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Friends & Enemies (10/29/23) Fake conspiracy narratives

I talk with Jeff Nyquist about how old European intelligence networks created modern conspiracy media for the wrong reasons.


Nyquist: My first exposure to conspiracy theory [activism] was this young man who was a Bircher, who was determined to get me to join. If you want to fight communism, you have to join the John Birch Society. And of course I read up on it before I joined it, and I realized there was, you know, serious accusations made particularly by Jewish researchers. “Thunder on the right” was one of the books that came out at the time; the B’nai B’rith put out research showing anti-Semitic connections. My Bircher friend would say, oh, they’re pro-Israel. They don’t believe in, you know, anti-Semitic stuff. But then when I finally met the president of the John Birch Society in private, he said, you know, let me tell you. Hitler was the dupe with the Jews. And it was all, you know, everything that happened in World War Two was to set up the footstool of the Antichrist in Israel and so on. So this kind of shocked me that in fact, the John Birch Society was engaged in a kind of conspiracy at the highest levels. That is, they had a a secret doctrine that they believed. And then with the dupe followers of the Birch Society, we’re told we’re fighting communism. But occasionally they would come out with an article on the “conspiracy behind” communism, what they were really fighting.

Benesch: The international bankers.

Nyquist: The international bankers or what they sarcastically called the banksters who are of course the Lower East Side bankers. Right? That refers to Jacob Schiff and the Jews, right? So they, they, it ends up being, oh, there’s all these different salami slices of gradations of this version of the conspiracy. And of course it goes back to Ms. Webster. “World Revolution” was her book.

Benesch: Nesta Webster.

Nyquist: Webster, right. That original version was anti-Semitic. The conspiracy was Jewish. Masonic, Right. And of course, this goes back to, you know, the Abbe Barruel being fed information by Fouché, Napoleon’s head of secret police. It goes back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Czarist general who was a fan of Russia. You’ve got Robison’s “proofs of a conspiracy”. And they they weave it all together to show this line of not just in these really dedicated conspiracy theories. It’s not just the last 100 years or 200 years they’re talking about, you know, some of them will tell you it’s been going on for thousands of years, right?

Benesch: Yeah. As if Jewish Jewish people had invented greed and the Jewish people had invented, you know, nefarious intelligence operations. The Birch Society distanced itself from the Protocols of Zion, which are obviously fake. But I’ve dissected these famous Birch books and they still cling to some of these other legends and myths.

Nyquist: The Birch president told me “what’s wrong with the Protocols of Zion? It’s true.” This is what he told me in person.

Benesch: Oh, God.

Nyquist: Coffee and pie at a friend’s mutual friend’s house. And of course, this was 30 years ago that I heard this. And I was I had, you know, the Jewish concern that this was really a covert anti-Semitic movement was correct.

Benesch: The Protocols of Zion would have never worked without all the other additional legends and myths. So, yes, people say, well, yeah, the text was plagiarized from other sources and we know what the sources are. There’s even a German guy who was an intelligence guy in Eastern Germany, Prussia, I think his name was Goedeler and he was one of the persons who supplied material that was then used for the protocols. But people claim that the protocols are still somewhat accurate because of all this other stuff. And then they mention these other legends and several of these famous birch books. They cling to, for example, this fantasy of the post Waterloo manipulation of the British stock market. So this is when this is when one of the Rothschilds supposedly made it seem as if Napoleon had won the battle. Finally, people were trying to sell stock as fast as possible. Rothschild was buying it on the cheap, and then it suddenly dawned on people that Napoleon in fact lost. And this became a big boost to the Rothschild fortune.

