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The origins of religions are so distant that we run into the typical problems of historians and archaeologists, namely poor source materials, poor translations and forgeries that are sold as great revelations. The fewer the people who were able to write and pass on objective observations to posterity, the more difficult it is to get closer to the reality. Ancient languages used to be unlike the ones we use today; they could be missing vowels and used multiple dots to determine the meaning of a word. Or they didn’t necessarily mean what they were on paper literally.

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The Middle Ages are already very poorly documented in places, but the further back we go, the more we have to rely on scraps of parchment, stone tablets, clay tablets, statues and hearsay. There are no photos, no film recordings, no tapes. And what’s worse: There is so little historical source material about the secret mystery cults and secret services from antiquity and the Middle Ages that ordinary historians assume from the outset that no professional secret services of note existed in the past, only palace intrigues and military intelligence. In history there was neither a clean separation between state and religion, nor between religion or secret cults and secret services.
“Alternative” authors concocted any pseudo-sensations at will, without really scientifically reconstructing the past, and spread a mountain of misinformation in order to get more attention for themselves and for some political or religious agenda. Sometimes it is said that a Vatican world conspiracy is behind everything, elsewhere there is talk of a Jewish world conspiracy, other times heroic secret societies are said to have preserved the bloodline of Jesus and secretly do good works, and of course there is also the hype that aliens and magical powers created the high civilizations of antiquity.
Theologians lack an understanding that even in antiquity or the Middle Ages the secret services were already very professional, and that all kinds of secret operations were carried out behind the church facades. The task of theologians is to promote and support their respective church or movement within a narrow, dogmatic framework.
Jesus Christ, for example, must have spoken Galilean Western Aramaic, while Hebrew was only spoken at Jewish services at that time. However, individual parts of the stories about Jesus were translated and written down in the Greek language by various authors with gross errors, were approved by the Sanhedrin agent Paul of Tarsus and finally cemented in the incorrect form by the Roman Empire. Then followed the translation into Latin (the Vulgate Bible recognized by the Vatican) and from Latin again into German, English, etc. It was only in the 20th century AD that the scientist, theologian and pastor Günther Schwarz dared to translate the Greek text back into Aramaic and eliminate the errors. The differences between the “Gospel of Jesus” reconstructed by Schwarz and the Gospels in Greek are significant. In the Greek text, the threat of eternal damnation, forgiveness of sins by priests, celibacy and much more were artificially added. The original Jesus seems worlds more understandable and he strongly disliked the imperialism of Rome.

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