Greta Thunberg channels Lenin and Stalin with Palestinian framing

Climate activist Greta Thunberg posted a photo on Twitter/X in which she and fellow activists expressed solidarity for Palestinians. Next to her is a plush octopus, which some on social media interpret as an anti-Semitic cliché about Jewish financiers who were supposedly able to decide on war and peace on their own.

With the climate topic Greta referred to scientists. Ironically climate reearch grew out of the British and American military and he Anglo dominance lastst to this very day with NASA, NOAA, CRU and the Met Office. But that’s another story.

When it comes to Hamas’ attack against Israel, Greta is not an expert either, but only an activist. So what experts is she relying on this time? It seems to be Lenin and other Soviet leaders who framed Israel’s mere existence as “imperialism” and didn’t hesitate to spread the old fake “Protocols of Zion” from tsarist times in the muslim world.

Britain had originally preferred to maintain ties with Arab kingdoms and forbid Jews from fleeing Europe in significant numbers to the Palestinian region, which had devastating consequences. Later, the small state of Israel was allowed, surrounded by Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

The framing that is repeatedly used against Israel is “anti-imperialism,” which was already set by Lenin in the early Soviet Union. It is not known whether Greta and her colleagues believe in the fairy tales about a global Jewish conspiracy and, like Hamas, refer to the “Protocols of Zion”. The French early socialists, still read today and who influenced Karl Marx, first popularized the idea of a parasitic Jewish mega-conspiracy behind capitalism. The left then eliminated Jews from their concept of evil, but retained all the essential elements. The right-wing movements in Germany and Austria in the 1800s copied the left ideas about the supposed Jewish conspiracy.

Soviet framing

Islam was the second largest religion in the USSR. At the time of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, there were 25,000 mosques throughout the Russian Empire, which was reduced to just 500 by the 1970s of the Soviet Union. In the years before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, between 45 and 50 million Soviet citizens identified themselves as Muslims.

In 1917, Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin published “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism”, a text that later led to a policy of cultivating left-wing nationalists within Muslim communities in the Soviet era. Soviet secret services also exerted influence beyond the borders of the USSR; such as the Palestinian groups, in Egypt, Syria, etc.

An anti-Western attitude among Muslims, with the corresponding framing according to Lenin, was billed as “anti-imperialist”.

Before the Bolshevik Revolution, the first Muslim All-Russian Congress took place in Moscow in May 1917. In 1928, a large-scale purge of the leadership of the Muslim-majority Soviet republics began with the execution of Veli İbraimov of the Tatar Communist Party and Milliy Firqa, who sought to impose a nationalist ideology in favor of the Crimean Tatars. This was followed by the elimination of the leaders of the Muslim Social Democratic Party, the Tatar Communist Party, the Tatar Union of the Godless and the Young Bukharians.

Stalin’s policies led to the initiation of Huyum, a Soviet campaign aimed at strengthening Islamic systems in Central Asia. Soviet intelligence disseminated “The Protocols of Zion” and similar texts on a large scale throughout the Muslim world.

Lenin’s socio-political analysis of imperialism as the final stage of capitalism was derived from “Imperialism: A Study” (1902) by John A. Hobson, an English economist.

Hobson’s writings on the Second Boer War, particularly in The War in South Africa: Its Causes and Effects, attribute the war in part to Jewish influence, including references to Rothschild bankers. But the Rothschilds had been subject to the high nobility from the beginning, starting with the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. Other banks such as Barings, Lloyds and Barclays were also integrated into the new “fractional” banking system together with the central bank “Bank of England”. To ensure that competing empires did not immediately copy the new system, right-wing and left-wing propaganda channels via the British secret service badmouthed it as an absurdity and a Jewish conspiracy.

John Hobson spoke of “men of a single and distinct race.” They have “centuries of financial experience” and “are in a unique position to control the politics of nations.”

British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote a foreword to the 2011 edition of Hobson’s work, calling Hobson’s analysis brilliant. In April 2020, an internal Labor Party report entitled “The work of the Labor Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014-2019” was leaked to the media. It included 10,000 emails and thousands of private WhatsApp communications between former senior party officials. A major scandal arose about anti-Semitism.

Corbyn supports the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from NATO and the dissolution of NATO. In April 2014 Corbyn wrote an article for the Morning Star in which he blamed the crisis in Ukraine on NATO. Corbyn is a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. At a Stop the War Coalition meeting in 2009, Corbyn said he had invited “friends” from Hamas and Hezbollah to an event in Parliament.

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