And then another claim, which is not true, the Rothschilds basically took control over the entire city of London, the special banking District, and they also supposedly took control over the central bank, Bank of England. So it’s just legend stacked upon legend stacked upon legend. And you do really have to look at not just the literature itself, the conspiracy literature, but actually the things they’re talking about and the the way Britain was at the time and other places were at the time. So you have to go at this like an intelligence analyst. You have to look, is this true? Who’s running whom and how did this all work out? I mean, even going back, I think it was 1200 years ago in Europe, the ruler, Carl the Great, he recruited Jewish people from the city of Aachen, because he needed translators for diplomatic and trade relations to for example the Muslim world. So it’s it was fairly easy at the time to recruit jewish people for that role. And the recruitment was done, as you would imagine. So the ruler has full control and the newly recruited asset has to follow these orders. He’s under surveillance. In fact, these families are under surveillance. And there’s an Oath of loyalty. So you’d have to be absolutely loyal. Otherwise you end up dead, you end up in prison. Your whole family may end up in prison. Or the whole Jewish community in the city could end up dead or part of it could end up debt. So this was the order of things in Europe, especially the German territories. This is how it was done. So the ruler was not a buffoon. The ruler was not an idiot. These aristocratic rulers, they were recruiting people. Rrecruiting Jews had a certain advantage. You could control them even better because there was almost no legal protections for Jewish people.

In the Protocols of Zion, you have this this idea, if the aristocracy falls or of the monarchy, if the French monarchy is gone forever, what’s going to happen is jewish people and weird Masonic groups are going to take over everything. This is even the the protocols in the Protocols of Zion. It says specifically the aristocracy was the protector of the people and they made the people happy and save and if the aristocracy falls, then the Jews will take over and everything will be horrible. You could plant the idea into the heads of the average French citizen to say, well, if we try a republic, if we don’t bring the French kings back, it’s going to be a Jewish conspiracy and then everything’s going to be horrible. So I think this is what they were aiming at with that generalization.

You can’t just point at certain bankers and say, look, here are some Jewish bankers. “That’s the proof”. No, because you do not know who these people are working for. I mean, this is kind of what I talked about the most baseline intelligence techniques. If you look at someone, he may look like he’s running the bank, he may look like this and that, but there could be all kinds of other stuff behind it. And so you really have to look deep and hard. And I’ve looked at this myself, and I was even going back hundreds and hundreds of years, and it just didn’t happen.

Nyquist: When I confronted one of these guys on the radio a few weeks ago, I said, well, who are “they”? And, you know, he couldn’t be specific. Of course, they never are specific, but he says “the new world order”, you know. Well, what is that? You know, do people go around and on their driver’s licenses, it says member of the New World Order or sponsor of the New World Order? Look at Alex Jones, for example, he calls his network Prisonplanet.

Benesch: I remember one of Jones’s early documentaries, I think it was Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement. And he specifically included the Rothschild Waterloo Fairy tale. Nathan Rothschild made this great fortune and all that stuff. But you can you can tell that he doesn’t know this part of history. He doesn’t know what the British Empire was like at the time. Almost nobody knows about these older aristocratic intelligence networks. I mean, it’s easy for a conspiracy buff to say, well, here is a Jew, and there is a Jew and there are so many Jews. But first of all, the British Empire was vast. It was one of the biggest structures ever. And you had vast empires before that and even in the ancient world. So you had significant empires. New research shows the Roman Empire had vast intelligence networks and they were very professional and intelligence dictated everything. And so it’s just it’s so easy to say, well, here’s a Jew and there is a Jew. But I can point in one direction, and say, here is one sub line of a sub line of an aristocratic family. Here’s a thousand people over there. There’s another thousand people over there, there’s another thousand people and so on and so forth. And they started all these corporations. And it’s it’s a baseline intelligence technique to start a front organization or to start a front company. This is what intelligence agencies do every day. They recruit people and they create they create front structures. And I think one of these front organizations of older intelligence, was the Bavarian order of the Illuminati. At the time, Germany was not a unified empire. It was like patchwork. On German territories you saw more and more of these weird enlightenment organizations like the Bavarian Illuminati. So they were very secretive and they were involved in all kinds of different things. And at the same time, the socialist movement was gaining traction and they were trying stuff like a small revolution here and there. There was all kinds of all kinds of weird activity going on and so I’ve looked at this from all different angles, and it seems like the most important members of the Bavarian Illuminati were Aristocrats tied to these specific families that were also on the British throne and also on the Russian throne.

