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Real Anticommunism and the 3rd World War

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Real anticommunism is based on professional counterintelligence. It is not primitive right-wing extremism, not superficial copy-and-paste activism against “woke”, not blind trust in NATO and political parties and certainly not traditional conspiracy media. The core structure of Soviet communism did not collapse in 1991. Rather, it was real, professional anticommunism that fell apart. Moscow had an elaborate plan during the Cold War to destabilize the West through covert operations, then take over Western Europe and finally the US. Preferably, the Social Democrat governments of Europe would have simply capitulated after threats or a few select nuclear strikes. But the commies ran out of money. They lifted an emergency strategy from the Nazis that was seriously considered during World War II: Settle with the other powers, withdraw troops from territories and pretend a massive change, a fresh start, rebuild, and deliver the big strike at a later point. The KGB tacked together elements of every popular political ideology: Putin is a kind of tsar in the old tradition and his inner circle of people are the grand dukes. The big corporations and banks mimic Western capitalism from the “Gilded Age”. A thin veneer of democracy. A state church run by the secret service. And the cultivation of the old Leninism. If you see right through this cheap charade, you are labelled a cold war hawk who can’t let go of the past, an old-timer, a closet Nazi and imperialist pig. Most Western people born in the 1990s or 1980s have never come into contact with real, professional anticommunism. That includes government intelligence agents who entered the service in the last 30 years because they mainly focused on Islamic terrorism. The 9/11 hijackers had used the German city of Hamburg as their staging area, which was in the hands of the Social Democratic party. The audience is blissfully unaware about the Cold War, the KGB and the devastating moles who vastly improved the Soviet prospects for a world war. And new research demonstrates that the moles were protected by even higher-ranking traitors from the vast British royal circles. The early communists had learned spycraft from aristocrats who intended to destabilize competing empires and even psychology and psychometrics from German scientists for subversive purposes. Real anticommunism is developing like any other science, with constant progress and regular breakthroughs.

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