The “Cancel Culture” among the rightwing and consumers of ordinary conspiracy media

Do you know “cancel culture”? When leftists try to attack people with hate campaigns because they are not “woke” enough and have dared to contradict some dogma, or even just have a differentiated assessment?

Well, the right and consumers of ordinary conspiracy media behave exactly the same way. Criticism of Trump and Putin is pure heresy. COVID is only a fake and “test run” of the communist world conspiracy. Whoever deviates from this is a paid agent of the mass media and Bill Gates.

Conventional right-wing media and conspiracy media are completely helplessly exposed to the wishes of their stubborn audience. If you don’t tell exactly what the audience wants to hear and what corresponds to the artificial trend, you go bankrupt.

Not only is any intelligent and scientific work of analysis suppressed, but one enters a spiral of extremism and behaves like in any stupid, cheap sect. Do you know what a cult does? It gives the newcomer a fake self-confidence, a fake identity, a fake certainty on important issues and a fake brotherhood. These free illusions come at a high price: you have to give up your own self, your autonomy and critical thinking. The members of a sect monitor each other and punish deviations from “correct” thinking, up to and including banishment from the sect. The sect member is urged to push the Cancel Culture so far that at some point one only has to deal with other sect members.

What is strictly forbidden in a sect is the free search for information. Indoctrinated people should only obtain information from sources approved by the sect. Since the vast majority of people do not read books anyway, but have an opinion on everything, only mass media and “alternative” media remain. There are countless alternative channels available today, but they are all essentially the same.

In case of a deviation, the paranoia reflex takes effect immediately and the deviant is accused of belonging to the mass media conspiracy.

Signs that you are falling into the clutches of the Truther sect

If several warning signs come together, you should urgently switch off your computer and seek (professional) help.

  • You spend far too much time on Social Media and post primarily on Truther topics
  • Your thoughts more and more often revolve around Truther topics and you increasingly use Truther slang
  • They are increasingly isolated from friends and family in the real world. You are considered to be a nutcase and avoid conversations with you, which are always directed by you to Truther topics
  • You are toying with the idea of becoming an activist or even becoming a professional activist
  • You take part in irrational witch hunts against unbelievers, doubters, critics
  • You imitate slogans and inadmissible argumentation patterns of leading truthers
  • You are toying with the idea of moving to a pure Trutherian community.
  • You neglect their education, their schooling or their job because of Truther issues and Truther activism.
  • You increasingly think that a normal career no longer makes sense in this world
  • You get into financial difficulties because of Truther activism
  • You regularly fall for scams and swindlers from the scene.
  • You do not read non-fiction books, only blog posts. Otherwise only Youtube or Telegram
  • You come into conflict with the law more often because of your activism
  • You need ever more abstruse, spectacular conspiracy theories to get excited.
  • You become increasingly depressed because you end up sitting in front of the computer and nothing changes for the better.
  • You do dangerous experiments with hallucinogenic drugs to “look behind the illusion of the Matrix”.

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