Officially the first in command was Adam Weishaupt. He was Catholic trained, but his trusted people were tied to the aristocracy. And enlightenment groups. The second in command, Mr. Knigge, got his whole career fixed by these aristocratic families. And when the Bavarian police finally busted the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt escaped to Sachsen Gotha Altenburg which then became Sachsen Coburg and Gotha, which is of course the British throne or part of it. The Illuminati had some problems protecting their secrets so their internal documents were confiscated and membership lists were confiscated. And this was plastered all over the newspapers. And this sent shockwaves throughout Europe and this was a big problem for these aristocratic intelligence networks because this could lead to more networks or rings being exposed. And a few years after the Illuminati went bust, you saw the first international bestselling conspiracy books. And one purpose served by these books was to just create friction in France. Just labeling ideas of liberty as a Jewish conspiracy and Masonic conspiracy and all that. So, for example, you had one book for the English speaking crowd, you know, the Protestants. This was Robison’s book. He was also British Freemason and the head of the Royal Society. And then you had Barruel’s books for the Catholics and the French. And then you had a variety of German books that are far less known today. Yeah, this stuff spread around. And France was in chaos. You know, there were people in France who wanted the kings reinstalled in a full monarchy. There were people who wanted a half monarchy. There were people who wanted a republic. And so these conspiracy books were almost certainly tailored to create more friction in France. To scare people of the idea of of liberty in a republic. And this was right after the Illuminati went bust.

These German authors that were not interested in Jews at the time, but it was all meant to draw people’s attention away from the aristocracy and their networks. Especially to draw people’s attention away from Britain. Now, it’s obviously a simple technique. It’s a simple trick they used, and apparently it worked like magic. And the joke is especially these German authors were usually tied to the aristocracy. They were also oftentimes tied to the Illuminati themselves. They were sometimes publishing under a false name. In John Robison’s book he makes it seem as if the most powerful members of the Illuminati had just been naive. He even says he visited France and German territories. He went to these Masonic lodges there and he found them to be scandalous and horrifying. It was not for him. Because he loves British Freemasonry. So he makes the clear distinction. Something that was also adopted later by Nesta Webster, who was quoting Robison in her books.

Nyquist: I think it was Robert Welch in 1964. He gave a speech with the idea that the Illuminati was still there, still operating and behind it all. And so Lenin comes up, wins the Bolshevik Revolution. And then pop, pop, pop. You have people then bringing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to the United States Congress. Segments of it being reprinted in the London Times. You have everybody saying, World War One was a conspiracy and the fall of the czar was a conspiracy. And communism is a conspiracy of not communists, but the Illuminati or the Jews or the Masons. And Hitler latched on to the idea of a Jewish Masonic conspiracy. And so the attempt to understand this new phenomenon of Leninism, Marxism-Leninism, was completely polluted with this prepackaged preconceived notion of this long standing Jewish Masonic conspiracy.

Benesch: And so this professor Oberhauser from Austria, he went to the archives of the British Foreign Office and he found all these documents concerning Alexander Horne. Horne was a classic classically trained intelligence asset. He worked with the family of Thurn and Taxis in Bavaria which was linked to the aristocratic families of Mecklenburg and Hessen and this ties right back to the Illuminati. Because these princes and Dukes of Hessen and Braunschweig were the most powerful members of the Illuminati. I know this sounds paradoxical, but Illuminati circles or the circles behind the Illuminati, they started modern conspiracy literature and this was intended to create friction in France and to divert attention away from these aristocratic networks.

