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Superpowers are mainly concerned about biological attacks from smaller competitors

For the three superpowers everything was business as usual before COVID. The populations were under control, artificial tensions were used for a new Cold War, and there was the option of escalating tensions and then proclaiming a common world government. Standard methods had to be used in response to COVID and despite the public blame game between the Trump administration and China there may not be any real interest in a serious investigation. Americans are deeply involved in the Chinese Wuhan laboratory, pathogens had already escaped from the laboratory and diplomats feared further security gaffes.

Perhaps someone had specifically crafted SARS-Cov-2 and released it in Wuhan near the laboratory. The list of suspects includes many smaller and medium-sized state actors, individual groups or departments, and non-state actors. The only remaining way to slow down the nuclear armed superpowers is through the use of biological weapons. They are cheap and you can often never find out who used them. Of course, this makes the superpowers nervous. Even ancient Rome was dramatically weakened by an epidemic and therefore the superpowers fear that they will crumble because of a pathogen.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave the dpa an interview that is at worst dishonest and at best grossly misleading. He vaguely says that NATO is increasing its efforts in the field of biological weapons defense. The coronavirus is supposedly not a laboratory-created virus, he claims, although this is still an open question, and there are now increasing concerns about the use of biological warfare agents in the future. He should actually know that SARS-Cov-2 could have been tinkered with by someone without leaving any obvious traces of tinkering. Explosive emails from a group of senior scientists and government doctors in the US reveal that SARS-Cov-2 may have been developed by scientists without leaving obvious traces of manipulations in the genome.

COVID wasn’t needed as a wake-up call to increase the defense against biological weapons. There have been countless simulations and risk assessments for many years that show how devastating a pandemic would be. Stoltenberg promises to improve intelligence sharing to prevent possible bio-weapon attacks. The trouble with it is that the NATO secret services are infiltrated by, among others Russia and China and therefore a strict compartmentalization of information is still necessary. In addition, the US diligently helped the Chinese with equipment and know-how to tinker with new dangerous pathogens. This aid can of course also end up with the North Koreans.

Of course, helping China is also a way of keeping a better eye on and spying on China’s capacities, but it is still a massive risk. It is not enough for one NATO secret service to coordinate more with the other. Even before COVID, information about possible pandemics would have had the highest priority anyway.

Stoltenberg speaks of “retaliatory strikes with conventional or nuclear weapons.” But where to shoot in future pandemics if it is not clear whether the virus comes from a laboratory and who is the originator? What if the intelligence isn’t good enough? What if a major competitor to NATO has laid out red herrings?

“NATO has no banned weapons, but we have a range of capabilities to respond appropriately,” he said. This is contradicted by a mountain of literature on biological pathogens in the arsenal, labelled as “functional gain” research. Purely defensive, of course.

A horror scenario is that viruses could be modified in such a way that they are only fatal for selected groups of people. Unfortunately, the Chinese steal mountains of data on the genetics of Americans and, with American help, can better understand how the immune systems of Americans (and Europeans) work. At the same time, the Chinese allowed the United States to collect blood samples from China on a massive scale and analyze them, which would be the basis for research into biological weapons that mainly affect the Chinese.

Stoltenberg also fears eco-fanatics who want to save the world by drastically reducing the population through pathogens. Well, Stoltenberg only needs one look at the elite of the Anglo-American Empire to find the most eminent eugenicists who, through the Royal Society, not only control virology but also bioweapons research in Porton Down and elsewhere.

What is not even mentioned is that NATO probably has secret agreements with the Chinese and Russians to divide up the world, instead of destroying each other.

UN Secretary General António Guterres had already warned of the dangers of terrorist attacks with biological weapons in July. The Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, which came into force in 1975, should be strengthened. Sounds good, but imagine a small state demanding that the US reveal all their cards about biological pathogens, or imagine the US asking the Chinese to let inspectors search through everything. In the end, it looks like the only thing that matters is that the three superpowers want to protect themselves against small and medium-sized states.

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