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Who really runs Alex Jones and stashed away the extra money?

In court, Alex Jones’ fortune was estimated at 130 to 270 million$. Based on the limited available data about his shell companies, it’s likely he has much more than he wants to admit. But this extra money doesn’t fit his lifestyle. Why is he still working? Why did he own a meagre house and three average cars? Who has helped him and who may be taking most of his money? In the Cold War it was the Birch Society which got its funding from influential circles and advertised for the Republican Party.

Alex Jones’ testimony in the Sandy hook defamation damages trial went as expected for the most part, but offered some surprises. Even if you are a fan, or you are on the fence about him or you had been a fan during the Infowars golden era during the Bush administration, you could see during the discovery process and during the damages trial, what a mess this man has created in general. If you gave money to him you expected to get more in return than supplements. You expected Jones to put together a solid crew, maybe a spectacular crew, to investigate powerful people, expose their crimes and cause real change. The expectation was that Jones damages the careers of bad politicians and supports the careers of new, independent politicians.

Instead, Jones had hired amateurs who fricked up badly and even distrusted each other. Some people internally warned about the Sandy Hook nonsense, warned about this Halbig person who was featured on the program for a long time. But these warnings were disregarded or got lost in the chaos. We even heard that those who warned, held some pretty irrational beliefs as well. So there wasn’t anybody who could truly lead in a competent manner. There was no adult in the room. No specialists, just activists.

Jones went on the attack for a long time against the Sandy Hook parents and anybody in government really who was involved in that case. Even the coroner’s office was slammed. It suited him. At some point, mainstream media was hitting back. Jones gave a terrible interview to Megan Kelly. Then it suited him to change his tune, to play the victim. He said mainstream media was tearing this country apart and was attacking him because he was so great. Under oath during the court proceedings he played the victim as hard as he could. It suited him to apologize and downplay what he did as much as possible. At the same time, during his company broadcasts, he was trashing the judge, trashing the trial, trashing the other sides’s lawyers and trashing the jury. As if this whole thing was a conspiracy against him. The parents are real now, and so are the jurors to him, but everything else is kinda fake. He’s pretty much doing the same thing again.  What he hates, he calls fake and a conspiracy. The opposing side’s lawyers are supposedly demonic when they seem perfectly normal. The judge had worked with CPS, but Jones links the CPS to child abuse and therefore casts suspicion against the judge. He doesn’t have anything solid against these people, yet his broadcasts are calling for a witch hunt. These are witches, who used their magic powers on Sandy Hook parents who are “slow in the head”, and on jurors, who are “very blue collar” and “don’t know what planet they are on”.

Jones is as pathological as hes always been. His broadcasts have helped to tear the country apart. His COVID coverage could have easily gotten him sued. Many cases to him were staged false flags without really getting into these cases professionally.

He announced that in the future he would focus on philosophical topics, Christianity and the “bigger picture”. He does not want any risk anymore. He wants to talk things that you can find in countless numbers of places. He wants to be a coach, even though is personal and professional life is a mess. He wants to be like Jordan Peterson, talking superficial things that he found on the web or in a newspaper, and getting paid millions for it.

Alex previously said under oath he could not find texts or emails on his phone relating to Sandy Hook. About two weeks ago his own lawyer sent a data dump of Alex’ phone to the opposing lawyers and there you can find relevant texts and emails. His data will be formally requested by the Committee investigating the January 6th capitol storm.

Alex had to answer questions about his role under oath about that, yet refused to answer by pleading the 5th amendment. Maybe at some point charges will be brought against him. And as we have seen this man and his employees are very incompetent. Right after the capitol storm Alex guest Dr. Steve Pieczenik, repeatedly stated that shadowy people from the military and intelligence community had recruited Alex for a “military coup” as a voice.

Alex had supported groups such as the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. He is notorious for trusting the wrong people. At what point will Alex just take his remaining money and run to Russia or some other place that wont extradite him?

The judge in the Sandy Hook damages trial, who ist supposedly an evil witch, ordered him several times to avoid claiming to be almost broke. He wants to pay maybe a million dollars and move on. But he has many different companies that moved money around so maybe we will find out how much much money he made and wasted.

He could have hired capable people such a s Greg Palast, Nick Bryant or Julie K. Brown. His supporters had always expected him to end up in a defamation trial against someone like Hillary Clinton. Him as the underdog, the other person as the evil empire. But with this Sandy Hook thing, he was the powerful guy and the Sandy hook people were the underdogs for a long time. In the legal battle against his ex-wife Alex was the rich powerful guy and the ex wife was the underdog.

If jones has to pay 500 million $ during this and the upcoming trials, if he gets indicted for the capitol storm, if he gets sentenced to 20 years in prison and he never hear from him again; that still wouldn’t mean you can just trust the system and mainstream media.  Of course we live in a world of aggressive empires using intelligence operations. But Jones was not competent enough to explain to you how empires worked and how intelligence worked.

We know for example that the CIA had a clandestine network of psychiatrists and other doctors. Conducting illegal experiments. It’s fairly easy to search for patients who are a total mess and exacerbate their problems, until they explode. Such an operation is realistic. But often times you are just dealing with crazy people. It is not realistic that somebody would put together an operation faking an entire mass shooting.

Joines has been wrong about so many things. He framed COVID as a leftwing conspiracy. Then he didn’t show up for a court date because in his own words he has long term damage from COVID. His website and programs attacked the vaccines as deadly. But when many older obese Republican voters die from covid, he tried to find an excuse. What if someone in his audience walks into a vaccine manufacturer’s office with a gun?

Jones had been downplaying the dangers of the Russian regime which is the KGB. He has been downplaying the war in Ukraine. Because he listens to the wrong people who tell him Russia Is conservative now. He rode the Trump wave. Wasted everybodys time and money. Tens of millions of supporters money wasted on lawyers and nonsense.

Do not support this man. Especially if you don’t trust the government and mega corporations. I understand that among cospiracy circles you will find some of the lowest levels of trust. When people are temporarily in agreement, there is blind trust which is not real, competent trust. As soon as there is a disagreement you get distrust. This Halbig guy was trusted by Infowars, he praised them back. When it became clear he had misrepresented his evidence and his credentials, Infowars blocked him, and he accused them of being part of the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Everything is a silly witch hunt. You do not get what you pay for in the audience. Over the years many jealous people had criticized Alex Jones, who were even less stable than him and less competent.

Don’t support Alex Jones because mainstream media is terrible. You would not buy a terrible used car because there is a burnt out wreck standing next to it that is much worse. Don’t support Alex because the government is terrible. The government being terrible does not make him one bit better.

A lot of rebuilding has to be done in today’s media landscape. Decades ago billionaires funded the activities of the John Birch Society, trying to control conspiracy media. They gave us some interesting bits that were not even secret. Then they told us to trust rightwing circles from the military and intel community. Activists are not specialists. Activists often don’t know their own cause too well.

Maybe this Alex Jones thing is going to explode even harder. Maybe he becomes a Jordan Peterson clone and after 10 years he retires and stops working, spending his supporters money.

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