Nordstream was a communist pipeline project

Tucker Carlson, the expert of nothing, commented on the Nordstream pipeline which delivered Russian gas to Germany and was then blown up during the war against Ukraine.

In essence, he portrays the pipeline as a good conservative project which was then destroyed by the left Biden government. If people from the administration sued him for defamation, I wonder what evidence he would present. A terrible report from Seymour Hersh?

Russia, headed by a KGB agent who was running operations during the Cold war against Germany, may self-market as more tsarist than communist these days, but the pipeline project was always the dream of the German left.

Commie gas

On July 6, 1972, the Federal Republic of Germany signed the first real supply contract with the Soviet Union. Previously there had been limited business.

The Soyuz pipeline for the agreed deliveries had not even been built yet. It was not until October 1973 that Siberian natural gas reached the Federal Republic. Then came the plans for a new natural gas route from Urengoy in Siberia. Construction began in 1982. This project was initially hated by the US government, the CIA and Reagan for obvious reasons. An intelligence assessment is clear about this:

Increasing gas exports are Moscow’s only major alternative source of hard currency. Without the profits expected from the pipeline deal, Moscow would have to sharply reduce imports of Western machinery and other goods.

Although no loan arrangements were made, the Soviets appear to have provided perhaps $16 billion in Western financing. The gas pipeline project would represent a financial bonanza for the Soviets.

The prospects for Soviet revenues from exports other than oil and gas were bleak. The agreement would allow the USSR to purchase equipment for gas production and transportation of Western design.

Germany was about to become 29% dependent n Russian/Soviet gas.

German left wanted Nordstream

The Social Democrats in Germany wanted the Nordstream pipelines. Gerhard Schröder had no qualms about dealing with Mathias Warnig for the project, who had once been attached to the Soviet East German Stasi.

Republicans hate Nordstream

US Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Ron Johnson wrote of “potentially fatal measures that will cut Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH off from the United States economically and financially.” The US senators are citing laws such as the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). As part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act (PEESA), the sanctions are independent of Donald Trump’s will.

The pipeline gets destroyed

Many divers were capable of placing explosives underneath the pipelines at that particular spot, where the ocean was roughly 100 meters deep.

The sabotage made the Russians seem weak and that’s why they concocted the narrative of a grand NATO conspiracy involving special forces and high tech.

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