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First the good news: Overcoming evil is a solvable task; just as we humans have managed to cure serious illnesses, patch up seriously injured people, send people to the moon and program artificial intelligences. We are not doomed to go around in circles forever or to eventually perish completely in a world war with NBC weapons. If you want to create a coherent overall concept to understand extreme evil and permanently eradicate it from our civilization, you need many individual components. It’s pretty much like a car that needs an engine, a gearbox, wheels, a suspension, body parts, windows, a battery, brakes, an alternator, etc. Each of these components itself consists of several individual parts and everything has to be assembled properly and have a certain manufacturing quality, because otherwise, for example, the transmission would not work and no power from the engine would reach the wheels. Our overall concept must therefore consist of several individual components such as psychology, neurology, social science, evolutionary biology, genetics, political science, historical research, law and even intelligence research. No single person can become a qualified expert in all of these fields at the same time, but that is not necessary.

Once the parts are put together, the overall concept can be used to a certain extent by non-academics, just as non-engineers and non-mechanics can drive a car. So far there is still a very strict separation between these individual sciences and even outright hostilities can be seen. A psychologist from a leading university went on American television to mock the groundbreaking research of neuroscientist James Fallon, who was able to use a brain scan to determine whether a person was a psychopath. It is still unusual for a historian to involve psychologists in an essay on Napoleon, Caesar, Hitler, Stalin or Mao, even though this would be quite easy and even though secret services use psychological assessments based on available information as standard when assessing living heads of state. Political scientists want to explain the mechanisms of functioning human coexistence, but they do not understand different people.

The United Nations still states in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” that all people are born equal and “gifted with conscience,” although research has long known that genetic factors, in addition to environmental factors, produce psychopathic brains in early development that don’t have a conscience, i.e. empathy. According to political science, a genetic psychopath is suitable to lead a country and no tests are necessary.
There are no mechanisms in our enlightened democratic states to identify psychopaths and exclude them from office.

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