And two years after Robison’s conspiracy Book came out, Horn traveled back to England, and he was meeting with members of the government of William Pitt. He met with Earl Spencer, who was in the Privy Council, and he was also a member of the Royal Society. He was also linked to King George the second. He was Mr. Spencer’s godfather, I think it says here. And so according to this new study from Austria Spencer then ordered the secret agent, Mr. Horn, to travel back to Germany, the south of Germany, to collect specific books and documents and bring them back to Britain to safety. They wanted these documents back in Britain where they could go through them again and have some sort of a record of all the operations that were involved in.

Adam Weishaupt was visiting a a Catholic school in Ingolstadt, which was run by the Jesuits. But he didn’t like it there. He didn’t like the style. Nor was he a Jesuit. Weishaupt was adopted by Johann Adam von Ickstatt and he was raised in the spirit of the Enlightenment. And this was a specific brand of enlightenment. They were connected to Christian Wolff who was a member of the British Royal Society, which was tied to British Freemasonry, tasked with the Enlightenment. And remember the conspiracy author, John Robison was one of the heads of the Royal Society. So it’s this kind of network behind the Illuminati and then behind the conspiracy literature. I mean, it’s the most insane, paradoxical thing ever that these conspiratorial groups created the genre of conspiracy media. Robison is trashing the United States. He loved the British king, he loved King George. And still Americans became fan of Robison’s book. So a few months before the book came out, Robison was writing to Mr. Windham. A super powerful war minister. He said that a friend of his who was into this Illuminati stuff gave him material on the Illuminati stuff. And then he was meeting another friend and they were talking. So Robertson tells this guy: Hey, I’m looking at the stuff. Have a look at it. And this friend, Mr. George Gleich he was then telling Robertson: You should write a book about this. This this would be a good idea. So who is this George Gleich? He served in the military under the Duke of Wellington, fighting against the French. Then he studied at Oxford and he was also a Friend Of the Duke. The father of Mr. Gleich was a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, of course.

And so in the following decades, the next level of conspiracy literature actually came from socialists. Especially the early French socialists, which are still being read today. You had Alphonse Toussenel putting out his book in 1846. He called it The Jews, Kings of the Era, A History of Financial Feudalism. And he’s talking about James de Rothschild, the French arm of the Rothschild family and the railroad project and that sort of stuff. At the time Britain was creating its new banking system. So this was a very sophisticated affair. They had the new Bank of England, they had the new bond market, a system to finance wars. They had these large merchant banks like Lloyds, Barings, Barclays and Rothschild. So this was a very meticulous system and it’s stupid to to say that this system was invented by a few Jewish people and this was all just a Jewish conspiracy. No, this was an empire taking its banking system to the next level. And at the same time, the Brits did not want competing empires to copy the new system. And suddenly you see this propaganda from socialists appearing and from right wingers appearing. And this propaganda says, this new system is a Jewish conspiracy. It cannot work. It’s all bad. It’s going to implode, it’s this and that.

Another chapter was the American Civil War. The war minister of the Confederacy was a Jewish person named Judah P Benjamin. At the end of this whole thing, he went to England and supposedly he went to the Rothschilds who masterminded the whole thing. Now at time it was fairly common for people to try to contact the banks to find money for a certain endeavor. Just contacting a bank and trying to work with a bank does not mean that the bank is masterminding the whole thing. And it’s a question who was actually behind the Rothschild bank. Judah Philip Benjamin escaped to England, worked as a lawyer, and he became a Queen’s Counsel. Interesting enough. And and he went to Yale at some point. These people at some point, they tried to talk to everybody. They didn’t just talk to banks. They talked to different governments. They tried to find allies and money. There was even the plan of the Confederacy to talk to the French. So does that mean the French ran the whole thing? No. And then we had, of course, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which became a legend in conspiracy mythology. Of course there were attempts on other members of the government. So there is a fake Lincoln quote that’s been repeated over and over again. Supposedly it’s from the Archives of the Times of London. And according to legend, the Rothschilds tried to pressure Lincoln. And this was a ploy to gain control over American finance and so on. Lincoln was not agreeing and therefore the Jewish conspiracy had him killed. So that’s kind of the mythology. Lincoln was in fact a proponent of a central bank. And even the greenback dollars were not completely debt free. Kind of the same pattern was repeated later after the assassination of John F Kennedy. The myth that Kennedy wanted to destroy the power of the Jewish bankers and have new silver backed money and that sort of stuff. And that’s why supposedly the Jewish conspiracy killed him. But this is this is exactly what didn’t happen.

