need 50 lawyers to go through all the documentation. But there’s some there’s this another element to this, because in the nineties, the in the 1990s, the Russians were smuggling a lot of nuclear materials into Germany.

This has been all, you know, in the press here. This was talked about in in various books. And so we’re talking plutonium, we’re talking of enriched uranium. You’re talking radioactive garbage, which was not secured at all in the nineties in Russia. So you could pay people off with you limited sums of money and just drive that stuff, really drive that stuff through Ukraine, through Poland, into Germany and store there.

This has been called a potential blackmail risk for Germany. But it’s not just Germany because once it’s here, they can also move these materials to France, for example. And the implication is, of course, to have nuclear blackmail. There was actually one specific case of nuclear blackmail. This was with the Balkan War, I think this was in the book by Jürgen Roth at the time.

And so somebody threatened the German government. You cannot send soldiers to this war in the Balkans. You cannot send your troops there or else we will detonate either dirty bomb or an actual nuclear bomb. And so you you may see the same kind of stuff in France, maybe during the Olympics, because it’s a direct threat. Do not send your troops to the eastern flank of Naito because something of a larger scale might happen.

And it’s some sort of a blackmail that could actually work if you just can find these terrorists and can have so much dictatorship or emergency laws to find these nuclear materials. But there is somewhere and if the threat is credible, if an attack is carried out, a smaller attack, then France or Germany may actually not send these contingent, these these troop contingents to the eastern flank of NATO.

Loudon: Yeah, I think I think that’s a distinct possibility, I’m pretty sure. Well, I’m almost certain that we’re going to see some terrorist attacks in the United States through the summer. I think the wave of Hamas, pro-Hamas occupations, of the colleges and that kind of thing, I think that’s the staff, the start of the very, very violent some of the we’ve got coming up.

And of gets elected the start of extreme violence and the lame duck period between when he is elected and takes over. So yeah, I think it’s it’s a it’s a great big target, isn’t it? You know, it’s a very tempting target for the Russians, a very tempting target for Islamic terrorists working together or separately. I don’t think I’ll be booking a ticket to Paris through the summer.

And personally I wouldn’t either. But yeah, What what are terrorists looking for? Media. the media’s of the world will be on the Olympics at this moment. So it’s it’s almost obvious, But let’s hope the French government can make a deal with those terrorists if they manage to with the Secret Service in particular. But I’m very worried, as you are.

Robin: So I want to thank you very much, gentlemen. I don’t know if any one of them want to add something for a conclusion, but we are ready to our scope of so. Well, thank you for inviting us. It’s been been a great I think it’s been a great thing. And it’s good for people to see that there’s this perspective and that analysis is serious.

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