You also had some pretty powerful Freemasons like Albert Pike from the American South. He supposedly wrote these letters to these Italian guys Mazzini and Garibaldi who were just dealing with unifying or conquering Italy. And supposedly these letters talk about three coming world wars, but there was never, ever any source for these letters. They never existed. These Italian guys, Mazzini, Garibaldi, they they loved Lincoln. I personally visited San Marino. There’s a bust of Abraham Lincoln. Expressing the gratitude because I think of weapons shipments of some sort. So these Italian guys did not conspire against Lincoln. Mr. Garibaldi was offered a commission for the United States Army as a major general. So the Americans liked these Italians.

And then there was Nesta Webster. Her father was a partner at Barclays Bank. So she was literally physically born into the higher levels of British society. So she put out this book “World Revolution. The Plot Against Civilization.” And so in 1920 there was an article by Winston Churchill in a newspaper. The title was „Zionism versus Bolshevism. A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People”. And so Winston Churchill was advertising for Webster’s book. And she gets praise by British freemasonry. And then she became the lead author of “The Patriot” which was an anti-Semitic newspaper. Financed by Allen Percy, who was the eighth Duke of Northumberland. And this Percy guy also puts out these essays, for example one called “The First Jewish Bid for World Power”. This came out in 1930. He wants to appear legit. So he’s quoting a study about the Roman Empire. And this study was put out by the Oxford University Press and attached to the study was a professor for ancient history of University of Yale in America. I looked at the exact text of the study. The study basically says that Jews were already a massive problem for the Roman Empire. The study sounds like Jews are Jews are wrecking great empires. That’s the basic line of argument here. So somehow the Jews and the Jewish ways and the Jewish spirit, somehow it led to the downfall fall of the Roman Empire. And this was picked up by Hitler. Oriental Jews subverted that and destroyed the Roman Empire. Jews supposedly destroyed the French Empire, destroyed the Russian Empire, and also sort of destroyed the British and also subverted America. So therefore, by that logic, if you combine all this nonsense together, it paints picture of a persistent Jewish threat that cannot be subdued by normal methods. You cannot just expel the Jews from the country or limit them in what they can do. No, they have to be destroyed because all these other measures have failed throughout history again and again and all these great empires went bust. Therefore, Jews must be physically destroyed. This is the logic from this conspiracy literature. Aristocrats, high ranking Freemasons, Yale guys, Oxford guys, were all promoting Webster. At the same time this deception operation was going through Winston Churchill to schmooze with the Nazis. Lou Kilzer and Carroll Quigley wrote about this deception.

Nyquist: This is what the president of the John Birch Society told me: At the top these nine Jewish black magicians, capitalists run the world through the banks and the Masonic lodges. It is absolute lunacy.

Benesch: Webster is quoting this aristocrat: In 1794 the Duke of Braunschweig sent he sent a manifesto to all these Masonic lodges, telling the story that some secret conspiracy people have infiltrated Freemasonry. They had also infiltrated the Bavarian order of the Illuminati. So these guys got busted with the Illuminati and then they, they claim, they expose the grand conspiracy. Webster says: Three years after the Duke of Braunschweig had sent out this manifesto, these books were published, these conspiracy books by Robinson and others. I mean, does that sound like a coordinated operation?

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